So you’ve been looking to host a website, and you seem to be having a hard time making up your mind on which web hosting option you should go for. Like every other reasonable person, you’re looking out for the best web hosting option available. There’s also the part where you have to choose from the myriad of operating systems that are available. Of course, it takes the best operating system to work with your server anyway.You want private exclusive use over your server, you even want remote desktop access to your server, say no more, the Windows 7 virtual server is the best option for you.

Windows 7 Virtual Server

The Windows7 virtual server is some sort of server version of the Windows 7 virtual PC.Once installed on the Windows 7 system, the Windows 7 virtual PC would make room for other operating systems to operate on that system as virtual computers. The virtualization technology on Windows Virtual PC enables the guest operating systems to work as effectively as though they were real. Furthermore, it enables the installation of applications that Windows 7 systems would normally not support. It also ensures that they run seamlessly with the Windows 7 system.

The highlight of the Windows 7 Virtual PC is its remote desktop Access feature. This remote desktop feature is perhaps the best among all other operating systems.

Using virtualization technology, the Windows 7 Virtual PC was made available as an operating system for servers.

Remote desktop Access on Windows Virtual Server.

Remote Desktop Access is a feature created by Windows. It is created to give you access and control over your virtual machine or server from your location.As awesome as this feature is, not every web hosting option can benefit from it. The program is supported by cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

The Remote Desktop Access works similarly to a computer and a projector. Using the computer, you can control whatever is displayed on the projector. Videos, pictures, or even PowerPoint slides. With the system, you can control the projector without necessarily operating it directly.

The remote desktop access works like the projector and the computer, the Windows 7 remote access desktop uses an internet connection to connect your private computer to your virtual server, giving you the ability to control the server as though it were there. While projectors use transmission cords, Windows 7 virtual server uses the remote desktop protocol (RDP) to transmit every request or command that you send to the servers from your private computer. With a good internet connection, these command transmission should happen so quickly that you hardly notice a transmission ever happened, just the way you press the light switch and the bulb comes on immediately, as though there was no transmission of energy.

The Windows 7 virtual server is recommended for server users whose web hosting options grant them control over the server. It is the best option for users of unmanaged servers and here's why.

Normally, unmanaged web hosting options are better in terms of cost-efficiency. However, they tend to frustrate clients who don't have the time to pay attention to their virtual servers as and when due. With such gestures, if neglect, the optimized performance 9f the virtual servers begin to wear out since there is no one to revitalize them. In case there is some sort of issue; virus, malware, DDOS, or redundancy, it might take time for anyone to detect it since there is no one to monitor it first hand. In such a case, the normal alternative would be managed server hosting which is more expensive than the unmanaged plan.

However, Windows 7 Virtual server makes it easier for you to monitor your server. With the virtual technology, you have the server sitting on your private computer, which makes it easy for you to track changes, outdated apps, available updates, alternative templates and plugins, and the rest. It helps you to get the best out of the time you spend on your server.

What's more, is that you don't get to incur as much cost as you would have if you opted for managed hosting. With a Windows VPS server, you can be as effective as though you ran a managed hosting plan.

How to install a Windows 7 virtual server.

To install a Windows 7 virtual server, you have to create a virtual machine on your Personal computer. To do this, you just make sure that the PC supports the windows 7 virtual PC. To create a virtual machine, simply follow these steps.

Click on"start" and then select all programs

From the options, select virtual machines. Normally this option should appear but in case it doesn't appear, you'll have to go to the Microsoft website to download the virtual PC,l and install it before going back to continue the creation of the virtual machine.

A new window opens, on that window, there's a"Create virtual machine" button on the toolbar, click it. This opens the Virtual Machine wizard. Name the file and pick a location for the storage of the file.

After you click Next, you're to modify your network and memory preference. Pick the size of RAM you'll need and allow network access. Note that the larger the RAM, the better your virtual machine will process data. It is advisable to be generous with the memory size oi it will be doing some heavy work.

Select next again. For the virtual machine, name its drive with a letter peculiar to it and then click create. You can either use an existing drive directly or create another one by compartmentalizing an existing drive. You can as well chairs a virtual hard drive by creating one. That entails following another set of wizard pages through advanced disk creation options.

