Getting a web hosting service is one thing; getting a web hosting service that actually meets all your needs s another. Before choosing a web hosting service, it is important to know the important features of a good web hosting service.

Features Of a Good Web Hosting Service Provider

There are some custom features you can use to spot a good web hosting service provider. Choosing a good web hosting service provider is an important decision to have a successful internet experience both for you and other internet users.

Here is a list of top 5 features to look out for in a good web hosting service provider

Storage Space

The storage feature is the main reason for getting a web hosting service. This will be responsible for storing all your site data and information. When choosing a web hosting service provider, choose one with an efficient amount of storage for all graphic files, user data, media contents, and the likes. A web hosting service with multiple storage space plans, so when an upgrade is needed, you upgrade to a new plan.


Consider a web hosting service provider with an affordable bandwidth plan. Bandwidth is responsible for the speed of your site, but it can also be quite expensive. Choose a web hosting service that has multiple bandwidths and data transfer plans. These options will give you a chance to choose a plan with more than your usage, so any additional traffic and content will not lead to the page being shut down.

Control features

This feature stands as one of the most crucial features to look out for in a web hosting service. As a website or web page owner, you will be required to manage and control your site or page constantly. Selecting a user-friendly control that is easy to navigate and operate will save you multiple trips to the help center. A good web hosting service provider should allow you to manage FTP accounts, add-on domains, statistics, security and privacy, web pages, and basically, every aspect of your website or web-page.


A good web hosting service provider should have your website or web-page available to users at any time of the day. Availability is essential to the success of a web -page or website. Getting it right is very important, so you should get a web hosting service that offers 24/7 availability or at least something close to it.

Domain name

A domain name is like a website or a web page’s identity. A good web hosting service provider should get you a unique and functional worldwide web domain name. Web hosting service providers have terms and conditions that guide the use of the domain name. Please go through it and ensure that it aligns with your needs before purchasing the domain name.

IP address

Your IP address is the unique address of a website or web page. Some web hosting services offer dedicated IP addresses unique to just you or a shared IP address. A dedicated IP address stands a better chance at SEO ranking. However, it boils down to what the site will be used for, and if ranking will make a difference to its operations. Dedicated IP addresses are also quite expensive compared to shared. Check which the web hosting serviced offers before purchasing its plans.

Email hosting

The importance of this depends on if the website or page is commercial or personal. A good web hosting service should offer customized mail services and features, including auto-response, storage, and email filters. Depending on the purpose of your website/ web page, get a web hosting service that offers just all you need.

Privacy and security

With cyber-crimes dominating parts of the net, your security and privacy features are the most important feature, especially if user information will be saved onsite.

Other important features include support and building tools. With so many features and services, each varying with the hosting services, it is important to know the different web hosting services.

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services

When it comes to web hosting, a lot of confusion surrounds it. This is because there are so many options with similar features making it hard to decide which is the best. Here is a rundown on the different types of web hosting service, the advantage, disadvantage, and what each is best used for to aid the decision process


Like shared IP, a website shares server resources like RAM and CPU with multiple other websites. It is a simple hosting provider that does not require many technicalities to understand


The cost of shared hosting plans is cheaper and affordable compared to every other service.


Shared hosting also means shared problems. A malfunction or usage surge will affect the user experience.

What is it best for?

Shared service is best for small businesses, blogs, and communities that don’t require complex operations. It comes with helpful plans like website guides to make it simplistic as well as efficient.


Popularly known as VPS, it is one of the most used hosting services. It is the neutral zone between a DHS and a shared server, making it one of the most efficient with a little it from both sides. Here, a physical version of a server is shared between your site and other websites, but each website still has its private space within the server.


VPS gives more even without a DHS making it affordable and even more efficient with increased space, flexibility, and features


They are affected by heavy traffic as well as usage surge.

What is best for?

VPS is perfect for business owners. Since it literally performs the function of a DHS without the confusing technicalities and affordability and advanced controls and customization, it is best for business and commercial activities.


Dedicated server hosting is a private hosting system with your own personal storage space and physical server. Dhs comes with a high level of control with full admin access and operations.


