Virtual Private Servers popularly known as VPS are the most potent and most affordable alternative for web hosting. Meanwhile, today's availability of numerous cheap VPS hosting services can make it very challenging when choosing the right VPS service provider when hosting a website.

In the midst of all these, there are a few numbers of famous and trustworthy companies that provide pocket-friendly VPS solutions for your website with as low as a couple of bucks.

In this article, e will be dissecting what you can expect when you subscribe to a cheap VPS website hosting service and something you should be concerned about.

Is There Any Free VPS Hosting?

Are you in need of free VPS for hosting your website but the main ones are out of your budget?

I can relate but here this word of caution!

Nothing is entirely free even in Freetown.

Same apply to VPS hosting services.

What to Look Forward to in Cheap VPS Hosting

You might be confusing low-cost or discounted hosting plans to poor service, but they are not the same.However, VPS web hosting delivers typically robust performance compared to other web hosting services, especially shared web hosting.

When it comes to customizations of the server's setup, you can be opened many options.For instance, most providers offering VPS service will allow you to decide which operating system you want to use and the number of other resources that should be added to your plan.

Meanwhile, most of your server's configuration and management will have to be handled your very self.This can prove very challenging for most users but not an issue with web developers and system administrators.

What to expect from a cheap VPS hosting depends on the VPS plan you go for; either manage or unmonitored program.

If you are the type that is not tech savvy to configure your server by yourself, then you should consider a Managed VPS plan though it tends to costlier than unmonitored VPS plans.

Is Cheap VPS Hosting the Right Choice For You Website Need?

If you're working with a tight budget and do not have much time on web hosting service, you should consider opting for either cheap VPS website hosting or shared hosting. Since you didn't get the same level of speed, stability, scalability and stability when you compared VPS hosting to cloud or dedicated servers, you should step up to shared hosting plans.

When on the VPS hosting plan, you have to share hardware with other users on the network but not all resources. But one thing is sure; you will have your personal virtual space on the server, meaning that you have more privacy and dedication than you can ever get on a shared web hosting.

VPS web hosting is the ideal choice for medium-level traffic websites. It remains the best solution if you end game is a spot between shared and dedicated web hosting even with a small budget.

Cheap VPS hosting is an effective method that can be applied when trying to lower your cost while still expanding and growing your business.Though you may not have limited access the features suit while on cheap VPS hosting compared to being on costlier plans if you can get the right service provider, you can have access to these premium tools even while on the cheap plan.

Lifetime Free VPS Hosting is generally a scam.

You heard, right! Because, why will you waste your energy and resources on something that won't give you anything in return?

When subscribing to any of these free VPS hosting plans, you'll be enticed with mouth-watering offers. Still, in the actual, most of these offers end up collecting questionable data from their unsuspected victims who are looking for freebies.

Referrals are a must when opting for cheap VPS hosting service (Ponzi scheme)

When it comes to VPS hosting, the word FREE is used in enticing users to buy into the provider's referral system, which they may not show you when signing up with them.

For any company to survive in business, they require attention. The only way of getting this done is by asking their users to recommend their services to their family members, friends and associates.

On the other hand, in the case with free VPS hosting service providers, the people referred to the products do it because they are needed to get the product.

Lifetime Free VPS Scam Gratis VPS

In the beginning, their sites look stunning and legitimate, but as time goes on, you will discover that the links don't take you to their contact page anymore, but it has become a setup to get constant notifications from their website.

The only link that directs you to the actual web page is the link for free VPS plan. And once you click on the link, it first redirects you back to some installation wizard where you can choose the desired operating system of your server, where you want it located, the Control Panel and of course all the good stuff that will make the plan attractive to you!

Immediately after that step, you are redirected to another page with a static picture that remained unchanged. You will like what the hell!

Funny enough you won't be able to access your account yet because your password is not active. To log in, you will have to start the procedure all over again and but this time, you'll be required to click on pop-up ads that generally lead to nothing but a dead end as you will continue to get more links to click.

Free VPS Hosting remains a Data Collection honeypot.

Before the advent of GDPR, many websites have littered the internet, and the majority of them have turned out to be used for collecting data that are later sold to whoever can pay a fortune for them! The highest bidder gets the collected data while at the same time VPS hosting websites offering lifetime benefits are just like legitimate fossils of that prehistoric era.

The alleged trendy free VPS hosting service providers like Gigarocket and 5Jelly are gone bonkers where you can’t even sign up again!

I think it’s more than an accident that these “services” just disappeared immediately after GDPR compliance was implemented, and the new user data laws were approved.

Why Is VPS So Expensive?

The bitter truth is that there is a solid reason for the high cost of VPS. You are exceptionally aware that there are reasons for everything.

In this case, it is not just a single reason, but multiple factors have pointed out that VPS is an essential commodity worth your investment.

Before we continue, let me make you understand that the VPS services in Singapore.

Before we move forward, I would like to tell you that VPS in Singapore is way more sophisticated than its shared hosting counterpart, which is the main reason for its costly nature.

Now that you have your answer, it might excite you to go deeper into why VPS is so costly!

