Five advantages our VPS

Five advantages of VPS

Over the last few years, there has been a revolution in server technology thanks to the increased popularity of virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Here are five reasons why VPS has gone from strength to strength:

More stable and reliable

VPS technology has a clear advantage in stability and reliability. If you are hosting on a shared server, you may find that your website’s performance is negatively affected by other users, and if anything happens to that server, your site will suffer. With a VPS, your site will not be exposed to the performance problems associated with shared servers.

Greater control

With a VPS package, you have total root access to your server environment. Shared servers are usually optimised for performance and put limits on the software packages that you can use, but VPS users are free to upgrade or change to new software. You won't have to wait for a host company to support the package, enabling you to tailor your site to your precise needs.


VPS hosting is one way that you can help reduce your carbon footprint, while benefitting from the advantages of an individual server. Unlike a dedicated server hosting, which uses a server’s full power consumption for just one user, a VPS is effectively one large dedicated server divided into individual virtual environments, sharing the server’s power resource.

Easy scalability

If you hope to grow your new website, you want to be able to scale the hosting resource you use, with minimal disruption. With VPS, your hosting environment can easily be allocated more or fewer resources as required. For instance, if you are getting a surge of visitors and you want to upgrade your RAM, this can be done at the touch of a button. With traditional dedicated server hosting, the extra RAM would have to be physically installed by a technician.

Cost effective

The cost of VPS hosting has dropped dramatically over the last few years, and that trend is likely to continue. This means that VPS is now an option for small companies and private individuals, who want a reliable, stable hosting environment.