In every aspect of the trade, bargaining is an effective tool for a good deal. Bargain can only get better when several entities offer the same commodity. That way, you have a host of options to choose from. Also, virtually every bargain borders on two major things; Price and quality. This is the value proposition for almost every service provider. Even in the tech world, it is not any different. This explains why several web hosting options run at different prices and quality. First, one must understand the fundamental value that each web hosting service is expected to offer. This helps you to know the basic services to expect from any hosting provider. These basics determine which of such services will be required as cheap compared to other services, or expensive based on additional quality.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting is a web hosting that gives a user private, exclusive, and discretionary use and control of the server. In other words, its effect personalizes the server for the users, such that each user has a space customized solely for them. The way this hosting runs, is that a general server is compartmentalized virtually. This virtual division then creates individual spaces for users within the same server. This virtually private space is also independent of the operating system and configuration settings of the hosting provider. This gives a user the liberty to set up his virtual server using the configuration settings and operating system that best suits his website. With this virtualization technology, several operating systems and configuration settings can run on one physical server.

This peculiar design of the Windows VPS hosting makes it an option that suits a wide range of users. Its features seem to strike an equilibrium that brings every other firm of hosting to play. The VPS is so versatile that only two sets of users may not fit on this hosting service; extremely big websites, and extremely small websites. Because Web hosting has to do with storage, it is easy to conclude that the size of a website depends on the size of storage it requires. While this is true, the traffic that a website attracts also goes a long way in determining what size it will be classified under.

Beyond independence, privacy, or exclusivity, Windows VPS hosting is also versatile in pricing and Services. It is important to know the basic features of a Windows VPS. This will help to identify what seems to be a good deal, whether cheap or not. Here are a few things you should look into before picking a cheap Windows VPS hosting.

Things to look out for before picking a cheap Windows VPS hosting


This is an important aspect to look out for while checking for Cheap VPS hosting. It is one factor that determines the consistency and sustenance of your growth. It can make or mar the traffic that your site attracts if not managed carefully. As usual, the date of the uptime is in the hands of the web host providers, which leaves you as a user at their mercy. This leaves you with only one option, which is to opt for the best uptime deal you can find. It might seem like an easy uptime deal is not so difficult to find because most Windows VPS hosting offer a high percentage of uptime, sometimes up to 99%!

Uptime is a term used to refer to the amount of time that a server spends in activity. The antonym for this is downtime, which shows how much time your website will be unavailable. Since the server holds your webpages, this means that the amount of time the server spends running is the same amount of time your website spends on the World Wide Web. For example, if a web host gives a 90% uptime per annum for his servers that means that his servers will be unavailable 10% of the time in a year. 10% of 365 days is 36.5 days. This means that your website would be down for 36.5 days in a year.

Here's a scenario that needs a sincere answer.You tried to access a DIY page, and it kept loading for five minutes, after which your search engine reports the server to be down. As a patient fellow that you definitely are, you tried again and the search engine reported the server down again. Would you just keep trying or move to another website that has the same DIY tips? Say no more, Web Hosting Australia has the answer. Its research shows that at least 50% of online visitors would give up on a website that does not load within three seconds.

Now, what if that website was yours, and people gave up on it within five minutes? If according to Web Australia you lost half a customer every three seconds of unavailability, then you'd be losing about half a million online visitors in 1 year! What's worse is that 80% of those who left your site will never come back, while 88% of all who experienced your bad speed will tell their friends about your site. Google seems to share the same opinion. Before Google lets a website show on search results, it considers the load speed too.

Yes, that's how hazardous downtime can be to your business, which is why you have to take it seriously. You also have to consider the fact that scheduled server outages are not covered in the uptime guarantees. What this means is that after your web host offers to host your website with 10% downtime, he can still reach out to notify you that the server would be down for 4 days due to maintenance, repairs, or upgrade.

You must also remember that visitors make traffic, and the traffic makes the money. Thus, for every online visitor you lose, you lose money too. Yes, your uptime is that important while looking out for a cheap Windows VPS hosting option.


