It's the jet age where there's always a new phenomenon right before the other gets old. Just when the world was trying to grasp the idea of Microsoft Office, the internet dropped web browsers right on its heels. Today, the world of technology has become so wide that there's only so much you can know at a time. This probably explains why terms like web hosting, shared hosting, Windows VPS hosting and the likes sound like gibberish to you.

Web hosting is a form of internet hosting that makes websites available and accessible through the world wide web. Now imagine that the world wide web was a supermarket where everyone came to access different websites. While the websites are the goods, web hosting will be the shelves within the supermarket where each of these websites are displayed or stored. If your website,which can be likened to a commodity has no web hosting service, (which is like a shelf within the supermarket), then people will not be able to access your website through the world wide web "supermarket."

As simple as that looks, there's more. There are several web hosting options, which suits different websites in different ways. For example, a shelf that contains cosmetics may not necessarily be able to take baby diapers and accessories. In the same way, Windows VPS hosting, Shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting are like shelves that are designed to fit different kinds of websites. Here's a thing or two on each web hosting option.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a suitable option for websites that have low traffic. It is mostly recommended for small websites and blogs. It's an arrangement where several users share the same physical server. There are no restrictions or privacy provisions for any user in particular. The users do not also have the liberty to set their configuration and operating system to their preferences. This is because the hosting provider sets server configuration and operating system in the same way for every user on the server.

Using the supermarket analogy, imagine that products which are not necessarily in high demand are kept on the same shelf without necessary demarcations or divisions, and everyone who needed each of these materials had to put their hands in the same shelf to get them. This wouldn't be such a problem if only a few people came for each item daily. The issue then occurs when a hundred people are trying to reach in for one particular product all at once. Everyone would then have to wait or probably queue for every other person to dip their hands in one at a time.

Thus, if one site on a shared hosting server gets unusual traffic, other sites are affected such that it takes more time for their pages to load. It is, however, the most cost-effective option for small sites and blogs.

Cloud Hosting

This is an alternative to shared hosting. It operates in such a way that your website can be accessed through different servers in the cloud. It is like putting your products on different shelves such that if one shelf is crowded, customers are automatically redirected to another shelf which also holds your product, yet is not so crowded. If you opt for shared hosting on the cloud arrangement, your hosting still maintains the same configuration and operating system with other users. You can as well opt for the Windows Virtual Private Server hosting using the cloud hosting arrangement. For example, VPSserver offers users 3-way simultaneous storage on the cloud VPS hosting platform for websites of any size. This takes out more risk factors compared to the RAID system, which only stores on one shared hosting server.

Considering the intricacies of this hosting option, one would think that it would require some effort or time to set it up. However,you could get it all set up in no time. Products like the VPSserver creates your VPS on cloud server hosting in less than a minute; be it managed or scalable VPS.

WordPress Hosting

As the name implies, this hosting option is specially designed for WordPress sites. Its features are tailored to offer solutions to WordPress sites such that users who don't operate a WordPress site can hardly get some work done around it.

On the other hand, WordPress sites can use Windows VPS hosting, except that they will not be able to access ready-made features for WordPress as provided on WordPress hosting. However, a WordPress web owner can choose configuration settings that cover the needs of a WordPress website.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting option is perhaps the largest of them all. It is an option particularly designed for websites that have high traffic. It involves renting an entire physical server to work for your website alone. A dedicated hosting server helps your website load with lightning speed. Unlike other options where you have to share the server with other users, dedicated hosting puts you in total control of your server. You determine what configuration works best, or which operating system suits your website.

It is, however, important to know that everything about this option is massive, including its costs. As awesome as the features are, there are only so many companies who can afford to pay the rental fees for a whole physical server.

Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

The Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is an option that has a touch of all other Web hosting services. Windows VPS hosting is a server arrangement that gives you dedicated and private resources on a physical server that serves multiple users. Just like the shared hosting, multiple users share one physical server, which makes it cost-effective for budding businesses. It, however, uses the virtualization technology to dribble the challenges that face users of shared hosting.

It can be compared to sharing a shelf with other sellers within a supermarket. However, your space within the shelf is demarcated and peculiar to you and your goods, giving you some privacy and independence while setting it up.

With a VPS option, your hosting provider places a virtual layer on the operating system of the server, such that the virtual layer shuts out the operating system and configuration settings provided for the physical server. The virtual layer creates a blank space within the server, giving you the opportunity to apply your preferred configuration settings and operating system. This virtual layer also immunes you from possible issues that can emanate from the activities of other users on the physical server. With the Windows Virtual Private Server hosting, you get your space to yourself, and you determine how exactly it works. Suffice to say that VPS puts the dedicated server effect on a shared hosting option.

