When we talk about GoDaddy, the company has been in the web hosting solutions for many years with dozens of web solution products with varying plans.

There are tons of products offered by GoDaddy, and each of these products comes from different plans. But before that let me quickly take you through the GoDaddy web hosting offers;

  • When it comes to domain name registrars, GoDaddy remains one of the leading figures. No matter any domains extension you are looking for, be it.com, .net, .law .org, or .today you will get all from them.
  • Aside from domain names, for all your hosting plans, GoDaddy got you covered! With a budget of between $8.99 and $24.99, you can quickly get a renewal. But take note that shared hosting plans with GoDaddy require that you share a server with other customers. If you are working on either small or medium-sized projects that do not require top-performing servers, you can opt for this type of plan.
  • Like most other web hosting service providers, GoDaddy also has an optimized shared hosting service meant for WordPress. One fantastic thing about this WP plan from GoDaddy is that they configured their servers for a superior WordPress performance while also
  • The VPS plans of GoDaddy are targeted at those with special server configuration requests.The administrative access gives you the power to set up your Server according to your preferences.
  • Peradventure, the high performance of a VPS, is not meeting up your website need, you can go for a dedicated hosting plan which gives you access to your Server without having to share any other client or suffer from interferences from other users but be ready to increase your budget to $149.99 every month if you wants this plan on GoDaddy.
  • Aside from website hosting, GoDaddy also provides email hosting packages that give you professional-looking addresses like info@your-business.com. Their offers start from $5.99 for each user per month with email storage of 10GB.
  • GoDaddy offers a site builder that can create stunning websites for those who are not technically inclined. In all fairness, I am not a fan of site builder build some of its features can't work correctly for blog creation. If you want to use a site builder, I will recommend that you go for Weebly, Squarespace or Wix because these have better features.

offering pre-installed WordPress software with a collection of themes to chose from. There is nothing more exciting than this! Get this plan from a monthly renewal budget of $9.99.

Their VPS plans are also possessed a very high-performance level when compared to shared hosting plans. With a monthly budget from $6, you can get self-hosted GoDaddy VPS plans, and the price can increase up to $174 per month.

Aside those products mentioned above, GoDaddy also have a hosting reseller plan that gives you the chance to sell hosting plans web design services and SEO consulting to your clients.

What Is GoDaddy VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting gives your website a high-performance level with an isolated setting where the CPU, RAM and storage is entirely dedicated to your services alone. When VPS hosting is compared to a shared hosting plan, the result is higher performance and defense and adding flexibility and total control.

Another benefit of using a VPS hosting is that it offers elevated resources and bandwidth/traffic compared to shared hosting, meaning that you enjoy faster loading time and limitless traffic.

A VPS gives the admin extra control over security hardening, and it also makes it less vulnerable to hackers compared to shared hosting.

If you are on a shared hosting plan and your site gets attacked, there is every tendency that other websites on the Server will not be left out.

On the other hand, due to virtual seclusion, a hacked VPS on the same hardware won’t affect surrounding VPS setting.

And with administrative access, there won’t be any restrictions on the applications you install; you can access and edit the system files, settings and server logins.

How do I access my VPS on GoDaddy?

There are four different ways of accessing your VPs on GoDaddy. Let quickly go through each of the four methods.

1. Connect to your Gen 4 Windows Server by using Remote Desktop (RDC)

Either of your Gen 4 Windows VPS or Dedicated Server can be run using the Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection popularly called RDC. This is how to go about it;

From your Windows powered PC,

  • Start the RDC
  • Input your Generation 4 server IP address and click on Connect.
  • When prompt to Input your User ID and Password, use the one you use on your Server and click OK.

That’s all you are in!

Could you show me how?

2. Access You Server By Using Plesk To Log On To Your Gen 4 Server

You can directly log in to Plesk using your Generation 4 VPS or Dedicated server username and Password. This method is more secured, especially when allowing other users to use your Server without releasing the Password to your GoDaddy account to them.

