An Overview of VPS Hosting:

Do you find the term "VPS Hosting" familiar? Or does it just comes off as another Tech term, a Jargon that seems too techy to fathom?

If you are one of the majority of people, who avoid tech terms on the ground of being too technical and difficult to understand, you should get in here.

Although you came to check out options of cheap VPS hosting below $5, you must know what VPS hosting is, briefly learn about other hosting options, features that stand the VPS hosting out from the other available options, and websites that should be hosted on the VPS server. Yes, not all websites should go on a VPS server.

All of this information will help you make the best decisions. You must have heard that there is when it comes to hosting plans there is hardly a one-size-fits-all option, not all hosting plans work for all websites.

Learn all of these so you don't spend on cheap VPS hosting that is not right for your website.

This term alongside other hosting options mentioned in this piece will be explicitly explained in simple terms and with the use of analogies.

So away from all the protocol, the big question now is what is VPS hosting?

VPS is known as a Virtual private server. Just like the name insinuates it is a private server, but a simulated one; a virtual private server. The VPS operates in such a way where several websites are hosted on one singular physical server and each still runs independently of other hosted websites.

Below you'll need to engage your imaginative prowess in understanding this term in light of other hosting options.

Have you heard of the new and popular housing arrangement- Coliving apartments?

Since we'll be using this housing arrangement as an analogy in explaining the VPS hosting, let's briefly get into the intricacies of the arrangement so we are on the same page.

The co-living housing option adopts an operational structure that allows for more than one person to legally rent one apartment. If two people rent this shared apartment, they both own separate bedrooms but share public areas of the house like the living room, kitchen, bath, laundry, and other shared parts of the home. With the arrangement, both occupants share the cost of rent, utility bills, house chores, purchase and repair of home fittings and equipment, and other common expenses.

There are other arrangements like the Co-housing arrangement where people agree to buy apartments within a shared location and share the cost of security, cleaning, water, and other housing facilities. Decisions about these facilities are taken in unison. Some arrangements even go as far as painting every house in the same pattern and color. These arrangements build communities.

So enough of explaining co-living and Co-housing arrangements, let's get into VPS hosting and other hosting plans. Using power facility as the differing factor.

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VPS hosting can be likened to the Co-housing arrangements. In this arrangement, even though all the houses are built on the same land and gave uniformed paintings, a shared security facility, a common water source, and a refuse disposal plan, each house maintains an individual power costing. What this means is that individual houses pay for the amount of power that they consume. It is unlike refuse disposal or security where the cost is shared equally across houses. Depending on the volume of power-consuming gadgets that you have and how much of these gadgets you use. Asides from power, owners of these apartments have the liberty to style their homes with colors and themes that they wish. They can host parties in their home and do everything they want to do within the home without disturbing other houses.

It is just the way VPS hosting works. You have a shared physical server for several hosted websites. But while it is shared, users are at liberty to customize their personal server space to their taste. There is a high-level of privacy even though it is shared.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is similar to the co-living arrangement where two or more people share one apartment. Here you'll agree that there is limited privacy. Like earlier explained, with the co-living arrangement, all occupants of the house share the cost of using power. Even if all you use is a standing fan and your housemate uses a bedside fridge, an air conditioner, a personal television set, a hair straightener, and other electronics, you both still get to share electricity costs equally. Asides from that, in the event that you want to have a friend over for a few days, you need your housemate's to be aware and probably get her permission, and if you need to host a party, there is absolutely no way your housemate won't get disturbed. She can't do anything mentally productive during the period of the event, she'll have several strangers in her space, the loud music infiltrating her door.

You wish that was all. But sadly, you can't solely decide on the interior decor or theme for Halloween or Christmas. Your opinions are subject to her belief and opinions.

Yea, it's the same for shared hosting. On a shared hosting platform, all websites are confirmed to the OS and used in building the server. The is no privacy. The traffic traction of one website on the platform can affect the speed of other websites hosted on the server. There is no room for customization and personalization of websites and amongst many others, security is not guaranteed.

Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated server hosting is likened to the popular housing arrangement where individuals home their homes and do not have to directly share costs with other homeowners. They have full autonomy over their building. They can decide to get security officials or not, clear their lawn or not, paint their house or not, host a party or not, consume all the electricity they want to. It is full autonomy! Nothing is shared!

Website owners make decisions about the website from the point where the website is being built, the point of deployment, and to constant management of the website.

