Free VPS Server Windows

The Free VPS Server Windows is a virtual private server for Windows technology that gives webmasters that allow webmasters to host and run their websites on isolated servers. The Windows VPS service provider divides a physical server into multiple virtual servers, using a hypervisor so that each webmaster can run their websites independently without interference. Each webmaster enjoys total control over his server; he can choose which application to run and switch Operating Systems at will.

Here are other benefits a website developer enjoys when he uses a Free VPS Server Windows:

  1. Live Backups: You do not need to shut down all server operations to backup your server. You can back up your VPS even while it is running.
  2. Simple Firewall setup: You don't have to be a tech expert to set up the firewall of your VPS. The Windows VPS firewall is easy to setup.
  3. Scalable Server: Windows VPS offers you the option to upgrade your server at will directly from the control panel.
  4. Non-stop Technical Support: Our live chat support is always available at any moment of the day. You can contact us if you have any probing questions.
  5. High Website Performance: Windows VPS is powered by Intel E5 Processor that decrease the response time of the server. Also, the Windows VPS performs better than shared servers because you do not have to share it with anyone.
  6. Supports a Variety of Operating Systems: The Windows VPS supports operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Mageia, Windows Server 2016,2012, and 2019, Scientific Linux, Forex VPS and Clearos. So, webmasters can easily switch between these operating systems whenever he wishes.
  7. Full Root Access: Web developers enjoy full access to the data on the servers, and all the privileges that come with it.
  8. Functional and Accessible Control Panel: The control panel simplifies actions like booting, restarting the server, managing payments and earnings, such that even technology novices can peruse the panel with ease.
  9. Earning Money: When you perform any action on the server, you will receive rewards in credits. After you’ve accumulated these credits, we would accept it as payment for our services. Some of the actions that can earn you credits are:
    • Valuable Comments: When you reply to a question in our community of users with information that we consider useful, you can earn credits.
    • Short tutorials: If you share knowledge on hot topics in the community, we will give you some credits.
    • Asking Relevant Questions: You can gain some credits by asking questions that the community will learn from.
    • Referrals: Each time you inform a friend of our services and they make a purchase, you will earn some credits.
    • Placing Orders: For each 5 running VPS you purchase, you will gain extra credits.

How to Setup a Free VPS Server Windows

Placing the order for your Free VPS Server Windows is the easy part. Getting it ready for use, however, might be a little tricky, especially if it’s your first VPS. Discover how you can install your Free VPS Server Windows with these easy steps.

  1. After you’ve successfully placed the order for your Free VPS Server Windows, you will receive login details through email. Use the details in your email to log in to your control panel.
  2. Once you’ve signed in, click on the icon that says ‘ Virtual Private Server’.
  3. Next, click on the ‘create VPS’ button that will appear.
  4. Now, you can configure your VPS to your preferences.
  5. You need to type in your VPS name and set your domain URL. For your VPS name, input the panel username that you received as part of the login details in your email. The domain you input should be your website URL.
  6. Choose the Operating System you want to run your VPS with. Our Windows VPS supports a range of Operating Systems, including Ubuntu, Debian and Scientific Linux.
  7. Next, type in your VPS administrator password to restrict access to your VPS.
  8. You will receive a notification email to confirm your configuration.
  9. After you’ve confirmed your configuration, you will need to fill in the rest of the resources, like the CPU power and Memory, that come with your VPS order.
  10. Then, input the IP address for your VPS. You can pick one from our IP pool or select one of your choosing.
  11. You will receive a summary of your Windows configuration. Click ‘ Next’ to complete your setup. Your VPS will be available in a matter of minutes.
  12. When your Free VPS Server Windows is ready, the server will direct you to move to the control panel to manage your VPS.
  13. Whenever you need to access your VPS, get a remote desktop connection and input your login details.

That said, you need to learn how to connect your VPS to a Remote Desktop:

  1. Log on to our website and click on the ‘Control Panel’ button.
  2. Next, click on the ‘System’ button in the Control Panel.
  3. Now, go to the left menu and click on ‘Remote Settings’
  4. Check the box that says ‘Allow the Remote Assistance connection to this computer’.
  5. On the new dialogue box that pops up, click on the ‘Advanced’ button located at the right bottom of the box.
  6. A new window will appear. Mark the box that says ‘Allow this computer to be controlled remotely’, and click ‘OK’.
  7. You have successfully connected your VPS to your remote desktop connection.

