What is Windows VPS?

A Windows VPS is a Virtual Private Server for Windows that lets you host your domains without relying on dedicated hosting from shared servers. Windows VPS divides physical servers into virtual servers using server virtualization and provides root access to its users so that each of them can work independently.

Here’s why you should use a Windows VPS:

  1. Customized Operating Systems and API: Unlike in shared servers where you are restricted to the Operating System the shared server deploys at a particular time, Windows VPS hosting allows you to choose and switch Operating Systems at will.
  2. Enhanced Security: Because each website uses a private server, the Windows VPS ensures greater security of the information of website users than in shared servers or dedicated hosting.
    Also, Windows VPS hosting offers one or more security enhancements such as IPv6 and DDOS protection to ensure that the data of your website users are protected.
  3. User-friendly Interface: Window VPS hosting services offer a user-friendly interface. If you are already familiar with Windows and Microsoft Office, using the VPS will be a walk in the park for you. It also offers database platforms like ASP, SQL that help you create standard websites. You even get to customize your online platform if you wish.
  4. Cost-Effective Option: Every website developer reaches a point where they have to expand. Acquiring a Windows VPS will cost a lot less than upgrading your shared server plan or purchasing dedicated hosting service for your websites. Besides, the benefits you enjoy while using a Windows VPS trumps the advantages of dedicated hosting and shared servers. Our VPS hosting starter plan cost as low as $4.99 per month.
  5. Greater Control of your websites: Windows VPS offers full root access to its users so they can possess ultimate control on their websites.
  6. Regular Backups: Windows VPS backups data daily, so you are assured that you will not lose website data.
  7. Increased Website Performance: Unlike with shared servers, each website developer works with a personal server. So, websites that operate using Windows VPS spend less time loading or approving user actions.

A guide to all the Cheap VPS

A lot of people assume that cheap items often offer substandard quality. However, this is not always the case. That said, here are the most affordable VPS providers with excellent service:

  1. Bluehost
  2. InMotion
  3. DreamHost
  4. Digital Ocean

1. Bluehost

The Bluehost VPS is a great choice for both beginner and experienced webmasters. It has a range of features such as:

  • Server Virtualization
  • WebHost manager with full root access
  • CentOs for people who use Linux OS
  • 1TB-2TB of bandwidth

Most on the payment plans on the Bluehost VPS are competitive and reliable. The cheapest payment plan, the Standard plan, costs as low as $18.99. Other plans, the Enhanced and Ultimate plans, are priced at $29.99 and $59.99 respectively.

The pricing for Enhanced and Ultimate plans are very competitive. However, the price for the Standard package is a little too expensive, considering it was designed for beginner web developers. Also, the bandwidth offered to advanced webmasters (2-3TB) in the Enhanced and Ultimate plans may be insufficient.

2. InMotion Hosting

Compared to the rest of the VPS on this list, this VPS is a little expensive. Its basic plan costs $36.34. However, in relation to most VPS on the market, the prices of InMotion plans are quite competitive.

For a cheap VPS, the features InMotion offers are exceptional. The VPScomes with CPU cores, full root access, live chat support and free backups. That said, the InMotion VPS is an excellent choice for large websites.

Other features of this VPS include:

  • Centos for Linux servers
  • Server Virtualization
  • 4TB -6TB plans.

The monthly payment plans are:

  • VPS 1000 HA-S: $36.34
  • VPS 2000 HA-S: $57.84
  • VPS 3000 HA-S:$84.64

While this VPS works for large websites, it is not the best choice of VPS for small websites due to its complexity and relatively expensive cost.

3. DreamHost

DreamHost is another cheap VPS with low prices. It is most suitable for webmasters who are willing to compromise on essential VPS features for the lowest prices. The basic plan for the DreamHost VPS costs just $10. Despite its low prices, this VPS is one of the few servers that provide unlimited bandwidth to its users.

Its features are:

  • Custom control panel
  • Server virtualization
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Adaptability to the Ubuntu Operating System

Payment plans

  • VPS Basic -$10
  • VPS Business- $20
  • VPS Professional- $40
  • VPS Enterprise- $80

This VPS has a few shortcomings. The server lacks root access. In addition, users may find it difficult contacting the admin for help because the DreamHost VPS does not offer live chat support.

4. Digital Ocean

This VPS charges at hourly rates instead of monthly rates. So, it is a convenient choice for both developers and newbies. The cheapest plan on this VPS is $0.007 per hour, which sums up to $4.71 per month.

The features of this VPS are:

  • A variety of control panels to choose from
  • Adaptability to a wide range of Operating systems
  • 1TB-12TB of bandwidth

Overall Monthly Costs

  • Standard-$5
  • CPU-Optimized-$40
  • General Purpose-$60

Because the hours a web developer spends running the server may vary from day to day, it might be difficult to allocate a monthly budget for VPS billings.

