Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting basically means having a little world of your own. It is almost the same as shared hosting in the sense that resources are shared by multiple websites on an isolated physical server.

How dedicated hosting differs to shared hosting boils down to the resources and the restrictions placed on who can use it.

To create individual machines on the server, the web host uses a software or hypervisor. Several VPS servers are set up in a way that if one site on the server ever needs another website's resources, the hypervisor can allot some of the resources that aren't being used.

However, the hypervisor makes sure that the site being borrowed from does not suffer even though the site's resources may be lent out.

Also, sites cannot take advantage of each other's resources as the resource allocation is divided evenly. Every site is allocated its own amount of bandwidth, RAM, and server space.

For example, if there are 10 sites being hosted on a server, and the hosting server has 100 MB of RAM. 10 MB of RAM will be distributed equally across each website. For every other type of resources, the same process works.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are completely dedicated to attending to only your site's needs. You can put whatever you want on the server since it's basically empty.

Although you'll have the option of choosing from physical server configurations offered by some hosts. You might also get to build a server that corresponds to your specifications exactly.

You have liitle or no control over your server environment with shared plans, which differentiate it from dedicated servers.

Comparing the two to a VPS option, even though there are limitations placed by your hosting provider, you're given some control over your server environment. You have total control over all the software installed and you also choose tje hardware you get.

VPS hosting options and dedicated servers have a lot of similarities and differences between them. You get increased control especially over the software that is installed on your server with both options.

You also get the option of purchasing all the hardware spec you need with both VPS and dedicated servers.

A VPS plan is more like a lesser version of a dedicated server, considering how similar it is to a shared plan. Even though it is set up likea dedicated server

Let's consider the following factors and analyze each server accordingly;


VPS plans are cheaper than dedicated servers, which is no surprise. It is quite logical for hosting providers to charge less since multiple customers can occupy a single server.

VPS hosting plans can go for as low as $5 per month to significantly highend options like $180+ per month.

A more realistic price for a quality dedicated server offering is around $100 per month, althoughthere are also cheap plans that are as low as $30-$40 per month.

Managed and Unmanaged Options

The amount of work you need to put into setting up, manage, configure, and maintain either a dedicated server or VPS is very important when comparing the two servers.

For fully unmanaged VPS plans, the host will provide your VPS plans and leave the rest to you. A user is responsible for every software related issue on the server.

Pretty much everything is taken care of on your behalf by your provider on fully managed VPS plans.There are IT professionals in place to help install, configure, and maintain your server.

Even though all managed hosts don't offer the same services, but they tend to fall alongtge lines if what we just described. Besides you should know opting for a managed plans come at a cost.

For dedicated servers, youre in toral cobtrol of your server. No professional anywhere to render you assistance. So it is left to you to decide how much of these administrative tasks you want to take on.

Operating Systems

Like we've discussed, the one benefit of upgrading to a VPS hosting plan is complete control over the software involved.

As regards the Operating System, one big descision you have to make is the choice of OS you want installed. Even though you can change from one OS to the other.

The two main choices are Linux and Windows Oerating System. Windows hosting generally attract more hosting fees because it needs to be licensed from Microsoft for use compared to Linux whic is open-source and free to use.


The flexibility and performance offered by VOS and deficated plans make them heads above waters when considering our volatile shared hosting.

However, VPS and dedicated hosting tick all the boxes when it comes to reliability and security. To put it precisely, you have no need to worry about the affairs of other people's sites.

For example, if your neighbors happens to be a recipient of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, you will most likely be affected if you're on a shared hosting plan. There's a little chance that you will be affected in any way if have a VPS or dedicated plans.

Dedicated servers however have the edge over VPS when it comes to a heightened need for security. Not only because you have no neighbors to contend with, VPS and dedicated plans come with dedicated IP addresses which basically makes them islands on their own.

The chances of your site being mistaken for another site is unlikely.

Customer Service and Technical Support

You can exoect to receive top-notch customer service and 24/7 technical support because youre coughing out a lot of cash for either VPS or dedicated plans.

For premium customers, finding who to go to for comments, questions, and concerns will not be a problem even though the specifics varies between hosts.

Good customer service is very important in hosting. Especially in times of trouble, you need a technical support that can put you through as fast as possible. If a company can offer you good technical support, it is better to move on. There are several others who offer better services.

Is Vps Better Than Shared Hosting?

Choosing between shared hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting is one big decision and you have to carefully consider the pros and cons of each option

While both shared and VPS hosting can make your website a success, it all boils down to the basic requirements needed for your website. You may need lightning-fast speed, super-tight security, a cost-effective service, or scalable resources, among other factors.

Your site shares a particular server with other sites on a shared hosting plan. For example, if the world of hosting is one big apartment building, you only get a small unit to yourself.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting option can serve a lot of customers because it happens to be the cheapest hosting option available.

Customers are offered less bandwidth, performance, flexibility, and customers management with shared servers. However, all maintenance, security, and technical configurations are taken care of by the hosts.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting on the other hand is a step up from shared hosting. It offers more room for control, more stability, security, and fewer restrictions.

VPS is more like an estate where you have your own personal house to host your site and applications and every other services you wish to run on a virtual server allocated solely to you.

Shared hosting Pros

More beginner-friendly hosting solution

Provides a standardized setup

Requires less technical expertise

Least expensive of all hosting options

Shared hosting Cons

Often has less bandwidth and storage than VPS

Is prone to errors when there is a high traffic

You have limited access to the back end

It doesn’t grant you root access

VPS Hosting Pro

VPS hosting grants you root access to your server

More memory and bandwidth, easily scalable

It is not affected by other site’s traffic

Much more stable and faster than shared hosting

VPS Hosting Cons

Comes at a slightly higher price

Needs technical expertise to manage well

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Why Is Vps So Expensive?

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

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