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The Right Choice to Shift from Shared Hosting

Sharing a server with other websites has many disadvantages. The most obvious is the downtime. There are many factors that are not within your power that may affect the efficiency of your website. You may be experiencing a delay in loading because of the activities of other websites and you won’t have any control over what they do. If your site is complex, has a significant number of images and your daily traffic is increasing, then it might just be the time for you to quit server sharing. Sharing a server will also deny you the flexibility you would love in managing your database. Your information might not be as private as you would prefer and you will not be able to run all the personal software you want or add extra protection.

So, if you know your business had grown beyond sharing a server, but you don’t have resources for a dedicated server what should you do? That shouldn’t be a problem. You might not even need a dedicated server. You can save cost and enjoy privacy with Virtual Private Server (VPS).

VPS enables you to have your virtual private space within a shared server. Although you don’t have a dedicated server, you will have control to manage your virtual server through VPS. This relatively new technology is ideal for businesses that have high daily traffic but not high enough to consider a dedicated server. VPS allows scaling, with it your business can grow without any need to change your server.

Therefore, if you are considering shifting from a shared server to a Virtual Private Server, let’s look at what you stand to benefit from it and the sacrifice you will need to make.

Shared Server and VPS Compared



Shared Server


To many businesses, especially small ones, the cost might even be the most important factor. Unfortunately, VPS is more expensive than a shared server.

A shared server is the cheapest option of server you can see. Because you are not using it alone, you are also sharing the cost with other users.


Your website is independent of another website. Website hosting is usually safe and secured if done by a competent company. Still, VPS offers even more security than shared hosting.

While shared hosting is equally secured the fact that the server has multiple users and a treat to one means a treat to all put share hosting at risk of being hacked even by hackers that might not be interested in your website. If one of the sites on the server is hacked, all other websites on the same server are at risk.


You have full control over your server and can customize its operation the way you like. You can run private software on it.

There is a limited way in which you can influence the operation of this server.

Loading Time

VPS offers fast loading services as your website performance does not depend on the activities of any other website.

Although if you have a high bandwidth you shouldn’t worry about this, but if other users reach their limits, it may affect your website performance.

Build a Great Business Model Through VPS

Not only will Virtual Private Server saves you the cost of going for a dedicated server, but it will also help you to properly organize your business, increase your efficiency, and helps in scaling.

Hosting your website with VPS will guarantee you a secure service, high performance, safer space, and good control. You will be confident that your site is in a safe space and all your activities are private, safe, and secured. With this solution, you can build a business model using advanced technology. This technology allows you to run software on your server that will make your business work easier and more efficiently. For instance, since your hosting is private, you will have better control of the management of data. Therefore running software that manages data on your website VPS will enable every department to input data like sales reports, staff salary, budgetary plans, production costs, and survey results. The data can be shared, accessed by other departments, and analyzed by the management.

You can also take the advantage of the privacy of your server hosting to keep the company’s records which you dare not do with a shared server. For instance, your CCTV footage is safe on your website. Your confidential records like the company’s financial records, research and development outcomes, and growth projection can all be kept safely using VPS. You can as well store the personal details of your staff or customers on your VPS without compromising privacy.

With VPS, You can go to the extent of installing applications that communicate with your server on your employees' mobile phones. That will not only make it easy for your employees to send information to the website, it will also help in confirming some of their activities. Through such software, they can be signing in to work and out directly on the server. When they go out to work, distance covered and time spent outside the office can easily be monitored. They can also send information, videos, and photographs easily to the server, even for others to use.

Yet you don’t have to break the bank to have all these done. Although Virtual Private Service is more expensive than a shared server, it is way less expensive than having a dedicated server. Yet you will enjoy all the privacy and customization that may make you think of a dedicated server. The service is also stable and reliable, especially when you get it from a reliable company.