On days when your site is not down then it is up, right? But the question is this. Is it "running"? Using Web Hosting Australia's statistics, you'll not only lose customers when your server is down but also when it's slow. If your server is not able to produce your page in 3 seconds, then you just might have lost half of all who tried to access your website. It is understandable when your site is down, but bad speed puts you in just about the same danger as downtime. This is why you have to take your deal in speed seriously too. Always remember, bad speed equals downtime. There are a host of things that determine how good your speed will be. Here are a few factors.

  • Size of your files:before going for cheap VPS hosting, you must consider how large your files are, or the formats they take. These things affect the load time of your website. This is because the larger your files are, the more time they'll take to load. Also, the larger your files, the more RAM space you will require. Therefore you have to consider the size of your files before going for a small RAM that seems cheap. You can however optimize this by using formats that are not so large for your pictures, videos, and codes.
  • Traffic and Bandwidth: when looking out for cheap Windows VPS hosting, you must also consider the traffic that your site attracts before going for a cheap bandwidth. While traffic describes how much activity is carried out on your website by visitors, Bandwidth has to do with how much data is transferred over a period of time. The link between these two is that the more visitors there are on your site, the more information you'll have to transfer from your server to make your webpages available to customers. If your bandwidth is not as wide as your traffic, then your load time becomes slow, since your bandwidth cannot transfer as much data as your visitors request.
  • CPU: a server's hardware also goes a long way in determining what your speed is like. A part of this hardware is the Central Processing Unit. As elementary school teaches it, the CPU is the brain of your server. It executes requests and interprets data. You will not necessarily need an intensive CPU if your page doesn't need to carry out so many instructions at once.For example, if your site has a limited number of activities that hardly ever change, such as the basic webpage of a company, then all pages are limited to few instructions like the contact page, about us, and the likes. However, if it is an E-library, then there are a thousand and one books, with different requests like downloading, borrowing, saving online, or uploading for each book by several visitors. This will require a CPU that can carry out multiple instructions within one second.
  • RAM: Random Access Memory is such that works directly with the CPU. It holds the files directly so the CPU does not have to go all the way to the hard disk to process files. The more files the RAM can take, the more files the CPU can access and process at a time. You, therefore, have to consider how much files your site traffic requires and
  • Storage and Input/Output speed:while a server bandwidth determines how much data is transferred, the input/output performance determines how fast such data is transferred from your file storage to its destination. While seeking cheap Windows VPS options, it is advisable to go for a server that uses Solid State Disk (SSD) over a hardware Disk (HHD).


Another thing that affects your speed is how close the server is to your online visitors. The closer your server is to them, the less time their request takes to travel from their search engines to your database and back.

Pros and Cons of Low-cost Windows VPS hosting.

As earlier stated, the value proposition of every web hosting option is price and quality. It is therefore considered that cheap Windows VPS hosting might not be of as much quality as a fully priced Windows VPS Hosting. Typically, the selling point of a cheap Windows VPS is that it gives you VPS quality for a shared hosting price. This makes VPS affordable and available to a wider range of people. However, cheap Windows VPS hosting might not come with the best quality possible.While the uptime, CPU, and I/O may be general for every user of a server, their pricing plan determines how much RAM and bandwidth, and storage they get. Also, cheap Windows VPS hosting might not offer managed VPS. This is not a problem for users who have the technical expertise to manage and maintain their software settings and security. However, users who don't know the next thing about managing VPS might not get the best of their configuration settings and operating systems. They can hardly protect their servers from viruses, malware, or DDOS attacks if such happens.

In all, you should look out for the best deals you can find for Cheap VPS Hosting. Products like VPSserver offer NVMe SSD storage, which is far better than SSD in terms of I/O speed and performance. The product offers up to a 99.99% uptime guarantee and guaranteed refund in case of faults. The product also offers a managed VPS with technical support round the clock, including maintenance, management, optimization, and protection from DDOS, viruses, and malware. It also comes with an Integrated Root Access that helps you retain control over your VPS.The mind-blowing part is that you can get all of this for as low as $4.99 per month. You can also expand your plan as time goes on, or as your need increases.

Finally, Cheap Windows VPS differs according to the need of each user. You must therefore look out for the qualities that suit your needs before looking out for their prices. If a service does not meet your needs, then you will waste your money paying for it, whether cheap or not. In the end, quality should always be the determining factor for every good deal.

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