There is no need to enable the admin access when using this method to log in to your account. Let’s go through the procedures;

  • Open any browser of your choice with this URL: HTTPS://[your server IP address]:8443.
  • Use Admin as your Username.
  • Input the Password to your hosting account and click Log in.

Holla! It is done.

3. Use SSH (Secure Shell) to connect to your Server

To use this method in accessing your Server, follow the general procedures below to get connected to either your Gen 4 VPS or Dedicated server using the SSH but as a client;

Quickly before that, check the information on each of the following

  • Your domain name or IP address.
  • Your primary FTP username.
  • Your primary FTP password.

Once you've fully understood that, then we can proceed!

  • Launch the SSH client.
  • Input the host which can either be your domain name or IP address then your SSH port (the default value is 22) to initiate the SSH connection.
  • When asked, Input your main FTP username followed by your Password.

By default, to secure your Server, the admin/root access has been disabled.

Follow this process to enable root/sudo access on your Gen 4 server.

You can find more info here. Help article home page for all Gen 4

Is GoDaddy VPS the ideal choice?

Let’s check out GoDaddy VPS reviews!

Many newbies chose GoDaddy for their ever first domain name and shared hosting account but do the company live up to their name when it comes to high performance in web hosting services?

Since the year 1997, the web hosting and domain name giant, GoDaddy, has racked up over 17 million clients worldwide.

The large, undifferentiated market appeal gave GoDaddy an unsavoury reputation, but in the last couple of years here have been rigorous leadership shake-ups in, infrastructure revamping, in the company, and all-inclusive, improved and powerful services covering complete web hosting variety.

Operating world’s biggest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent Inputprises, GoDaddy provides secure, speedy, and scalable VPS plans for those starters looking to take the next step in their web hosting.

Please take a look at what we discovered after running the VPS through the gauntlet to compare GoDaddy’s services, performance, and support other competitors VPS hosting business.

1. GoDaddy VPS Hosting Review: Overall Rating of 4.2

Knowing when to switch your business or websites to a VPS hosting plan can be complicated. And let be break it down, wheny9u notice any of the following, then that should be a signal that it's time to upgrade from shared hosting package to a VPS hosting plan; the need for more storage for all your files and data, need for dedicated security of your web servers and need for more dedicated computing resources among numerous other signs!

Even though the name GoDaddy might not ring a bell when it comes to hosting providers. Still, the company’s VPS packages provide equal protection, swiftness and support, in addition to value the brand embodies in shared hosting.

An inspiration of flexibility, GoDaddy provides four different VPS options for both on Windows and Linux plans, plus three categories of managed services.

The only concern is that site owners are in charge of moving their information and files to the VPS. Still, we give kudos to GoDaddy for providing the virtual Server within minutes of transferring knowledge and files by their clients. At the same time, the company takes care of patching, monitoring, security, backups, and other essential services.

Users get administrative access, giving them the power to manage their Server from the free Control Panel configuration. In addition to sufficient processing power and unrestricted bandwidth, GoDaddy offers one year of a free SSL certificate and free upgrades provision as you scale up the VPS plans.

2. How Do GoDaddy’s Virtual Servers Match Up to others in the Industry?

Aside from being famous with the most affordable shared hosting and domain name registrations, GoDaddy offers well-built VPS service options to their customers.

Having tested all the hosting plans we can get, we do not doubt recommending the GoDaddy to beginners who are new VPS.

Infrastructure upgrades and stellar support teams indicate that GoDaddy is on the rise. Still, business-oriented websites might want to invest in a more dedicated hosting service provider to attain higher

operational time, more rapid performance, and more comfortable managed services. When shopping for a VPS provider, make sure you inquire about our leading VPS hosting service provider.

3. GoDaddy Features Rating of 4.0

In addition to rapid provisioning, GoDaddy allows you to get straight to setting up your environment by offering six different OS options to choose from. Management through cPanel will appeal to new clientswho are taking a leap from shared hosting to VPS. Besides that, give GoDaddy thumbs up for also providing administrative root access for installing components like proxy servers, PHP, and other modules, with no difficulty.

