Introducing a new support system

We’ve all been there – it's one of your busiest periods and your VPS has been playing up. How long will it take the support team to deal with your issue? Well, thanks to our new ticket system, you will be kept in the loop while your problem is being dealt with.

We’ve truly been listening to our customers, and as part of our bigger roll-out of improvements and upgrades to our service, we’re now unveiling our brand-new support system for VPS Server customers.

How does the new ticket system work?

In the past, you had to go through the process of manually getting in touch with us whenever something went wrong. Now, as soon as you experience an issue that needs a swift resolution, you can simply raise a ticket via the service page which will be routed to the best person to assist, then sit back while we resolve it for you.

What’s more, if your problem relates to a specific server, you will be able to identify it when you create your ticket. This means our support staff have all the details to hand and can get started resolving the problem, saving you even more time and frustration.

Why you’re going to love our new ticket system

Your time is precious, so the biggest benefit for you is that you won’t have to sit around on the phone on hold or risk missing a call back from the team. Instead, your time is freed up so you can simply get on with your day knowing that we’re working to resolve your issue as fast as we can. And because this new ticketing system streamlines the way our support team works, it also means we can resolve problems faster, which is a win-win!

There’s no need to feel like you’ve been forgotten about because we've designed a ticketing system that ensures every customer is seen in the order they report their issue, which makes this fair for everyone. You can rest assured that you won’t be abandoned in favour of other ‘more important’ cases, or that your issue will drop to the bottom of the priority pile if you miss a call back.

Even better – you can keep track of all your tickets raised. You will receive an email acknowledging your ticket request, which allows you to monitor the progress, so you stay informed throughout the process. No more second guessing whether our team is on the job!

On top of that, we’ll also be upgrading the ticketing system to ensure it continues to provide the best service for you. In future, it will be expanded so that you can raise tickets about your service level agreements as well as any technical problems.

Moving forward

Our new ticketing system is just one part of an even bigger programme of changes to our services which has seen us upgrade our infrastructure in Singapore, with Hong Kong upgrades coming soon. We’ve also introduced a new and improved website, improvements to make invoicing more accurate and streamlined, an overhaul of our templates, improved firewall settings and more.

If you're looking for the perfect VPS Hosting solution which is always striving to move forward and provide a better experience for you the customer, then please get in touch with the team here at VPS Server.