Click on "start" then select "All Programs" find "Windows Virtual PC and click on virtual machines. This displays your new virtual machine. Simply click on it. The newly created virtual machine opens on your desktop. Then install the Windows 7 virtual server on it as an operating system.

Windows Virtual Private Server hosting.

Windows Virtual Private Hosting is a web hosting that makes room for many users on a physical server while rendering a virtual Private service. This implies that the hardware server is maintained by the hosting provider who divides the server, in a way that every user has a part of the server to himself. The users also have the power to choose what resources work effectively with their sites. With the virtual compartment, every user's resources do not interfere with the configuration and resources of other people. This sort of server is therefore independent of the web hosting provider and exclusive of other users.

The virtual private server is appropriate for websites that attract more traffic than a shared hosting service can handle but does not attract enough traffic to merit cloud or dedicated servers.

The windows Virtual Private Seever hosting comes with either managed or unmanaged hosting plans. Of course, the user has the liberty to pick between both plans. as mentioned earlier, the managed plan is always more expensive than the unmanaged one. To get optimized results from unmanaged plans, simply use the Windows 7 virtual server as your operating system. This serves as some sort of bridge between the managed and unmanaged server.

Why Windows Virtual Private Server?

The windows virtual private server is the most suitable option for the majority of web hosting users. This is because it is flexible enough to grow with its users and wide enough to accommodate the needs of even more users. In essence, the virtual private server had several options that are suitable for your website. It accommodates several operating systems with different templates. For example, the VPSserver supports over a hundred templates for a variety of operating systems.

The virtual private server is also efficient enough to duplicate the services of other web hosting options. Its hardware runs the same way with shared hosting physical servers, while its software imitates dedicated server hosting. Its operations can be duplicated to achieve public cloud hosting or configured to give results as good as WordPress hosting. Needless to say, this option is a one-stop-shop for optimizing your web hosting service.

As good as these options are, some products make it even better with their features. The VPSserver for example offers some of the best deals with mind-blowing quality. Here are the highlights of the product.

VPS server uses the best processors and Storage systems available. Along with the strong E5 intel Processors, for input/output storage systems, this product used the NVMe SSD, which is way better than the usual SSD when it comes to speed and delivery performance.

It also takes a giant stride into cloud hosting using the 3-way storage which duplicates every user's resources on three different servers

Speaking of discretion, VPSserver offers flexibility and liberty at its heights, such that no written contract binds you. You can run your server according to your preferences and even destroy it when you so please. The product makes server management easy with its control panel which does just about anything, ranging from switching operating systems to changing templates, expanding bandwidths, reboot, shut down, or making payments. This flexible and easy operation simplifies user-managed servers.

All these services for prices as low as 5 dollars per month. In case you seek to expand your plans subsequently, you can start with something comfortable and then expand as your capacity increases over time.

Other Kinds of Web Hosting Servers

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the smallest web hosting plan available. It operates by accommodating small sites and blogs on a physical server, such that they all share the hardware and its resources. Unlike the VPS, the storage of every site properties does not operate any form of compartmentalization be it physical or virtual. The upgrade and maintenance of the server and its resources are also solely the responsibility of the web hosting providers. The major benefit of shared hosting is that It runs the cheapest web hosting plan. It's monthly fees run between 1 and two dollars per month.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a hosting service that suits WordPress sites and blogs best.It's retired and resources are WordPress themed such that WordPress sites run seamlessly on the server. The compatibility is so strong that any sure that is just a WordPress site may not be able to operate on the server. In absence of these kinds of sites, WordPress sites can make do with Windows Virtual Private Server and configure their virtual servers to suit their sites.

Dedicated Server:

This server hosting is designed for massive websites with high traction. It operates by handing a whole server over to one user. Unlike the virtual server which personalizes only the virtual server, one user personalizes both the physical server and its resources.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a web that keeps the properties of a user on different servers. This kind of Web hosting is life expensive than virtual private hosting. Public cloud hosting is typically a duplication of a virtual server on different physical servers. Private cloud hosting is a basic duplication of dedicated servers.

Colocation Hosting

This kind of hosting involves buying and renting. A company with large traffic purchases a whole physical server and stores it in a data center. However, the space in this data center is leased. This lease also comes with monitoring, network,bandwidth connection, power supply, and a conducive environment.

Finally, the Windows 7 Virtual Private Server is an awesome option for optimized results on management, maintenance, and control of virtual servers from a remote location.

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