Instant Setup KVM Windows VPS Hosting Cloud

KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. KVM is virtualization built into the Linux Operating System. A virtualization hypervisor divides a physical server into multiple virtual servers so that webmasters can enjoy full control of each partition and host their websites without sharing a server. The primary purpose of the KVM is to offer a hardware server that lets multiple operating systems run on the VPS at the same time.Even though KVM was initially designed for Linux, our Windows VPS can run on KVM because the Linux OS is supported on the VPS, alongside a host of other operating systems.

Windows VPS KVM lets you operate your remote desktop on Windows OS. With the Remote Desktop Connection, you can access your saved programs and files from multiple locations around the world. KVM comes with various benefits:

  • KVM provides better website and application performance when compared to its rival hardware technology.
  • KVM takes the shortest time in scaling your VPS. You only need to schedule a minimal downtime, to help the machine modify your CPU power, Memory and disk storage to your larger VPS.
  • It offers security features to its virtual host servers. For instance, the machine applies sVirt, a security layer which creates security boundaries and limits, to virtual machines.
  • KVM offers APIs that promote remote configuration of virtual machines.
  • It lets your VPS migrate quickly to different CPU channels without losing data.

All our VPS plans come with pre-installed KVM VPS. You can purchase our starter plan for as low as $4.99. This plan only offers you 1gb memory,25gb disk, and 1tb transfer. However, if you want to enjoy more resources, you can check out other plans like:

Standard package:

  • For $9.99, you get 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $14.99, you get 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $19.99, you get 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $29.99, you get 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
  • For $39.99, you get 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
  • For $69.99, you get 16gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.

CPU Optimized Plan

  • For $69.99, you enjoy 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
  • For $139.99, you enjoy 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $159.99, you enjoy 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $219.99, you enjoy 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $279.99, you enjoy 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.

Memory-Optimized plan:

  • For $7.49, you get 2gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk and 1tb transfer.
  • For $14.99, you get 4gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $22.49, you get 6gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $29.99, you get 8gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $44.99, you get 12gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.

Windows VPS Hosting Solutions with Most Important Functions

We offer the best Windows VPS hosting solutions at the lowest prices. A Windows VPS is a private server running on Windows Technology that lets you host your websites independently. All website owners enjoy full control and total access to the server.

Our Windows VPS Hosting Solutions offer essential functions that shared servers lack. These features are:

  1. Host your Websites: Our Windows VPS will offer host your websites even if you are on a low budget. With our Worldwide DDOS protection, you can rest assured that your website will not be affected by network failures.
  2. Boost your Website Performance: Our Windows VPS provide Intel E5 Processors that improve the speed of websites and vital applications. Also, because our servers have less workload that shared servers, they often take less time in loading websites.
  3. Provide security for your business: Our Windows VPS are built with several infrastructures that secure the information of our customers. We offer Native IPv6 infrastructure to ensure enhanced safety of server data. We use a 3-way storage system to defend the server information against virus attacks or hacking.
  4. Organize daily, live backups on your server: Our system implements live backups to ensure that no data is lost. What’s more, you don’t even have to arrange a downtime for the backup. You can backup your server as it runs.
  5. Enable 24-hour availability of your website: Our Windows VPS is always available. This is the reason why Forex traders prefer using our servers. Due to the sensitivity of their trade, any network failure during a trade session may cost them millions of dollars. However, our reliable service has earned them huge profits in their trade.
  6. Offer Live Chat Support: If you encounter any problem while setting up or deploying your VPS, you can contact us through our live chat support at any hour of the day.
  7. Provide full control of servers to users: Our users enjoy total control over the applications they run and the operating systems they use.
  8. Host your Database: Our VPS runs databases like SQL and ASP, for businesses who want to utilize them for storage, organization and retrieval of data.
  9. Host Email Servers: No need to depend on cumbersome email systems. Our servers will give you total control over your emails. The Windows VPS will send your emails directly to your customers.
  10. Facilitate Remote Working: Our VPS offer the remote desktop access feature, which lets you communicate, send and receive programs and files on teamwork application from multiple locations in the world.
  11. Host Vital Applications: For businesses which rely on specific applications to operate effectively, our VPS works to ensure that their applications are always accessible. Reliable applications will increase your business efficiency and improve the online experience of your clients, thus earning you more profits.
  12. Reduce the complexity of tasks: Our control panel is designed with the newbie in mind. Our administrative tasks are easily accessible, and actions are explained clearly. You can also set up the firewall in a few seconds.

Free VPS Server Windows

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