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At some point in history, the major discussions about server and website data were centered around Dedicated servers and shared hosting.

Dedicated servers are servers that are rented out to a single hosted server. In the case of the Dedicated server, an entire physical server is rented out to one website. It offers high-level customization and personalization of the website.

Here, users determine what configuration works best, or which operating system suits the website. The only downside to the Dedicated server is the issue of cost. It is an expensive hosting solution.

Then the Shared hosting came by as an option. It offered a compromise on the cost of running a dedicated server. The arrangement gave room for multiple users to share the cost and space on a single server. Although shared hosting solved the issue of cost, it came with the issue of security, traffic, downtime and customization. Users were denied the ability to customize their websites, websites with high traffic suffered downtime issues, likewise other users of the shared server.

These and some other issues are the downsides to shared hosting. Now the relief came with the introduction of VPS- Virtual Private Server.

The VPS is popularly known as Virtual Private Servers. It is a relatively new and fast-growing type of hosting option. It is a hybrid version of both the Dedicated server and the shared hosting. VPS hosting works in such a way that although multiple websites are hosted on the same server, each website still enjoys the autonomy that comes with Dedicated servers.

In other words, it is a server platform where one single physical server is shared among several websites. Despite the sharing clause, each website retains the autonomy to customize, run, and manage a private environment that is independent of the activities of other websites.

With the VPS came a change in the narrative for website owners who couldn't afford to own Dedicated servers. The issue of cost was out of the way, and they had options to choose from- A shared hosting platform or Virtual Private Server.

It is important to bear in mind that while it might seem like the VPS is a better option, and an upgrade from the shared hosting, not all website need the features that the VPS offers.

So the discussion shouldn't be about comparisons between these methods of hosting websites, but the specifics of the business and website and the features it requires to function. For instance, a blog site does not necessarily need the features that the VPS offers. One can host a good blog site on a shared hosting platform. But websites for e-commerce businesses are a more complex variant of websites and as such, require high degree customization and traction management.

Usually, like the shared hosting service, VPS hosting runs with the Operating System of the host. Still, the difference is that with VPS,individual servers can run an OS that is different from the host OS and even change existing OSes. This is enabled through the customizability and flexibility of the VPS hosting service.

On VPS platforms there are offers of several templates for Windows, Linux, Fedora, Gentoo, and other OSes. Here, it is important to mention that although this piece is set to uncover information about VPS Hosting, it'll be specific in discussing VPS Hosting for the Windows operating system.

So now, let's unravel tips on how to go about finding the best Windows VPS server and then discuss the benefits of e Windows VPS hosting on E-commerce websites.

Simple Ways to Find the Best Windows VPS

Although there are tons of Windows VPS on the market, only very few of these available Windows VPS are cost-effective and excellent. The relevance of a hosting platform is dependent on the needs of your website- hosting platforms are not universal. So, for instance, websites with lots of videos need more disk space and RAM to ensure quality user experience. And for websites that require customers' credit card and personal information, security is critical.

But regardless of the subjectivity, there are some basic and universal features that point out the best VPS hosting platforms from others. Avoid wrong purchasing decisions that frustrate scaling e-commerce websites. Here are a few how-tos in finding the best windows VPS. Look out for the following features in a windows VPS to determine the quality of service offered.


Although the VPS is a hybrid of the delegated server and shared hosting, a good VPS tends to act more like the Delegated server in terms of control. If a VPS hosting does not provide businesses with high-level autonomy, then it is not recommendable. You should be in charge of your web data and assets, and there should be no end to the personalization stunts that you can pull off on these websites. With the different available templates, website servers have more control over the settings on the Windows installation.


If a VPS hosting service offers between 92% and 100% uptime, then you can opt for it. Especially for really complex websites. Every e-commerce business website needs speed. Before picking a VPS product, check out the speed experience in comparison to other servers. Running an e-commerce website with increasing downtime increases visitors' difficulty in accessing your website.

Wide range of plans:

As your website grows, especially as an e-commerce business, you'll need to run upgrades on your VPS. It doesn't matter how small your business is now, ensure that the VPS hosting you'll choose has room to accommodate the growth of your website.


Regardless of the fact that VPS services offer a wide range of plans and features, a good VPS service provides some specialization for each service. What this means is that because of the resources needed to provide a variety of plans, only a few service providers offer thorough and deepened services for each plan. So in determining best VPS services, it is not enough to offer varieties, the quality of each of these varieties matter.

Finding VPS services with best practices is not so difficult. You could consider the VPSserver.