5. A2 Hosting

Like Digital Ocean, the plans on A2 Hosting are more expensive than most VPS in this guide. Its cheapest plan costs $25. Nevertheless, the price is still reasonable.

To compensate for its relatively high costs, A2 Hosting offers excellent customer service, root access and free backups.


  • Server virtualization
  • Adaptability to a variety of Operating Systems, from which you can switch at will
  • 2TB bandwidth
  • Web Host manager
  • Root access
  • World-class support

Pricing Plans

  • Power-$25
  • Prestige-$35
  • Pinnacle-$50

The A2Hosting has one flaw. It supplies less bandwidth than its rivals. Even if you purchase the most expensive plan, you still won't enjoy more than 2TB of bandwidth.

Our Windows VPS hosting plans are just as cheap as the VPS hosting services in this category. Also, we offer several benefits, like root access, that is absent in some of these hosting services.

How to Get Cheap VPS Windows Hosting

Most VPS hosting services only offer Linux-based plans. It takes extra effort to find a Windows VPS hosting. Our VPS provides all you need to host your website with the Windows software at unbelievable prices. Our server payment plans begin at the cost of $4.99 per month. Regardless of our low pricing, the benefits our server offers are just as reliable as more expensive VPS hosting services. The benefits you enjoy with our VPS include:

  1. A large number of OS options and API: The Windows VPS comes with over 100 pre-configured templates for API and Operating System functions, so that you can utilize your server for your personal needs. Unlike shared servers, you enjoy full control over the application or operating system your server works with.
  2. Adaptability to several Operating Systems: The Windows VPS works with several Operating Systems, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and a host of other Operating Systems.
  3. Live Backups: You can backup your server while your system is running. You do not need to schedule a downtime for your website domains before you can back up your server.
  4. Flexible Billing: There are no billing contracts to keep you confined to using this server. You can quit using the Windows VPS at will without suffering any penalties.
  5. Worldwide DDOS Protection: DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a kind of attack on servers that occurs when a network of computers causes traffic and temporarily disrupts the operation of servers.When this happens, webmasters may be unable to run their website domains system with their servers. The Windows VPS offers pre-installed protection to defend your server against DDOS attacks and prevent future network failures.
  6. Fast NVMe SSD hosting: Windows VPS use NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) SSD hosting, which is 5 times faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly than regular SSD hosting.
  7. Easy and Quick Firewall Setup: The Windows VPS lets you set up your firewall quickly within a short period so that you can provide security for your servers.
  8. Multi-functional Control Panel: The control panel for the Windows VPS offers a variety of functions which include:
    • Reducing the complexity of administrative tasks on the server
    • Booting and Rebooting of the server
    • Scaling your VPS
    • Full root access to your Virtual Private Server, with all the possible benefits.
    • Billing, payments and referrals on the VPS.

Cheap VPS server plans

We offer 3 payment plans on your Windows VPS:

  • Standard
  • CPU power-optimized
  • Memory-Optimized

Standard package

The standard package is perfect for web developers who require an equal supply of CPU power and Memory. The plans in this section provide similar levels of CPU power and Memory. You get the opportunity to enjoy a 7-day trial before you pay for your VPS plan.There are 12 plans under this package:

  • For $4.99, you get 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
  • For $9.99, you get 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $14.99, you get 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $19.99, you get 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $29.99, you get 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
  • For $39.99, you get 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
  • For $79.99, you get 16gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.
  • For $139.99, you get 24gb memory, 10 cores, 600gb disk, and 8tb transfer.

CPU Optimized Plan:

CPU-optimized plans are most suitable for servers that need additional CPU power. These plans provide huge CPU power and stable CPU performance, but at the expense of the memory capacity of the server. Some of the plans in this package include:

  • For $69.99, you enjoy 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
  • For $139.99, you enjoy 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $159.99, you enjoy 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $219.99, you enjoy 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $279.99, you enjoy 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
  • For $419.99, you enjoy 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
  • For $559.99, you enjoy 16gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.
  • For $699.99, you enjoy 24gb memory, 10 cores, 600gb disk, and 8tb transfer.

Memory-Optimized plan

If your website uses a lot of applications that require large Memory, this is the package for you. The plans offer a lot of Memory and supply other resources in fewer quantities, so you don't have to acquire the Memory you need at an extra cost. Some of the plans in this category are:

  • For $7.49, you get 2gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk and 1tb transfer.
  • For $14.99, you get 4gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $22.49, you get 6gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $29.99, you get 8gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $44.99, you get 12gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
  • For $69.99, you get 16gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
  • For $119.99, you get 32gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.

What is Windows VPS

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