What You Can Do on VPS

As said earlier, VPS is far more superior. You get more for paying more!

In my opinion, here’s what we can expect from a VPS hosting and here are the reasons why;

Get a Speedy Server for Your Business

There is a limited number of users on VPS web hosting because of limitation and partitioning on the server.

Did I hear you say, “That’s like living in a condo?” Exactly.

So for this reason, no matter the volume of traffic you receive on your website, it will never cause your site to lag because you’re not on shared hosting that has many users.

Scale Your Business As Much As You Like

Are you a small business owner with a burning aspiration for growth? VPS is the right way to go!

Why did I say that? Because it is straightforward to scale up.

No matter how much traffic your website records, you can quickly scale up without seeing a disruption in your website performance.

You Can Gain Full Root Access to Have More Control

shared hosting plan doesn't give you complete root access; this can be very terrific and limit what you achieve.

With total root access, you can use scripts and play around many kinds of stuff you can ever think of.

So fundamentally, you can adjust the environment based on what you need.

Fix Your Hosting Problems Faster Than Ever

Believe it or not, web hosting companies don't joke with VPS users. If a shared hosting user and a VPS user have problems simultaneously, the support team will attend first to the user with a VPS plan because those are the people who keep them in business.

Jokes apart, it's not about what you can do, but what you how your problem can get solved ASAP.

Is VPS Hosting the same as Shared Hosting?

No way! A VPS hosting can never be shared hosting. In shared hosting, you have to share your server with so many other websites. Do you have any idea the differences that exist between a VPS and Shared hosting?

Alright, read on!

Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

The server is shared with numerous users, which may affect your business.

Even though VPS can be shared, the number of users would be minimal compared to Shared hosting.

You get limited resources, and your website performance can be affected by other activities' activities on other websites.

You get more resources, and other websites' activities won't affect your website's performance because there is a vast space to accommodate all.

A universal server is not a guarantee for 100% site security.

A minimum number of users translate to less threat to the entire server.

Is VPS Worth My Investment?

Is this what you are thinking? I made bold to say that a VPS is worth every penny you're investing in it. Why am I saying this? Now hear this; it's cheaper than going for a dedicated server. When moving from shared hosting, you will need something more robust that you can upgrade to, that’s is where a VPS hosting comes handy.

If there is nothing like VPS hosting, your only option will be to settle for dedicated hosting that is not as pocket friendly as a VPS server. The cost of hosting your site on a VPS server can never be compared to hosting on a shared server, but instead, you can only compare it to dedicated server hosting. That is the only comparison that can give you a clear view of the differences.

Take note that offering superior quality services calls for powerful, high-quality hardware resources that include Storage, CPU, and software firewall or hardware firewall. As you are already aware, putting all these resources together requires additional financial commitment but rest assured that you will get better services to pay more.

On the contrary, the ads are generally shown on the cheap dedicated server due to several issues like less stability, less speed, inferior servers backup, and recovering data's impossibility. So for this reason, don’t be I hurry to jump on the free mode ship!

When purchasing any VPS or website hosting services, stay away from cheap ads because unquestionably this cheapness is aimed at setting a trap for you!

A high-quality VPS is a little bit more costly than other VPS servers because of its stability and powerful hardware with Raid SSD storage capacity.

Another factor that can contribute to its expensiveness is its license or the superiority and virtualization system technology.

So the best thing to look out for its server's strength and stability coupled with its cloud infrastructure or SSD is to get the most significant outcome.

How Do You Get A Lifetime Free VPS Hosting?

Sadly there is none, especially now that GDPR compliance had made it impossible for the companies to sell your information.

Besides, a VPS is not needed by everyone and the only people who need it wouldn’t be asking all these questions as to their most prominent companies, and they are quite aware of the cost implications.

At first, everything may look costly, but people start to understand the benefits of paying highly for quality after some experience.

Keep in mind nothing is 100% free in this world! There are serious issues associated with free VPS hosting.

Everything online is backed up by a server. While most bloggers, small businesses use shared hosting, but more prominent companies and internet applications can't do without a more dedicated solution to back up their activities.

A virtual private server typically called VPS, which is more of a dedicated hosting solution for a project or bigger businesses and software engineers that build awesome internet apps comes handy.

Though there are a couple of free VPS hosting services evidently, they can’t be as potent and strong as a premium VPS. More importantly, there's always a no-win situation that doesn’t make it worthwhile getting a purportedly free VPS hosting bundle.

So if you are starting and want more information on which VPS hosting you should go for,it will make a whole lot of sense if you’ll take to my recommendation on a legitimate method of getting free hosting.


You can now see that getting free VPS hosting services isn’t as easy as it looks and not as simple as you on those advertisements on the internet.

If I were you, I’ll instead go for premium service and enjoy the free trial while it lasts so that I can ask for a refund if I’m not satisfied with the service.

Moreover, if you’re looking to design some stuff or create fantastic internet apps, it makes a lot of sense to buy a premium more dependable VPS hosting.

The bottom line is this: there may be Free VPS hosting services, but there’s always going to be a vicious circle because nothing in this world is free.

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