Here's another side to the story. Now that you have a virtual practice on the hosting server, you can configure your virtual server to cater for WordPress sites. What this means is that VPS is a capable alternative for shared hosting, dedicated server hosting and WordPress hosting all at once. To crown it all, you can opt for a Virtual Private Server hosting on a series of physical servers. That gives the cloud hosting option. Needless to say, the Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is a one-fix-all.

Apart from having a touch of every other Web hosting options,VPS has several benefits for budding websites given its quality and flexibility.


Seeing that a VPS is user-customized, it comes with high speed compared to shared hosting and has a better performance and Security, since it is exclusive. Some host providers even take it a step further with native NVMe SSD. This offers a premium version of speed compared to the normal SSD hosting. Products like VPSserver even employ the 3-way storage replication, which stores the resources of each website on three different servers.They also use the Intel E5 processor which optimizes the speed for every website on the server.


VPS also supports a variety of operating systems. This gives you the liberty to choose various operating systems as they suit your websites. You can also change your operating system after deploying your GPS. There are also various templates within each operating system. In case you don't have to change your operating system, VPS enables you to change templates within the same operating system. For example, VPSserver has several operating systems among which are Windows, Centos, Clearos, CloudLinux, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Mageia, Openfiler, Scientific Linux, Open Suse, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Servers 2019, and Open Suse.

Each operating systems have several templates embedded within, which can be deployed in no time. These templates have been configured beforehand by the host providers, which makes them easier to deploy.

  • VPS also enables you to change your firewall settings within seconds. You can manage them yourself since they are particularly easy to manage on a VPS.
  • Maybe the VPS is a server you can really call your own, but there's only so much freedom you can exercise with a written contract. Products like VPSserver protect your independence by offering hosting services without a written contract. This gives you the liberty to switch up the initial terms of the agreement. You can choose to scale your VPS bandwidth or switch to a managed VPS. You can even decide to destroy your VPS by sending a request to the host providers who carry out your orders almost immediately. Payment plans are also designed to prioritize the convenience of users. You are allowed to pick a particular web hosting plan, and then scale it to a larger plan when you can conveniently afford it.
  • VPSserver has one of the most effective control panels available. The VPS control panel is not only easy to use but also has the necessary features that a user can need. From changing operating systems to switching templates and scaling bandwidths, the panel has it all covered. It even has provisions to reboot, shut down or even settle bills through the interface.
  • The whole idea ofVPS gives you basic privacy and independence. However, VPSserver offers expert round-the-clock support for your VPS through the managed VPS option. With this option, your VPS runs by the discretion of the web host providers. This way, you can leverage on the expertise of the team to maintain your VPS.

For example, VPSserver offers live maintenance that runs round the clock. This means that the team members are always at your beck and call if you need their help on anything related to your VPS. The team members also take the initiative to scan your VPS for threats to the VPS. In case of viruses, malwareDDOS attacks or other malicious attacks that threaten the system, the host provider detects them and wards them off after investigating their sources and causes. Managed VPS also enables your host provider to finetune and reset the configuration of the server as it suits the websites.

Particularly Window Virtual Private Server is by far the best option for E-commerce websites. As websites that meet a popular need, E-commerce websites are expected to have some level of traffic. Operating such websites in a shared hosting service will not only affect the loading speed of such websites but also affect other users on that server too. VPS, however, handles that traffic excellently without necessarily affecting the quality of of the website or others on the server.Dedicated server hosting does come to kind as an alternative for E-commerce. However, Dedicated hosting is perhaps too large a package, considering the cost implications on an E-commerce website. The Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is an option that serves the same purpose as the dedicated hosting, only for smaller websites. It is, therefore, suitable in terms of costs and quality.

The Windows VPS hosting is a kind of Web hosting that gives the quality value at a very flexible and pocket-friendly rate. It is one hosting service that offers excellence at its peak.Nothing portrays this better than how products like VPSserver run several flexible and convenient payment packages for E-commerce websites. Just in case you're the kind who likes to have a feel of what you're about to pay for, this product also comes with a 7-day free trial.

As an E-commerce website owner, make sure to explore your web hosting options and look through various VPS hosting packages to determine which one is suitable for your website and your business. In all, you can never how wrong with a Window Virtual Private Server hosting.

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