VPSserver- Best VPS hosting

The VPSserver is one of the best-known VPS hosting platforms. The platform offerings are topnotch. The Windows VPSserver offers 99.9% uptime, high-performance RAM hosting and complete disk space plans.

The service comes with the options of a 1-day and 7-day trial with about $250 bonuses. Meanwhile, in the event that you've got a paid version of the VPSserver and are not satisfied with the server offerings, the money-back principle guarantees you a complete refund.

The Windows VPS hosting product offers a wide range of plans. It has over 50 templates (OS), and a large number of resources to support them. It allows the hosting of all kinds of websites no matter the content to be hosted. VPSServer doesn't discriminate against contents, although this is a function of the laws of the country where the website is hosted. Once these laws are not violated contents can fly.

Asides the numerous plans that it offers, it has a wide range of data center location. Data centres for websites hosted on the VPSserver platform are available in over 15 server hosting locations in countries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia.

The setting of websites on the platform takes only a few minutes. VPSserver gives website owners the autonomous control and access to web data. It is unlike shared hosting. Here you are the only one privy to your data and online assets.

Did I even mention that it offers the world's best and fastest 3-way cloud storage service with SSD (NVMe) storage facility? I guess not. Its band of over 50,000 delighted users says it all. With the SSD cloud storage, your web data and assets are stored in three different locations, so the chances of losing a file are slim, and security is guaranteed. It is available for websites of any size.

Get high-level customization, stability, reliability, elite functionality, and security—all of these for a cost ranging from only $4.99 per month.

Unlike most other servers, you are at liberty to pay for whatever time you use. The server does not operate with a minimum contract period. The product runs a flexible payment scheme where businesses pay for the VPS account on the first day of each month. It has a robust payment option which includes credit cards, PayPal and BitCoin.

The Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting for E-Commerce Websites

As an E-commerce website, whether small, growing, or large, you cannot afford to stay on a shared hosting plan. It is tantamount to forcing a 20-year old lady into a size 6 gown. It is one of two things, either it inhibits her growth, or it gets shredded from the force. Now, it is the same as using a shared hosting plan for E-commerce websites.

Here are the benefits that you stand to gain when you use the Windows VPS hosting for E-commerce websites:

  • Security

Windows VPS hosting offers your website top-notch security solutions. The hosting option features advanced security and improved monitoring capabilities.

These features will increase your chances of passing a PCI compliance test. And asides that, no customer will be willing to trust your website with their credit card numbers or other sensitive financial information.

  • Website Traffic

The higher the visitors you have, the higher the possibility of having downtimes on your website. This is where the virtualization feature of the Windows VPS hosting comes in. It optimizes the speed of the individual website and ensures that the traffic on one website does not affect the running of other websites on the hosting platform.

  • The ratio of Dedicated to Shared features.

Ideally, the nature and operation of an E-Commerce website require a Dedicated environment. An E-commerce website needs custom server configuration, custom software, and sometimes, advanced programming, and all of these are available on Dedicated servers.

But in the case where you can't afford a Dedicated server, VPS hosting becomes your next best bet. Like earlier mentioned, it is a compromise on the cost challenge from using a Dedicated server and the lack of customizability and personalization on Shared hosting. It tends more towards Dedicated and private and hence is perfect for E-commerce websites.

  • Server reliability and availability

You need your E-commerce website running round the clock; your business will require some bookkeeping, billing, tax, and other integrative programs. All of these applications are compatible with Windows VPS hosting plans.

  • Bandwidth and RAM

Running an E-commerce website is not as simple as blogging websites. You need more bandwidth and RAM that a Windows VPS hosting plan can offer.


It is good news that your e-commerce website is cooking. But beyond the quality of your products, the price, your availability and marketing,a lot of other factors go into determining the growth rate of your business. Such factors as the hosting platform for your website are points to note. Learn the features of your website to know the hosting platform needed to aid the functioning of your website. Generally, the Windows VPS hosting is one of the best options for hosting E-commerce websites. It gives room for optimum scalability, security, speed, bandwidth and RAM, all at affordable rates.

Although the market is highly competitive with several hosting platforms on the market, only few can guarantee you quality website hosting. Avoid sinking into the ocean of the numerously available Windows VPS and making wrong hosting decisions. Check VPSserver for fast setup of Windows VPS hosting plan with a large bank of support resources and API. You need not search further with their 24/7/365 live chat support service, improved bandwidth, RAM, and an increased security solution, all at very affordable rates.

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