However, despite their number, going for the right provider is extremely important as going for the wrong one can be fatal to your business. Also, with the right Windows VPS hosting provider, you will be allowed to see just why Windows VPS hosting is arguably one of the best.

The right provider should be able to offer everything your business needs, ranging from good resources, scalability, and reliability, to impenetrable security and great customer support services. Having this in mind, the best provider you can work with to achieve that goal is Contact them today and get the chance to work with the very best Windows VPS Hosting Provider. You will also enjoy all the aforementioned benefits along with a free 7-day trial.

Managed Linux and Windows VPS Hosting

Over the years, VPS hosting has become one of the most widely preferred options whenever a business starts to experience a greater customer base, thereby gaining more traffic. When this happens, your business is more likely to grow and generate better revenue for you. However, you may start to experience a noticeable slow loading speed, which can be disastrous for your business if not checked. Therefore, in most cases, you’ll be required to go for a higher hosting plan, and then upgrade to VPS hosting is mostly your best bet.

Before going further, we must understand what the option you’re expected to upgrade to is. The Virtual Private Server is one in which several servers share the same server space, but are however isolated and independent from each other. It is like an apartment building with 3-4 flats where every tenant carries their activities undisturbed by the others. This way, it shares similarity with the Shared Hosting servers, only that it has fewer users per server space, and that each user has their dedicated resources like in dedicated server.

Knowing and understanding what Virtual Private Server hosting is, it is necessary to know that this hosting type is available in two Operating Systems – Windows and Linux. The two are wonderful options with amazing features, but different people prefer different types. Therefore, any you go for is still a really good choice, it just comes down to your preference. Also, whatever OS you go for, you will have the chance to choose between two types of services – Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting. Among the two, the most preferred is the managed VPS, and we will help you understand what it is better.

Just as the name suggests, the Managed VPS hosting, whether on Linux or Windows is a managed service where you are made more relaxed on matters concerning your server, and you need not bother yourself over them. This is so because, in the Managed Linux and Windows VPS hosting, your provider is the one responsible for taking care of the maintenance of your server. They carry out activities such as updating the core, installations of software, backups, security updates, and many more. With this, you not only have peace of mind but can concentrate more of your time and efforts on other aspects of your business. The managed hosting option is the best especially for those who don't have any technical knowledge but is still equally very beneficial to even those who do have the technical knowledge, as it eases their work.

Below are some of the major advantages of choosing a managed Linux and Windows VPS hosting.

  • Full root access: Since your managed server is isolated from others, like every VPS, you or your provider can modify the entire server based on your need. For this, you are granted full root access by the managed option.
  • Ease of management: Your provider is always taking care of your server management and maintenance. And we know they are professionals you can trust. This gives you peace of mind and enables you to concentrate on other aspects of your business, as your work is significantly reduced.
  • Instant resource provisioning: With the managed Linux and Windows VPS hosting, your provider immediately allocates and monitors resources like OS, RAM, and CPU. Also, as your traffic grows, these resources are scaled to match it.
  • Cost-saving: As the management and maintenance of your server is taken care of by your web hosting provider, which are professionals and seasoned veterans, you do not need to employ technical administrators to manage your server for you. Going for the managed option is more economical than having to pay regular salaries to your third party server manager(s).
  • Performance: Since your server is being handled by your hosting provider themselves, it is safe to say they are one of the best set of people to carry out just that task. With the effective management which they ensure, you can see that your server experiences its best possible performance.
  • Security: The security of your website is of utmost importance and should not be taken for granted at any cost. With the managed hosting option, the professionals do an effective job to keep your server as safe and secured as possible.

If you plan on growing your business effectively, and your main goal is to increase your customer base while containing the increasing traffic, you will be expected to spend more on planning and other business administrations, and less time on your server management. In such a situation, you must go for a Managed Linux or Windows VPS hosting, as it allows you to concentrate better on your business. Analyze your needs and budget today, and if needed, go for a managed Linux or Windows VPS hosting.

Fast Windows VPS

As long as you are running an online business, or using the internet for other very important reasons, you must have a good online presence. Among many factors, the most important one which has a massive impact on sustaining a good online presence is your website speed. Your site speed has a good impact on SEO, paid adverts, user experience, etc, therefore it is highly capable of having a significant impact on your business too.