Choosing Between Window and Linux VPS

So, having decided to go for a VPS the next thing is to determine your preferred operating system. In this case, you’ve got two choices to choose from, a window VPS or a Linux VPS. Of course, these are not the only available option, but the two combine to form over 60% of the VPS hosting we have today. So, we may safely ignore the rest and focus on these two.

Windows VPS is powered by Microsoft and uses windows as its OS. Its database also uses tools provided by Microsoft. You will find this VPS interface familiar if you are used to Microsoft solutions. Linux VPS on the other hand uses Linux Operating System. Its database and tools are obtained from the open-source.

Both Windows and Linux servers are great, therefore your choice will depend on many factors, most significant among them being the application, security, and your budget. So, let’s briefly look at the advantages and limitations of each of them.

Linux VPS is cheaper than Windows VPS. It does not also require an operating system license, therefore the majority of its applications are also available free of charge, and if you have to pay, they are not as expensive as those of Windows server. Linux also comes with protection against malware and antivirus, unlike Windows server which requires a separate installation of the antivirus. However, if you are not a professional you might find the Linux interface difficult to use.

Windows VPS on the other hand offers a very easy-to-use interface. Windows is from Microsoft and Microsoft software is common among computer users than any other computer application. Therefore more people are familiar with products from this company and that will make it easier for them to use the Windows VPS interface. Most importantly, it is easier to manage your server if you use Windows interface than Linux as Window allows you access to your server remotely. With this interface, you can access your server from any desktop. Linux does not offer this feature.

Because of the low cost of Linux and the fact that it does not require any additional protection, many small and medium sized businesses are going for this option. But big businesses with a high budget for web hosting prefer to go for Windows servers.

So, if you want to build a great business that will be easy for you to manage and incorporate many excellent features seamlessly, and if you don’t consider cost as a barrier, then choosing Windows VPS would be a good decision.

More Reasons to go for Windows VPS

Because the Windows VPS interface is easy to use, then you can easily update your Windows VPS hosting. If you are familiar with Windows products, this will become even easier. Another advantage of this server is that it allows the user to choose their level of security. You can run malware and antivirus of your choice on it hence protecting your server as much as you want.

Windows VPS also comes with a number of programs that can be used to create websites. Among the important programs on Windows, Virtual Private Server are SQL, ASP, and ASP.NET.

The remote desktop access on Windows VPS enables the user to access the server remotely from any desktop.

Also, because many companies use Windows products than any other computer application, then Windows VPS will be the perfect server for such companies. Using Windows software on a Windows server eliminates the fear of incompatibility that may occur if you use another server.

Customization on Windows VPS is easier than on other servers and is more in-depth. You can enjoy a variety of ways to customize the operations of your server and run so much software on it. This will enable you to model your business in a great way using all available technology.

Of equal importance is the fact that Windows VPS is from Microsoft which had been in the computer and software industry for many years. They have a lot of experience and can be trusted with any product. The company also has excellent support service and you can rest assured that if you need help you will promptly get one.


If you notice that your daily traffic is increasing and it is causing downtime and other negative effects on your website performance, then it is time to quit the shared server. While dedicated servers might be great to manage your business properly, you can save cost by going for a Virtual Private Server.

VPS is more expensive than a shared server but it gives you better control over the management of your server. Your server performance does not depend on the activities of other users and you can run private software on it. It also gives you security, stability, and reliability. The two most common operating systems for VPS servers are Windows and Linux. If you run a big business and will choose quality over the cost, then Windows VPS hosting is the best for you.

Windows VPS interface is easy to use. You can also update your server easily. It comes with many programs that can be used to build websites. It also allows users to run antivirus and anti-malware software, hence allows you to decide your level of protection. The server can be accessed remotely and it also gives you a wide range of customization. If you are used to Microsoft solutions or your company focuses more on Microsoft products, then Windows VPS is especially for you. Windows VPS is powered by Microsoft and the company can be trusted for quality, efficiency, and reliability.

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