Site owners can manage their VPSes by themselves if they want to give it a shot, but GoDaddy also adds some managed services by default. The company's team will handle everything that has something to do with security monitoring, patching, plus backups as part of the partly managed service. At the same time, migrations and leading support are also available to fully managed clients.

Another prerequisite to signing up for one of the managed packages is that GoDaddy, in partnership with SiteLock, will take care of site speed and protection. A content delivery network will also be pre-installed in addition to malware removal paraphernalia and a web app firewall.

4. GoDaddy Pricing Rating of 4.9

A valuable investment across all web hosting levels, GoDaddy has a track record of offering a great deal on performance and protected services. GoDaddy hosting plans start from an affordable price of $4.99 per month, making GoDaddy to some extent cheaper than other top-rated VPS providers. The company offers four Windows-based VPS packages; In contrast, the hosting packages are expensive compared to Linux-based system. In addition, GoDaddy offers cheaper monthly subscription.

5. GoDaddy VPS Performance Rating of 4.2

GoDaddy provides unmetered capacity, meaning that your site can cope reasonably well to an unanticipated flood of visitors. During average traffic flow periods, your VPS will serve your data on par or even more rapidly than many other hosting service providers. You will be notified by GoDaddy technicians of the presence of any high bandwidth rates that can affect your Server's stability, performance, or operational time. You will either be asked to upgrade your web hosting package or risk resources suffocation, but we are thankful that GoDaddy doesn’t charge for overages.

GoDaddy servers are equipped with up-to-date Intel processors and access to a content delivery network on the page load front. CDNs are a distributed network of servers deployed in multiple data centres worldwide that deliver information based on your website visitor; the closer your site content to your clients, the quicker they see the information.

GoDaddy operates nine data centres and has made a significant push to upgrade and broaden its infrastructure, rising from approximately 37,000 servers in 2014 to 55,000 servers in 2016; nearly 1,000 new servers are added monthly.

6. GoDaddy VPS Reliability Rating of 4.6

With more than 1,000 engineers working on your infrastructure, reliability becomes a formality. With website operational time and availability coupled with most essential aspects of operating a flourishing eCommerce store, blog, or professional portfolio, GoDaddy performs commendably well.

The company gives assurance of a relative average of 99.9% service uptime, but the latest investments and upgrades to the GoDaddy stack assure us that the mark will be met. For most users, 99.9% running time is sufficient, especially considering the affordability GoDaddy’s plans.

About two-thirds of staff on GoDaddy payroll of 6,000 are on full-time employment. The majority of them work at customer service centres, ready to render round the clock assistance to their customers. Customers' support can be contacted through telephone, online chat, Twitter handle, email, and a ticketing system. The hosting provider upholds a far-reaching online help centre and active user forums.

While managed and entirely managed VPS clientsbenefit from pre-installed site security tools, GoDaddy's backup options leave a great deal to be desired. The company takes snapshots every ten days and only helps you restore a backup for a minimal charge.VPS clientscan take and restore snapshots at their convenience.

Bottom Line

Our Experts’ GoDaddy VPS Reviews Propose That You Considering Your Options

As you gain more experience running websites, look forward to taking your game beyond GoDaddy’s beginner-friendly planet. The company’s work to revamp its name and infrastructure has worked an inspiring degree, but the features and price do not always measure up to GoDaddy competitors.

That being said, GoDaddy is a viable option for those looking for simplicity and reliability as they upgrade from shared hosting. Given the web host’s domain registration and promotion tools, GoDaddy is an all-inclusive-shop for website owners and small businesses.

GoDaddy is no longer a good buy-basement web hosting service and domain registrar for beginners; developers, business owners, novice, and corporate organizations can all find hosting pleasure with shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers. See how GoDaddy match up to other leading web hosting service providers here.

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