Having a poor website speed means that your website will have a low number of conversions, a high bounce rate, and a low number of pages per visit. All this is because many people will bail as not everyone has the patience to tolerate slow loading. This is why a site’s speed is very important most especially for businesses. Below are some of the impact speed has on your website, or how important it is to your business.

  • Impact on SEO: Site speed is a ranking factor, and a very important one at that when it comes to ranking factor for mobile pages. It will be wise to optimize your site speed so you don’t end up on the losing team. The reason why site speed is seen as a ranking factor is that it is a sign of quality user experience. Having a fast site will results in a better user experience, while with a slow site, the reverse is the case. Research shows that a user will stay longer on a site if it has a good loading speed. This is one of the reasons why it is considered a ranking factor, and we all know what a good rank can mean for your business.
  • First Impressions are Vital: Website speed is the first impression you will ever make on your users. If your website loads fast, you have instantly made a strong first impression on your user about your business. A slow website on the other hand makes users have negative thoughts about your business. A study has also shown that 79% of online shoppers will not go back to a website if they have difficulties with load speed.
  • Impact on User Experience and Conversion: Site speed is a huge determinant of people leaving websites early. Bounce rate refers to the rate of users coming to your site and those leaving without a short period. If you have a slow site, you will most likely have a high bounce rate. This bounce rate shows how well your users' experiences have been and is in fact a ranking factor as well. This is why taking your user experience into consideration is very important.

As we have seen so far, your site speed is very important. However, one thing that greatly affects your site speed is what type of web hosting you’re on, and your web host as well. To be on the advantage, you must get a fast Windows VPS. Along with the site speed which is on its own a huge advantage, you will enjoy several other benefits such as adequate resources, ease of use or a user-friendly interface, high performance, excellent security, and great customer service.

As we have seen earlier, your web host also has a huge role to play in determining your website speed, therefore, you should ensure to go for the best. Have it in mind that you’re not going to find a better Windows VPS than at The servers they provide are some of the fastest in the business. They make use of Intel processors on a platform well equipped with SSD drives. This makes their server 10 times faster, capable of hitting a port speed of 40Gb. If a Fast Windows VPS is what you seek, then look nowhere else than at

7 Most Important Factors to Choose VPS Hosting Providers

We all know every website needs a web host. A web host is what gives your website all it needs to stay online and makes it available. Due to the number of websites on the Internet, there has also been a massive increase in the number of web hosting providers, especially those offering the most preferred option – VPS. It will be almost impossible for everyone to agree that a particular provider is the best, therefore here are the 7 most important factors to choose VPS hosting providers:

  • Speed: Users expect a site to load as quickly as possible, and google has set load speed as one of its ranking factors. Therefore, if you want your business to do well, you better go for a web host provider that offers a server with high speed.
  • Security: The data on your website is extremely important, and so keeping your website secured should be of utmost importance to you. Go for a provider that equips its servers with powerful firewalls and lay down other procedures to make sure their servers are well secured.
  • Support: Managing a server can be quite a huge task. You will very likely encounter several problems from time to time, and you will need the help of professionals at times like these. Always go for a provider that has a very good customer support service, especially those who make their services available 24/7.
  • Scalability: Take a look at your current website’s traffic and check if you expect it to increase over time. In general, you should go for a provider whose servers have good scalability, so that your growing traffic can be provided with adequate resources to accommodate it.
  • Resources: Ensure that you go for a provider that gives sufficient resources. Make sure there is enough RAM, bandwidth, and disk space because if you are to lack any of this, it can prove very catastrophic to your website or entire business at large.
  • Price: Many providers have different price ranges. Some are more expensive than others, depending mainly on the type of services they offer. On choosing a VPS hosting provider, it is very important that you choose one which offers the best deals at the best prices.
  • Reliability: For your business to be successful, you need to ensure your website doesn’t go down often. Therefore, it is extremely important that whatever server you are going for, is one you can rely on to always provide you with just the right services to make sure your website is always online and available.

We have seen the major factors to consider when choosing VPS hosting providers. However, you may be wondering how you can ensure all these factors are present in a provider. All you need do is make good research on them, and check reviews of previous customers. To avoid that stress, you can go for the services of, where all these factors and many more are found.

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