Features of VPSServer.com

VPSServer.com provides a range of features with its hosting plans. Customers can choose from a variety of operating systems, including Linux and Windows, and can also choose from a range of storage options. VPSServer.com also offers a range of advanced features, including automated backups, firewalls, and more.

  • Multiple plans available
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$5.99 Save 30%
$ 3,99 /mo
1 GB memory
1 core processor
20 GB SSD disk
500 GB transfer
$45.99 Save 30%
$ 31,99 /mo
8 GB memory
8 cores processor
160 GB SSD disk
4 TB transfer
$22.99 Save 30%
$ 15,99 /mo
4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB SSD disk
2 TB transfer

Experience Lightning-Fast Speeds

NVMe SSDs are the latest in Cloud Server technology, boasting speeds up to 10x faster than traditional SATA SSDs. With NVMe SSDs, you can experience faster boot times and significantly improved read/write speeds. This makes NVMe SSDs ideal for businesses and individual users who need to access large amounts of data on their servers quickly and efficiently. When hosted on a Virtual Private Server, NVMe can reduce server processing times and improve performance, allowing businesses to provide their customers with a better experience.

NVMe SSDs are more reliable and durable than traditional SSDs, making them the perfect choice for high-demand web hosting applications. With High-Performance Server’s NVMe, you can take advantage of the latest storage technology and experience superior performance, reliability, and durability.

Our Cloud Platform include

Cloud platform

High performance servers

Choose your Windows or Linux Servers and use our High-performance Cloud.

High performance hosting

Live backups

All backups can be made while your server is running and online. There is no downtime during backup.

Hourly, daily and monthly server billing

Flexible Billing

There are no contracts at VPSServer.com. You can choose how long you keep your server, Hourly, daily or monthly.

Private networking Platform

24/7 online

Your hosting is online 24/7, no downtime, and can be accessed from all over the world.

Managed Firewall

Easy and fast firewall setup

Configure your firewall and rule additions. They are easy and quick to set up and manage on the control panel.

Secure Cloud Platform


All our servers have high security and protection to give you the best available Virtual Server on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SSD and NvME SSD?

The main difference between an SSD and an NVMe SSD is their speed. SSDs use the traditional SATA III connection, which has a maximum speed of 600 MB/s, while NVMe SSDs use the PCIe connection, which can reach speeds of up to 4 GB/s. NVMe SSDs also have a much lower latency than SATA SSDs. NVMe SSDs are more expensive than SATA SSDs, but they offer much higher performance and faster data access times.

How does an SSD work?

An SSD works like a regular VPS. It provides storage, compute, and networking resources in a virtualized environment that is accessible from anywhere. The difference is that it uses an attached SSD disk for storage, resulting in significantly improved performance compared to traditional spinning disks.

Are Solid State Disk servers more expensive than traditional VPSs?

It depends on the hosting provider, but VPSs may be more expensive than traditional spinning disk VPSs. The cost difference will usually be offset by improved performance and reliability.

Is an VPS good for running a website?

Yes, an VPS is a great option for running a website. The increased performance and speed will provide visitors with a better experience.

How do I manage my VPS?

Most hosting providers will allow you to access and manage your VPS via either a web interface or a command-line interface, depending on your preferences.

Can I upgrade my SSD Node?

Yes, most hosting providers offer upgrade options for VPSs, allowing customers to add more storage, processing power, or other features as needed.

What is an SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive Virtual Private Server. It is a virtual private server with an attached SSD disk, providing increased performance and speed compared to other VPS types.

What are the advantages of SSD?

The main advantages of VPS over traditional spinning disk VPSs are increased speed and performance, improved reliability, and decreased latency.

What resources will I get with VPSServer.com?

Generally speaking, an node will provide an allocated amount of RAM and CPU cores, along with a certain amount of storage capacity, depending on the plan you choose.

Is an NvME VPS good for data intensive applications?

Yes, NvME VPSs are excellent for running applications that require higher performance and speed, such as databases and data processing tasks.

Are there any security features included with an VPS?

Yes, hosting providers usually provide basic security features with VPSs, such as firewalls and malware/virus scanning.

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