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IPv6 2a07:3b80:2:3:1:1:152:0
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Datacenter information

There are several big cities in the United Kingdom. Many of these locations are ideal to deploy a new datacenter. London is one of the biggest data hearts of England. Many internet cables from all over the world are connected via this city. This makes it ideal to deploy your own VPS in one of the financial hearts of Europe.


Network information

Many land and sea lines are connected in the United Kingdom. This location is actually the hub for all internet connections from Europe to the United States and even Southern America. Most of the datacenters in the United Kingdom are located in the London area, but there are also several hubs in the southern area.

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Extra information

The biggest internet Exchange in the United kingdom is located in London. You can deploy your server instantly in this location. We use a high speed datacenter that is equipped with a high speed internet connection close to the internet Exchange.



The United kingdom exchange was originally founded in 1994 by several Internet Service Providers. Currently there are almost 400 members active which are all related to ISP’s. Try our services in the United Kingdom and experience it yourself.

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