Virtual Private Server (VPS) has become more prevalent in numerous areas with several available web hosting alternatives. As your site advances, its hosting demands increase, and that’s the cue to opt for VPS hosting. Upgrading to a VPS will exceedingly enhance your site functionality if you’re presently on a shared hosting plan. But spotting the best Virtual Private Server plan can be quite challenging.

Since many web hosting providers offer Virtual Private Server options, selecting the right hosting plan for your site may be tasking. Luckily, we have researched and scrutinized the top-graded options on the market and narrowed them down to this four best options you should consider.

  • Bluehost

Bluehost is the best web hosting provider with many features and flexible options. They have a wide range of VPS hosting options to tend to almost any website; they accommodate multi-host management. One distinctive feature of this hosting provider is because they offer flexibility and power. Therefore, it is a great option for websites that need to advance instantly without any downtime or impediment, since the provided advanced cPanel can accomplish it independently.

Bluehost’s pricing includes a Standard VPS, Enhanced VPS, Premium VPS, and Ultimate VPS, with their prices ranging from $19.99 to $59.99 – perfect for websites of different sizes and shapes. With these monthly promotional rates, the bandwidth, SSD, and RAM increase at $10 for every plan advancement. We recommend the Enhanced VPS as a preliminary plan, which costs $29.99. To get double in value for initially upgrading at a higher rate.

Also, all Bluehost VPS plans have 30 days’ cash back guarantee and 24/7 support. So, you will gain access to several uptimes, resources, and assistance for a reasonable price compared to other hosting providers.

  • Hostinger

Hostinger is the most economical VPS hosting service that gives you an effective Virtual Private Server at affordable prices. Their Virtual Private Server hosting plans offer the highest speed and performance. Hostinger gives you a wide range of options at budget-friendly prices and excellent features with maximum benefits.

The cheapest option costs $3.95 per month and includes 20 GB SSD, 1GB RAM, 1 TB Bandwidth, and 1 CPU core. The second plan costs $8.95 per month and has 40 GB SSD, 2 GB RAM, 2 TB Bandwidth, and 2 CPU core. There are several other plans with additional features to fit your website setup. However, we recommend the 6 CPU core, which includes 120 GB SSD, 6 GB RAM, and 6 CPU core because It has all the resources you’ll need with the RAM for your site to perform efficiently and function smoothly.

The most affordable option comprises advanced features such as dedicated Internet Protocol version 4 and version 6, high-level data backups, and customer support. Hence, even with a low introductory plan, you’d still get all the good benefits of a Virtual Private Server, but at competitive prices.

  • InMotion

InMotion is one of the best cloud VPS hosting services ideal for migration. Therefore, regardless of if you are hosting a brand new site or upgrading from an initial plan, InMotion is the perfect choice that offers no-interlude migrations for free. They specialize mainly in VPS hosting, unlike other hosting providers that deal with dedicated servers or shared hosting. Also, all plans in InMotion hosting have 90 days’ cash back guarantee.

InMotion has both Cloud VPS hosting and managed VPS hosting. The managed hosting is better for resellers, business owners, and agencies. Each package on the managed VPS comes with free SSL certificates, hands-off server-management, free site migrations, optional root access, cPanel management, open CPU cores, and dedicated IP addresses. The preliminary plans include VPS-100HA-S at $22.99 monthly, VPS-200HA-S at $34.99 monthly, and VPS-3000HA-S at $54.99 per month for a two-year contract.

The Cloud VPS hosting plan is the best for system-administrators and developers since each package comes with SSH keys and full root access that gives full customization control. You will also get a clean-sheet to code and personalize a VPS that suits your website requirements. InMotion Cloud hosting offer the fastest SSD servers and more plans than the managed hosting plans, with the prices ranging from as low as $5 per month to $160 monthly for a one-year contract.

The significant difference between these two hosting plans is the customization option. But, unless you are a developer, you should go for the managed hosting plan for simplicity and easy control.

  • HostGator

HostGator is the best scalable hosting services for reliability. Their plans start from $19.95 monthly. Besides being the most reliable and reputable shared hosting providers, they also have outstanding VPS hosting plans. Using a VPS from HostGator, you will get total control and full root access to your hosting needs. One of the best sides of using HostGator VPS is that it advances easily with you as your site expands.

In the HostGator hosting environment, you can create a customized domain and benefit from all the support configurations and installations. At a low rate, you can gather resources that suits your website advancement in just one click, so you only get to pay for resources you currently need instead of a wide range of packages you barely access.

To adopt a low-priced hosting plan from HostGator, a 36-month contract is required to reduce expenses for monthly renewal. By using HostGator, you get to access full-suite web development tools, thousands of free website templates, a strong script installer, and a No. 1 customer support team that works round the clock through live and phone chat to ensure your site success. If you are hosting your website using HostGator, data protection is guaranteed because you’ll get automatic off-site backups weekly.

Some other high-ranked VPS hosting providers we considered include A2 Hosting, Liquid Web, Dream Host, and Host Papa.

What are VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is the most reliable and stable hosting service used over the dedicated server. It uses software-based technology to offer you exclusive resources on a server with many users. Every VPS host can run on its operating system at a small-scale and cheaper rate. VPS hosting is adopted by site owners who have average level traffic due to the increased demands as their website grows.

Managing a Virtual Private Server allows you to establish your site in a dedicated and private space with insured resources, such as the CPU cores, memory, and disk space without necessarily shared hosting. Each Virtual Private Server independently hosts its settings, files, and databases. Before its personalized operating system, users utilizing VPS hosting experiences similar hosting ability to a dedicated server, but with customizable options.