The downside to the Dedicated server hosting is the cost factor. As expected right? It is more expensive than other server hosting platform

Now, it's easier to tell the difference apart. It's safe to say that the Cheap Windows VPS $5 is a hybrid of both the Dedicated and Shared hosting platforms. Cost being the downside of the Dedicated hosting is subsidized in the VPS hosting where several people share the cost of the server, meanwhile, security, privacy, storage space, and speed which are downsides to the Shared hosting are all catered for on the VPS hosting.

Making The Most Out of Cheap VPS Hosting.

While it is a popular saying that 'good isn't cheap and cheap isn't good', there are few cases of exception to this rule. Yes! cheap can be good, and this piece seeks to illustrate this with some cheap VPS hosting that costs below $5.

  • Cheapseovps
  • Cheapseovps is another brand that offers very affordable VPS plans. It has a set of out five different plans with offerings that are valued above the cost. The least of the plans offered at Cheapseovps is the Starter Plan. It is priced at $5 per month. The hosting plan works well for websites with light applications.

    It comes with one CPU at 2.2GHz+ and a 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD hard drive, and 100 Mbit speed. You'll enjoy instant delivery with the Starter Plan. The only downside to this plan is its restriction in location. It is only available in France.

  • Contabo
  • Contabo is a popular tech brand that is known for the affordability of its prices. The brand has several hosting products on the market. It also offers Dedicated hosting. Amongst its several VPS hosting plans, the basic plan is priced at £4.9 per month.

    The virtual private server hosting offers 100% SSD disk space. With its deployment of the latest Intel® Xeon® and AMD Epyc™ processors with 10 x 2.2 GHz and superfast Intel® Optane™ SSDs, high-performance quality is guaranteed.

    Contabo is a good competition for dedicated servers. Its data centers are sited in Munich and Nuremberg. The VPS plan offers up to 200 GB SSD disk space and 8 GB RAM, 200 Mbits port, unlimited traffic, 4 cores (INTEL® OR AMD), and 1 snapshot.

  • VPSserver
  • VPSserver is a popular brand. It is known for its high quality and thorough services. It offers services in three package categories. There's the standard package, the CPU optimized package, and the Memory optimized package. Each of these packages has several plans that vary in price and features.

The Standard package contains plans that are perfect for the average VPS. The upside to these plans is power and balance.

One of the plans within the Standard Package is priced at $ 4.99. It offers 1 GB of memory and 1 CORE. With the plan, websites on VPS can be deployed and Managed within 55 seconds on the VPSserver cloud infrastructure platform.

Data centers are located in over 15 server hosting locations worldwide. Hosting locations include the UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Netherlands, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seattle.

It offers a 3-WAY NVME SSD storage in such a way that files are saved simultaneously on the cloud VPS hosting platform for websites of any size. With this technology, the VPS server performs better than a Dedicated Server.

The plan also comes with NVME SSD which is 5 times faster than the regular SSD storage.

The platform offers over 50 OS templates, a responsive control panel, several support resources, and API.

Get 25 GB disk and 1 TB transfer, simple setup, and 24/7/365 live chat support service all for $4.99

Simple Reasons Why People Choose VPS Hosting

By now you should know that asides from the VPS hosting, there are some other hosting options. So this segment of the article will expatiate on the several reasons people choose VPS hosting over others.

1. Needs of the Website

The first here is the features of the website and what it needs to function. For instance, an E-commerce website cannot be hosted on a shared hosting platform even though the shared hosting platform is the best for start-ups considering the cost of hosting. The features of the website require high-level customization, storage space, security, and a host of other services that a shared hosting platform cannot offer.

2. Ease of use

Building and deployment of the website take a little over 5 minutes although it varies across different VPS hosting platforms. For the VPSserver; a popular VPS hosting service, in less than a minute, the website is ready for deployment. This is one of the reasons people choose VPS hosting.

3. Customizability

There is no end to the customizability feature of websites hosted on the platform.

4. Speed

Since the activities of a website do not affect those of other websites on the server, the traffic of other websites doesn't interfere with the speed of others. VPS servers like the VPSserver brand that offer NVMD SSD go at a speed that beats those of dedicated websites.

5. Security

Websites that need high-level security for sensitive information about customer credit cards or even personal details will choose the VPS server hosting.

6. Cost

VPS hosting gives you almost everything you can get on the Dedicated server hosting without having to pay as much.


It's a fast-paced world; a highly competitive one at that. The growth of businesses now is not dependent on pricing or quality of products but accessibility, uptime, and availability. Boss up and stay on top of trends, with this list of quality Windows VPS under $5.

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