It is not affected by heavy traffic and usage surges, unlike ssh and VPS. It also comes with maximum access and control.


Dhs is very expensive since it is an exclusive hosting just for you. It also requires a high level of technical knowledge to run properly.

What is best for?

Dhs is best for business owners whose activities are much more complex and require maximum control and admin monitoring. It is also best with sites having heavy traffic and usage.

Cloud hosting

Still making waves in modern-day technology, cloud hosting is a network system involving multiple computers to host websites and pages. This hosting service allows for maximum resources needed to set up and manage a site while you pay only for what you use.


Minimal chances of a server malfunction, pay as you use a feature, and scaleable.


Since it is still a growing technology, setting it up with web hosting service providers can be quite expensive.

What its best for?

Growing and expanding businesses. Since you pay as you use, it keeps expenses at a minimum while still leaving space for growth and upgrades.

Managed hosting

Although not so popular y the name, manage hosting is common among many hosting packages on the internet. These packages are put together by web hosting companies offering the most technical services with the DHS, such as configuration, technical support, updating, and setup (hardware and software). With this hosting plan, most of the technical operations concerning the web page or website is handled by the web hosting service provider. It all burns down to selecting the perfect plan for you.


Managed hosting comes with various options to choose from, making it easier to match it with your needs. You can also pay attention to your site's other operations while managed hosting takes care of all the technicalities. No technical knowledge is required to fr your end.


Finding a plan that matches all your needs in one place might be a bit hard. Finding one with all your needed packages might end up being very expensive.

What its best for?

Best for websites with lots of complex functionality, especially with an owner having very little to no knowledge of the technicalities of web hosting


This web hosting service is less known compared to the rest. This hosting method involves renting a space for your site with a co-location center. The co-location center will provide all services required, including IP address, bandwidth, and cooling systems. It is more affordable, especially considering that it comes with a higher bandwidth level, which means faster site speed.


It comes with a larger bandwidth `with full control over hardware and software.


Most of the technicalities will be handled by you, including hardware and software setup. Very expensive

What its best for?

Websites or web pages with heavy traffic and usage spikes.

Why Vps Is The Best Web Hosting Solution

Its functionality drawn from two different web hosting services is one of the most popular and most used web hosting services. Considering many options with web hosting, what makes VPS the best solution to web hosting?

It is highly reliable.

A dedicated server's need is the risk of having some website neighbor somewhere crash the entire server or the need for increased control. VPS crosses that with its increased stability compared to shared hosting. It is more reliable with fewer chances of a crash.

Dedicated benefits

One of the main selling points of a dedicated server is the increased control and customization and a private server. VPS comes with a RAM and CPU amount that allows you to handle heavy traffic and user spikes way more than shared web hosting along with several apps on your site. All of this is done without a private server's expense, making it much more affordable than a dedicated server but with almost the same benefits.

Increased efficiency

As technology advances, the need for an efficient technology system on a green platform is essential. VPS performs the function of reducing carbon footprints while still giving you maximum offers, features, services, and functionality. In a virtual private server, resources are shared between users leading to optimum usage compared to DHS.

Improved speed and functionality

With resources being used as it should, it allows for higher levels of performance. This increase would mean better site performance in terms of speed, conversions, add engagements. Processes and operations are also bound to run faster.

Increased scaling opportunities

VPS covers most of the insecurities that come with the growth of a new website. You can scale your resources and choose a package that best suits your operations at the set time.

Little technical knowledge is required.

Even with the increased functionality, customization, and processing, VPS requires little technical knowledge to run your website. Maintaining your server is handled by your VPS service provider. This includes updates of software and hardware.


VPS allows you to save a lot of money while still growing your website, and it is expected to get even cheaper in the nearest future.

Key Benefits Of Window Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, windows web hosting services top the list for obvious reasons. Here is a rundown on the key benefits of windows web hosting services

Does not require advanced technical knowledge on web hosting

Highly reliable

Very stable compared to other web hosting services

Integration of a wide range of Microsoft products to your site is effortless with windows web hosting.

Guarantees maximum security and privacy

Updates are done very easily and timely.

Easy to manage and operate by website owners

It supports ASP, .NET, VISUAL ASIC, C# languages.


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