14 /mo
2 GB memory
2 cores processor
50 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer
30 /mo
4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer

20+ Datacenters

20 locations worldwide for your application

Choosing the right server plan

Check out our virtual server choices to boost your website or app with increased computing power and capabilities.

Pick from many cloud-based options

Make your website faster and more reliable with our speedy data centers. Choose a virtual private server near your visitors for fast and reliable website access. Our service reaches 20 global locations, using the latest technology to provide fast and safe hosting.

We give you access to dedicated resources on our physical servers, guaranteeing top performance. Explore our virtual server options for the benefits of a dedicated setup at a fraction of the cost.

Ultimate performance

Premier Web Hosting Provider Services

Our hosting platform uses top-notch hardware in the cloud, ideal for your website or app.

Each VPS solution has fast memory and powerful processors. The processors include 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon Skylake CPUs with NvME Solid State Drives. This ensures a stable, high-performance digital presence on physical servers with unlimited IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second).

Redundancy cloud network

Global Locations for Fast Loading Speeds

Our network covers 20 global sites, ensuring quick connections and fast loading speeds for your website visitors.

Should you need to change your VPS Hosting provider, our specialized support teams are ready and waiting to meet your needs. We pledge to accommodate your migration needs and guarantee a smooth transition.

Unique full control panel

Control Panel for Cloud Administration

Easily manage your VPS web hosting with our custom control panel, giving you full control over your hosting services.

You can quickly restart virtual servers, switch operating systems, and update firewall settings with just a few clicks. You can quickly and easily do these tasks.

We use advanced VPS hosting technology to provide a strong and dependable foundation for your web hosting needs.

Wide range of pre-configured templates usable

Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Picking the right operating system for your server can greatly affect how well it works, something you might not realize. Our research shows the importance of choosing the right operating system for managing cloud servers effectively.

We make custom software templates for Linux and Windows to meet our clients' needs. This range of choices ensures you can select the perfect OS to enhance your VPS hosting performance.

Managed solutions

Choose Between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Choosing between a managed VPS hosting and an unmanaged one is key when exploring Virtual Machines (VMs). When you pick a fully managed server, your provider manages your cloud system.

This includes tasks such as updating the server's own operating system. This option is available for selection at the time you place your order. The aim is to make a peaceful virtual server environment to focus on growing and promoting your online presence.

Crafting Your Customized Digital Environment

You embark on the setup journey upon deciding on the VPS hosting provider and the hosting plan that aligns with your needs. Our team is here to help you set up, ensuring it's easy and tailored to your needs.

SSD storage for features

Experience high performance with NvME SSD storage

Setting up your managed VPS server is important for running websites or apps smoothly. We use NvME SSDs for faster performance.

Choose a plan with 16TB of storage for your virtual private server, giving your site an advantage. Our VPS Hosting plans have many options for a safe and seamless experience. You get a reliable, fast, customized hosting solution that fits your needs.

Fast processing power deployment for our VPS Hosting plans

Quick Launch of New Platforms

Opting for virtual private servers means you need your website to be up and running swiftly. We provide fully managed VPS hosting services for busy websites, quickly setting up platforms for all clients. After buying, you can immediately use the features of your new VPS hosting plans.

Our specialists will manage the entire configuration process and install custom software for you. They will ensure you have a full-service agreement and everything you need to start smoothly.

Affordable plans

Cost-effective and Reliable Hosting Service

Personal bloggers and small businesses must research hosting providers, options, and costs.

Our mission focuses on delivering high-quality and value-driven hosting services. We strive to balance optimal performance, making your hosting journey budget-friendly. Rely on our commitment to top-notch web hosting solutions to meet your requirements.

Quick customer support

Dedicated Customer and Technical Assistance

We provide a reliable web hosting service through our platform, recognizing that unforeseen issues may occur. To address any concerns you encounter with your virtual server, our team is here to offer support.

Our experts are always prepared to support you in navigating any obstacles. Available to assist with any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS? Definition explained.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an isolated part of a large computer platform. You can manage it, run your programs, and adjust the virtual server machine or server resources. Cost-effective, flexible, and secure, ideal for hosting websites and applications.

Why choose a VPS Hosting instance?

Our VPS hosting service grants unparalleled authority over your virtual server space thanks to comprehensive root access. You can customize your digital space for your VPS Hosting plan. This includes choosing your favorite operating systems, database versions, and software packages.

Choose our VPS hosting to customize hosting features for your website's performance or application needs. Explore the breadth of functionalities we offer to find the perfect fit for your venture.

Do I have full access control over my Virtual Private Server?

Absolutely. We give customers full control of their web host and virtual private server by providing unlimited root access. Being careful when making changes with this full root access to level is important, as it could harm how your website works.

What payment options are available on our VPS Hosting plan?

We have easy ways to pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and bank transfers.

We embrace modern digital currencies. For more details on our VPS hosting secure payment options, contact our sales department for various choices.

Why does dedicated server hosting outshine traditional hosting?

Research shows that choosing a dedicated type offers more flexibility in hosting than shared hosting. Users can customize their hardware and storage options using their own server and space.

Dedicated servers stand out for their reliability and performance compared to virtual servers. Nonetheless, it's worth it because a virtual dedicated server provides more options.

What does unlimited IOPS mean?

Unlimited IOPS means our virtual private server storage can handle endless data operations per second. Great for fast data needs, helping applications like databases run smoothly without slowing down.

Is a Dedicated Server better than our Dedicated Hosting Resources server type?

Our Dedicated Hosting Type Servers offer similar power to a Dedicated Server but at a lower cost. Our dedicated hosting services give you significant CPU power and easy server management. These VPS Hosting resources are exclusively for your use. This option is more cost-effective than an entire physical server.

What are our Managed Cloud Solutions?

We offer managed cloud services as an add-on, helping businesses use cloud computing easily without managing it themselves. This service assists with cloud tasks. It also offers expert support and monitoring 24/7. This helps to minimize downtime and ensure your business runs smoothly.

It includes setting up a single physical server or multiple vps servers. It also involves managing cloud services such as databases and web servers. Data is secure and complies with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

What is our monitoring service all about?

Our virtual private server monitoring service checks your virtual server services to ensure they always work correctly. It checks if servers are working, follows the rules for talking, watches the computer's health, and ensures websites look right.

It also watches over your apps and hardware sends alerts if something's wrong, and fixes problems before they impact your business. This service is like a 24/7 watchdog for your cloud setup, keeping everything running smoothly.