If you are tired of the limitations of shared web hosting or you simply want to upgrade, the Virtual Private Server is a good option to upgrade to. This is because; it ranks higher in efficiency than the shared hosting. The number of websites to be shared with a single server is way lower.

Also, since your website is not sharing resources with other websites, the loading time will be faster and the uptimes will be higher.Using a VPS ensures you have more freedom and flexibility to carry out business on your website without the lapses that are part and parcel of shared servers.

A VPS is more secure and flexible and provides more hosting features to growing businesses at a price within their budget.


One of the best things about VPS hosting is that it possesses almost all the features needed to facilitate growth. Some of these features are:

  1. IMPROVED/BETTER PERFORMANCE: The separation of one VPS site from another ensures that challenges experienced by one site do not necessarily affect another.
  2. CONTROL AND CUSTOMIZATION: VPS offers a wide spectrum of hosting features. VPS hosting gives users unrestricted root access and administrator permissions. This has the added advantage of site owners being able to configure their sites from the scratch and to install any software relevant to the company’s operations.
  3. BETTER SECURITY: VPS hosting providers take up the responsibility of installing and maintaining the essential security features ofthe server but, a virtual partition exists to keep the sites separate so that, the risk malware infections is greatly reduced.
  4. SCALABILITY: VPS offers greater scalability than shared servers. This encourages growth. It gives users access to more bandwidth and memory space.
  5. LOW COST: VPS Hosting offers hosting plans that are within the budget of most users. In addition, most of these plans offer many of the benefits of the higher priced dedicated hosting services at a cheaper rate.


Windows Virtual Server is a scalable server virtualization program that enables multiple operating systems to run on one physical server. This virtual server is managed through a web-based interface that relies on IIS (internet information services) or through a windows client application tool called VMRCplus.

A Windows Virtual Server is a server that runs on the Windows Operating system. Virtual servers help resolve technological problems associated with the use of physical servers. Also, it conserves a lot of time, energy and money.

Some amazing features Windows VPS has to offer you include:

  • FAST AND SIMPLE SETUP: With Windows VPS, setting up is so easy and fast. The setup automation allows an almost instant activation as soon as payment confirmation is received.
  • ADMINISTRATOR ACCESS: We provide you with full administrator access with the capacity to install your own software. You will have all the necessary administrator support to be able to adequately manage the server’s configuration. You have access to freely customize the virtual environment in order to create and enjoyable work-space for yourself.
  • ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT: We provide you with all the support that you need. We make setup and running of your Window Virtual server easier than you ever imagined.
  • SECURE STORAGE: The Windows Virtual Server clears all your fears as regards security of data. This is because multiple hard-drives are built to mirror each other so that if one array stops working, the others continue with the tasks.

We offer you the best VPS hosting plans. Our plans are tailored to adequately meet the needs of your business. You can start with the cheapest of the plans and move on to more advanced plans as your business grows. Our services run across 15 different locations, the United States inclusive.


Proxy Servers are middle men between your device and the internet. Proxy servers mostly transmit information through firewalls, as a means to prevent unauthorized access from the internet network. This makes proxy servers an ideal option for businesses and individuals who desire additional protection.

Why do you need a Proxy Server?

More benefits you stand to gain by setting up a proxy Server include:

  • A proxy server protects your identity while you’re using the internet
  • It enables you access website that are unavailable or have been blocked in your country.
  • It provides you with a better cache system and ensures faster website loading for cached sites.
  • Finally, it keeps a log of all internet activity carried out and this generally simplifies the job of IT Technicians.

How does a Proxy Server work?

A proxy Server works swiftly to recover requested files from its cache. This singular reason gives it a lot of preference with users. Moreover, if a file isn’t in the proxy server’s cache, A proxy server sorts this challenge in record time by requesting a brand new web page through one of its IP addresses.

Once the new web page is received, the proxy server sends it to the end user.

How do you choose a Server?

Your major consideration should be to find the right one that suits your needs. There are both free and premium options available for you to choose from. Many of these free and premium Servers come with integrated VPN.

These services are both easily accessible and easy to use. Also, you are allowed to choose the geographical location for your IP address.

If you desire extra security, you may choose a proxy service that offers VPN encryption. Another important thing to consider while making your choice is; finding a proxy that works with your browser of choice.

Some of the essential elements you will need to set up a (HTTPS) Proxy Server are:

  1. A suitable web host with an Apache server with at least PHP 5 installed, along with a cURL support, write access to public-html and the ability to setup a proxy.
  2. You will also need to encrypt all the data that passes through your proxy.
  3. Finally, you will need a suitable proxy script.

When all these are ready, you can then proceed to the next stage- hosting!

Steps to host an https Proxy Server

This is the Actual Setup/Hosting.This final step should be simple when the needful has been put in place. It should also be a walk-over for most web professionals.

Step 1: Set up a subdomain with SSL. Also, check to ensure that the SSL Certificate is up and running for that particular URL.

Step 2: Download your Proxy Script. At this stage, you download your preferred proxy script and unpack the compressed archive file, if necessary.

Step 3: Upload files to subdomain’s folder. You can do this through file transfer protocol.

Step 4: Make appropriate adjustments to the Subdomain admin settings based on your requirements and chosen proxy Script.

