Minecraft has become well known and popularized worldwide, with its distinct brightness and a naturally blocky sandbox. Its renowned fame can be attributed to its vast real-life and virtual internet community base. The several thousand of modification that has been inputted in it also make Minecraft, the best video game maker of all time. For this game to be easily accessed autonomously and virtually, it must be hosted in a virtual private server; this is where Minecraft VPS hosting comes into play.

Minecraft VPS hosting makes it possible to access the vast resources and gaming experience Minecraft accords via a desktop computer, a gaming console, Virtual reality, and mobile platforms. With Minecraft VPS hosting, the game is accessible with ease. It allows the different players to complete liberty on whichever way they choose to play the game, either casually or avidly. However, some gamers love playing the game from public servers. However, today's private servers are becoming very popular and ideal for people who want to build a gaming world with just friends and family in an isolated or virtual platform where they can set and control their own laid down rules for the game.

A VPS is a completely isolated virtual interface that is built on a host server. This server is hosted on a parent server, which gives it root access to all other hosted servers. Each VPS is given a defined amount of resources from the parent server's resources in the parent server. Each server functions independently as a dedicated server; the only difference is that it is in a community of other servers on a host server and is more affordable than a dedicated server. It may help to think of it as leasing a bike for a day rather than buying it.

What is Minecraft VPS Hosting?

Think about having a gaming console that is not limited by distance or events, a gaming platform that people can access in different locations in the world, cool, right? Minecraft VPS hosting helps to achieve this and more. When your Minecraft is hosted in a virtual private server, you can decide to go on a game spree with your friends without the rigor of having hardware and having a controller that has to be close to each other to function. Minecraft VPS hosting brings these thoughts to life. You can migrate your friends to a server or your gaming community to a server to enjoy complete virtualization.

Minecraft is a video game that consists of gameplay elements that provide the player with a high level of creativity to achieve a goal by completing tasks in the game. For you to use Minecraft to play in multiplayer mode efficiently, there is a great need to host Minecraft on a server. These servers are readily available; you can either decide to host your game on Minecraft VPS that already exists or build one on a Minecraft VPS or a dedicated server.

Benefits of Minecraft VPS Hosting

For gamers to have an incredible gaming experience, the game must be able to accord; flexibility, easy gameplay, and a friendly graphic user experience. This can be gotten from dedicated server hosting. Still, the cost of owning a dedicated server very often will deter many people from employing its service. Also, not all the resources provided by dedicated server hosting will be needed.

Minecraft VPS hosting provides a wide range of solutions to any problem that may be faced by a gamer. This ranges from packages and plans that are smooth, affordable, and easy to set up to the high-end ones depending on the kind of gaming experience the user wants and the amount a user is willing to spend in hosting his Minecraft VPS. Minecraft VPS hosting is a cheap way of putting your gaming infrastructure in an off-premise environment, enabling individuals or groups of players to access and peruse your gaming solutions.

Here are some benefits of using Minecraft VPS hosting

  • With Minecraft VPS hosting, you can carry out any modification of your choice: sometimes you get frustrated from playing games because of the game's preset. However, with Minecraft VPS hosting, you can carry out any modifications on your game with the help of plugins that comes with the VPS.
  • It helps in community building: with Minecraft VPS hosting, gamers can build a community of friends and fellow gamers without time limitation and location. This is because everybody comes together with a common goal in mind to play the game and have fun. Hence VPS provides an off-premise environment to achieve these.
  • Minecraft VPS hosting enables you to set your own favorable rules and puts everybody in the community into consideration. These rules can also be tweaked for your pleasure with the help of a VPS.
  • Educationists can use Minecraft VPS hosting as a teaching aid to educate people about teamwork, building confidence, community building, and development, behavioral aspect, amongst others, in a very interesting and exciting environment.
  • You can also make money from your Minecraft VPS hosting by advertising ads on your games for business. This can generate massive traffic for that business because of the large number of people in your community.

Can you host a Minecraft server on a VPS?

Yes, you can. Many gamers can use Minecraft successfully by either hosting it in a dedicated server or a Minecraft VPS. Minecraft VPS hosting can be a bit intimidating without the right knowledge of the SSH command line. Therefore, to host a Minecraft VPS, the essential requirement is knowledge or access to a few code lines and few minutes to add your friends and community to the server.