In simpler words, VPS hosting is the breaking point between dedicated hosting and shared hosting in which a site runs on its server. It is designed for website owners who have grown beyond a shared hosting option.

VPS Hosting for Beginners

VPS is an excellent alternative widely used by programmers, SaaS providers, game developers, companies that need an upgrade from shared hosting, and companies who need an affordable or secure backup environment because of its high-performance, low cost, security level, and reliability. But if you are a C-level executive or small business owner, it may be difficult for you to understand much aside from your site’s base requirements. We have enumerated some points to help you understand Virtual Private Server better.

How Virtual Private Server Works

VPS hosting enhances a dedicated server’s experience, even if you are still using a shared physical server. Your hosting provider positions a virtual layer above the server’s operating system using virtualization technology; by distributing the server into single partitions with virtual walls, the active or virtual layer grants each user access to install a personal operating system and software.

Since a Virtual Private Server splits your files with other users on the same operating system level, it is called a private server. This implies that your website resides in a secured space with insured resources such as the CPU cores, memory storage, disk space, etc. Hence, sharing it with others is not required.

Virtual Private Server Vs. Shared Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting

To fully understand how a virtual private server works, it is crucial to be familiar with website hosting basics.

  • Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting form, and it works perfectly for several new website owners. Buying a shared hosting plan means you are sharing vital resources such as hard drive space, CPU, and RAM with many other site owners on the same server.

Although sharing this space in the server helps cut down costs, there are still some disadvantages of shared hosting. Your website’s functionality can be affected if another site on your shared server has rapid traffic growth. However, if you’re starting a new website with less traffic volume, shared hosting is a perfect online pathway.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Here, instead of splitting resources and costs with several website owners, you continue in one dedicated server set aside for only your website to function with. Dedicated hosting is the reverse of shared web hosting.

With dedicated hosting, you’ll enjoy a hundred percent control over all your resources, and you can also personalize the software to meet your site’s requirements. But it is rather too expensive if you’re a new website owner. This type of web hosting is better for sites with more technical demands and large amounts of traffic daily.

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting

If you opt for a VPS hosting environment, there will be other sites hosted on a similar server as yours.But since it is powerful and has ample space, a particular virtual section is allocated to your website. VPS hosting is an advancement between dedicated hosting and shared web hosting.

Therefore, you get unlimited personal bandwidth, operating system, scalable RAM, strong CPU, and reliable storage. With a virtual private server, you get a dedicated server’s maximum benefits at a budget-friendly price.

How to select the perfect virtual private server hosting plan for your website?

Finding the exact hosting provider for your website’s current requirement is imperative. Since different hosting providers offer additional resources and packages, identifying the right one with the best VPS hosting plan is needed.

  • Reliability: The virtual private server hosting service you adopt should rank uptime ratings of 99.6% and higher. Hosting service with anything lower is not acceptable.
  • Managed and Cloud services: A managed service and cloud service are normally the two plan options when finding VPS hosting. You need to be acquainted with the services installed on your private server, the software, overhauling, application management, and server control if you select a cloud service plan. However, if you are unfamiliar with these skills, and need your hosting provider to manage them thoroughly, consider selecting a managed service plan.
  • Hardware: You also need to ensure your hosting provider has the most remarkable and latest hardware component, especially SSD, the quickest area technology. The Solid State Drive helps with applications running at a high-speed.
  • Windows or Linux: It is crucial to ensure your selected web hosting provider is conformable to your operating system.
  • Reliable customer support: Determining when your website will suffer a meltdown is impossible, so ensure you select a virtual private server plan from a reliable company that offers customer support round the clock.

Is VPS Hosting the Right Option for You?

Web servers are the basics of any webpage as they accelerate the loading and processing of the documentation on the internet to make it within reach to other Pro-Net. Your web hosting choice will either drive your business to succeed or considerably limit your operations. When finding a hosting environment for your website, you will need to select the best hosting provider from many hosting options.

You’ll need first to consider the level of server facilities you need, and your site’s hosting feature requirements, if you need distinctive server software, the scalability of your hosting environment, and the level of traffic on your site.

After considering the listed factors, if your site is experiencing any of the problems below, it may be the right time to adopt or upgrade to VPS hosting. Here are some cases when VPS hosting is a better option for you:

  • Rise in your website traffic levels

A shared web hosting is a better option for sites that get less traffic. However, as your site traffic increases, you’ll need more resources for your web hosting provider. So if you notice a vast increase in your site’s traffic levels, updating your web hosting type may be the best option for higher performance on your website.

Slow loading times and server crashing are common consequences of high traffic levels in shared web hosting. To avoid this, upgrade sooner when you notice a continuous rise in the traffic trend.

  • Your website performance slow

Slow loading time may occur for different reasons such as RAM consumption or server storage problems, and optimizing your website functionality is often the right step. But if you still experience a similar issue after optimization, upgrading or adopting a VPS hosting is your best recourse.

  • You need safe hosting

Security should be the most critical concern of any website owner. Upon installation, a virtual private server plan offers you high-level security. They have a security checker that includes website backups, monitoring, enhanced firewalls, and trusted malware scans. Also, your website will be functioning in a secluded server area. Hence, you will never be affected by third party sites.


Having a secured web hosting services that keeps your workspace safe from malware is quite beneficial. VPS provides a great deal of security, as you access the various resources available online. Unlike the shared servers, there is high performance and great scalability on this server. They are more affordable than the dedicated servers, even as they offer some similar features. Thus, it would be best if you get your businesses hosted on the Virtual Private Server, to have a private space as you use the shared system.

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