Step 5: Security Checks- ensure that you can see the indicators of a secure website which is; the green padlock and the https:// designation in the browser bar.

If you follow the above process flow to the letter, your proxy server should be running in as short a time as 15 minutes.


One of the most important decisions you will need to take as regards your website is, the choice of a hosting plan. When making this decision, you will need to take into consideration the available options and choose whichbest serves the needs of your website.

Two important options you will want to consider are the windows shared Server and the Windows VPS.

  • The Windows Shared Server: This provides a hosting plan whereby multiple websites share a single physical web server. One web server is distributed to serve more than one website. Many users prefer shared hosting because it is cheap and easy to maintain.
  • The Benefits of the Shared Hosting include:
    1. It is affordable. This is why it is easily the preferred option for businesses that are not running on a huge budget.
    2. Easy maintenance: Your shared hosting providers assume the responsibility of maintenance for you. Thus, you don’t need any specialized skills to operate and maintain your site. The user-friendly CMS makes it really easy for users to be able to use the shared hosting plans with almost no programming skills at all.

However, shared servers are anything but perfect. They have their limitations too. A Shared server with a very high volume of traffic could experience downtime and sluggish performance.

Also, Resources can become scarce since multiple websites are sharing a single server.

Is a Shared Server suitable for you?

Well, if your business is a small one, that is, you are on a limited budget and you only anticipate a minimal amount of traffic then, shared hosting may be all you need.

  • The Windows VPS Server: The Windows VPS server offers a more robust service with a whole lot of features that are not available on Shared Servers. Although, technically, you still share a server but, there is a separate and dedicated part of it reserved for your website alone. It is a middleman between the shared server and the dedicated server; it has the affordability of the shared server while offering the quality of the dedicated server.
  • The Benefits of a VPS include:
    1. More space and bandwidth tailored to manage the traffic generated by the multiple servers.
    2. The Windows VPS Server offers you all the power you need for optimal performance despite the traffic volume.
    3. It gives you the liberty to customize and expand your site. It offers you a lot of flexibility in operation. At the same time, it enables you grow your business.
    4. VPS providers ensure that you have all the assistance you need. All you need do is to contact them.
    5. The VPS Server offers you a lot more security than the shared server by allowing you to take extreme security measures when necessary.

The pricing is also reasonable for mid and large businesses. Although, small businesses may find it a bit expensive.

VPS servers will be most suitable for you if:

  • Your business is mid-sized or larger
  • You generate a lot of traffic and need sufficient space and bandwidth
  • You want improved security
  • You desire better Assistance and Support for your site
  • You want maximum control and your budget is big enough for the expenses involved in hosting a VPS Server


There is no ‘one shoe fits all’ here. Your choice will be influenced greatly by the specific needs of your business and the size of your budget.

While smaller business may want to consider a shared server hosting; most medium and large businesses will find VPS hosting very suitable for their business needs. It basically provides them with all the scalability they need and provides an adequate bandwidth to enable them keep up with the demands of the customers while maintaining growth.

We provide you with the most affordable and pocket-friendly hosting plans. With as low as $4.99, you can get a plan with great resources.

Our Windows VPS is fast and easy to setup, cheap and easy to use.

What’s more? You can take advantage of the 7 days free trial we offer and gain access to many more features as you upgrade!


Windows VPS Hosting



1GB hosting plan


  • 25GB RAM storage
  • 1 core CPU power
  • 1TB Transfer

2GB hosting plan


  • 50GB RAM storage
  • 2 core CPU power
  • 3 TB Transfer

3GB hosting plan


  • 75GB RAM storage
  • 2 core CPU power
  • 3 TB Transfer

4GB hosting plan


  • 100GB RAM storage
  • 23 core CPU power
  • 4 TB Transfer

6GB hosting plan


  • 150GB RAM storage
  • 4 core CPU power
  • 5 TB Transfer

8GB hosting plan


  • 200GB RAM storage
  • 6 core CPU power
  • 6 TB Transfer

16GB hosting plan


  • 400GB RAM storage
  • 8 core CPU power
  • 7 TB Transfer

24GB hosting plan


  • 600GB RAM storage
  • 10 core CPU power
  • 8 TB Transfer

32GB hosting plan


  • 800GB RAM storage
  • 12 core CPU power
  • 9 TB Transfer

64GB hosting plan


  • 1600GB RAM storage
  • 20 core CPU power
  • 10 TB Transfer

96GB hosting plan


  • 2400GB RAM storage
  • 24 core CPU power
  • 11 TB Transfer

192GB hosting plan


  • 4800GB RAM storage
  • 32 core CPU power
  • 12 TB Transfer

Not only are our services tailored to suit the specific needs of your business but all to provide several value-added features; just to give you the best experience you can imagine. You get the following when you purchase any of our plans:

  1. Protection Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)
  2. Great Uptime and Industry-leading Performance
  3. Excellent Scalability
  4. Secure, Private Networking
  5. Variety of Windows Templates to choose from
  6. Efficient Infrastructure


With the Windows VPS server, you are sure to get all the security, speed, support and scalability you need, and these are not even all the amazing features. You gain more at a cheap rate. Also, it clearly gives you an edge over shared server Users.

You can start with a cheap windows VPS plan and upgrade to more advanced plans as your business grows. What are you still waiting for? Check out our article for more details and you will absolutely be glad you did!

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