To be able to host Minecraft VPS, users must first take the following into account;

  • Determine which Minecraft server you need for your hosting: this decision will be based on what the user expects from the hosting provider they want to use. The first consideration should be the storage the VPS provider has. Minecraft largely depends on RAM to have optimal functionality; depending on the number of players in your community, it is advisable to choose a Minecraft VPS hosting with an ample RAM amount at its disposal.
  • Usually, you do not need a control to make Minecraft VPS work for you; hence purchasing a VPS for your Minecraft hosting is cheap and affordable. After considering the VPS provider to use, the next thing is to pay for a Minecraft VPS hosting plan.
  • After paying for the Minecraft VPS service, the next step is to run the setup to start using it for your gaming experience. Before you can do this, enable a sudo access, you will also need to ensure you have a good version of Java or download the newest version.

Minecraft is input and output optimized because of the way the software program generates the map. So when the server is too crowded by many players than it can handle, server downtime or malfunction can occur. Besides, Minecraft VPS reduces the server's workload due to other player’s activity, resulting in the server being put down or being suspended for use.

How do you install Minecraft on VPS?

To install the default or Minecraft VPS server, please do the following:

  1. Open an SSH client and log in: after acquiring your VPS, the next thing to do is make a client environment command line up and running; this is the simulator you need for your gaming experience. To do this, enter your IP address to get authenticated. Once you are authenticated, you will be directed to an interface where you will be required to log in.
  2. The next step is to install Java: here, you will need root access to download java open-source development software on your virtual private server because Minecraft is built on Java.
  3. Install Minecraft: organizing files without a graphic user interface can be cumbersome, but with SSH, it is much easier with a small amount of practice. First, you need to establish a directory for all the Minecraft files and folders by;
    Creating a folder that you would like to install Minecraft have to you run this code;
    mkdir -p game/Minecraft
    You can also create a Minecraft folder inside the game by running this command
  4. From the Minecraft directory, Install Minecraft jar, this should be the latest version so that all the functionality and build will be up to date. For guide, the latest Minecraft jar available is version 1.8.8. After installing the Minecraft jar, the next step is to start the server; here, you might be prompted to agree to EULA before starting the server.
  5. Configure your server and ports: after setting up your Minecraft server, you need to establish a port connection to connect and play. To do this; Open the default 25565 port. You can decide to use a different port from the default. To do this, rerun the server once so that the server.properties file needed to establish a new port can be provisioned.
    After setting up the port, the next step is to configure the server from the server.properties file. These files contain different gaming options and variables that you can tweak, restructure, and configure to suit your taste. To do this, use the server.properties command line to locate the server-IP and enter your IP address or your domain name. This is what people that want to connect to your Minecraft game will use to access it.
  6. Install Screen: this is the final stage of the setup; without the screen, before you can host your players, you will have to close logout from your ssh session, which will cause the Minecraft to stop working. This is not what you want, hence the need to Install Screen. Screen command enables the management of many SSH connections to function together simultaneously. Hence keep the Minecraft VPS running, even after you have ended the VPS session from your interface. After installing the screen, you can run your Minecraft game on your VPS successfully.

How much RAM is required to host Minecraft on VPS successfully?

To determine the type of Minecraft VPS hosting you want to purchase, you may not be able to ascertain the package that will be ideal for you. In Minecraft VPS hosting, the difference between packages provided is majorly in RAM's amount built-in each package. So, the higher the VPS RAM, the more expensive the package would be, with more efficient and higher performing VPS and more player size, mods, and plugin packs that would be provided.

These are some suggestions of VPS storage you can adapt depending on what suits your need.

1GB RAM – this is the basic plan that can be used Minecraft VPS hosting that does not require a vast number of players. It is best for a small group or family.

2GB – this is slightly larger than the basic plan. It is an ideal plan if you are looking to add additional base plugins or do some other modifications to increase the number of players you have, depending on your server capacity.

3GB- is the right choice for hosting many players and ideal for medium-sized, up to 25.

4GB – this is ideal for a large number of mod packs and plugins ranging from 35 to 40.

5-12GB – With increased RAM that supports up to about 40 mods and plugins, you can have the best Minecraft gaming experience, 5-12gn of Ram is the best package there is for any Minecraft VPS hosting. However, it comes with its expenses as you would not expect the price to be the same.


It is essential to have a Minecraft game run on VPS. It gives the luxury of having a game community, whereby your friends from high school can gather together in their various locations and premises and enjoy a game together.Minecraft VPS hosting helps make this possible. It resolves location barriers and reduces the need to have a hardware gaming console to enjoy a game.

Minecraft VPS are secure, fast, reliable, and can be accessed remotely, so there's no need to worry about how secure it is hosting your Minecraft in a VPS. These days, many users migrate to a virtual private server because of all the advantages and benefits embedded in Minecraft VPS hosting.To join the fun, establish a great relationship with your friends and gaming community, Minecraft VPS hosting would be ideal for you.

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