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Windows VPS
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2 GB memory
2 core processor
50 GB disk
2000 GB transfer
3 GB memory
2 core processor
75 gb disk
3000 GB transfer
4 GB memory
3 core processor
100 GB disk
4000 GB transfer
6 GB memory
4 core processor
150 GB disk
5000 GB transfer
8 GB memory
6 core processor
200 GB disk
6000 GB transfer
16 GB memory
8 core processor
400 GB disk
7000 GB transfer
24 GB memory
10 core processor
600 GB disk
8000 GB transfer
32 gb memory
12 core processor
800 GB disk
9000 GB transfer
64 GB memory
20 core processor
1600 GB disk
10000 GB transfer
96 gb memory
24 core processor
2400 GB disk
11000 GB transfer
192 gb memory
32 core processor
4800 GB disk
12000 GB transfer

Windows VPS hosting for only $24,99 per month

For businesses of all sizes, Windows VPS hosting is a continuously popular choice and it's not difficult to understand why. Every update of the Windows server has been a great success from 2012 to 2016 which is favoured by corporate clients due to its versatility. We are scheduled to introduce the Windows 2019 VPS shortly and it is set to be a very beneficial system update. All Windows VPS servers are suitable for hosting purposes and we offer the latest service packs with all versions of Windows.

The convenience of Windows server hosting

VPS hosting is the perfect solution if you or your business are no longer benefitting from shared hosting. VPS hosting removes the problems of performance and bandwidth limitation associated with shared hosting. With Windows VPS, you will operate within a virtual section of a private server, offering security and flexibility. Hosting through Windows is the convenient option as there will be greater disk space and resources available. All our windows servers are available with add-on packages and can be customised to suit your specific needs. Our support team is on hand 365 days a year to ensure your VPS server is working as efficiently as possible.

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Practical features of Windows server hosting

Tons of VPS Windows Server templates

Flexible hosting solutions

No matter if you are operating a large business, or are just getting started, our Windows VPS hosting can accommodate your needs. One of the many benefits of VPS is its adaptability, if you finish a project and no longer require a server, we can simply delete your data and you will only have to pay for VPS you are still using. Similarly, if a project gets extended and you require more space, your VPS can be updated within seconds. We don't use contracts so you are never locked into our services and you can simple rescale your server whenever required to fit your specific needs.

24/7 support with Windows hosting

Although using a Windows server is straightforward and reliable, there may be occasions when you require additional help. We understand how time sensitive some problems may be which is why we have a 24/7 chat feature which you can access at any time. Our certified team of Windows experts have a minimum of 5 years experience, so can provide you with effective, expert knowledge. Our team offer technical coverage from the very beginning of your Windows hosting, helping you to migrate your website from any existing host if needed.

Global Windows Hosting

Global Windows VPS hosting solutions

No matter where you are operating from, we have data centres across the globe to ensure you receive the best VPS hosting possible. We have carefully assessed and selected the location of our datacentres based on their connectivity and latency. For Windows hosting, Intel E5 processors and a reliable 40 Gbit Mellanox network ensure no matter where you are or when you want to use your server, you'll be able to access your data easily and quickly. Should you plan to relocate or expand your business, we have data centres in almost every continent, ensuring your move or expansion is smooth.

Windows server hosting storage

We constantly monitor our servers, detecting and preventing any security threats before they have a chance to make an effect. We periodically finetune our servers and apply patches, ensuring your VPS is working optimally. For Windows VPS hosting, we offer three-way replication storage, so in the unlikely event that one layer of your server is down, you will have two backups that will still be working effectively. This guarantees your hosting will be effortless and reliable.

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