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The best RDP hosting providing worldwide with 15+ locations. Windows hosting with Remote Desktop on a free trial.

Windows Server from only $24,99 /month

Standard packages are perfect for the average VPS. They have plenty of power and are well balanced. When you are looking for more CPU power or more Memory you can look at our CPU Optimized and Memory Optimized plans.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
2 GB 2 Core 50 GB 1 TB $ 25,99
4 GB 4 Cores 80 GB 2 TB $ 45,99
Popular 8 GB 8 Cores 160 GB 4 TB $ 85,99
16 GB 8 Cores 320 GB 5 TB $ 118,99
32 GB 12 Cores 640 GB 10 TB $ 222,99
64 GB 20 Cores 1300 GB 12.5 TB $ 380,99
96 GB 24 Cores 1500 GB 15 TB $ 549,99
192 GB 32 Cores 2000 GB 25 TB $ 917,99

Popular plan
8 GB Memory
8 Cores Processor
160 GB Disk
4 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 85,99

CPU Optimized packages are perfect for servers that need that little extra CPU power. These plans provide more CPU capacity and more stability when using more CPU power.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
2 GB 4 Cores 50 GB 1 TB $ 41,99
Popular 4 GB 6 Cores 80 GB 2 TB $ 65,99
8 GB 12 Cores 160 GB 4 TB $ 125,99
16 GB 16 Cores 320 GB 5 TB $ 196,99
32 GB 24 Cores 640 GB 10 TB $ 349,99
64 GB 32 Cores 1300 GB 12.5 TB $ 577,99
96 GB 40 Cores 1500 GB 15 TB $ 835,99
192 GB 48 Cores 2000 GB 25 TB $ 1393,99

Popular plan
4 GB Memory
6 Cores Processor
80 GB Disk
2 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 65,99

Memory Optimized are perfect for applications that use more memory. These packages provide a healthy dose of memory, which you can utilize without paying for resoures you don't need.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
4 GB 2 Cores 50 GB 1 TB $ 29,99
Popular 8 GB 4 Cores 80 GB 2 TB $ 53,99
16 GB 8 Cores 160 GB 4 TB $ 101,99
32 GB 8 Cores 320 GB 5 TB $ 148,99
64 GB 12 Cores 640 GB 10 TB $ 277,99
128 GB 20 Cores 1300 GB 12.5 TB $ 505,99
192 GB 24 Cores 1500 GB 15 TB $ 739,99
384 GB 32 Cores 2000 GB 25 TB $ 1297,99

Popular plan
8 GB Memory
4 Cores Processor
80 GB Disk
2 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 53,99

Remote Desktop
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rdp hosting

RDP servers for a low price for only $25,99 per month

Take one of our free trials today and find out what RDP hosting can do for you and your business. If you are going to buy RDP servers, it is important to know if you have chosen the right one. We are confident that you will love our services, but our free trials will let you discover this for yourself. Our servers are spread over 15+ worldwide locations, so wherever you are you can try our RDP hosting. The closer the server, the faster the RDP connection, so you can be happy that our many locations will offer you data transfers of top speed.

Start your Windows VPS now

Windows Server feature also include

Tons of VPS templates

Windows Server 2012, 2016 & 2019

Choose your Windows platform. 2012, 2016 and 2019 can be used for your Windows Server VPS.

Live VPS back-ups

Live Windows backup

You can backup your server when it's live. This means there is no down time when using your VPS.

Hourly, daily and monthly VPS billing

Flexible Billing

There are no contracts & Cheap VPS. Choose how long you want to keep your server. Hourly, daily or monthly.

Private networking VPS

24/7 online

Your virtual private server is 24/7 online, no downtime and can be accessed from all over the world.

Windows VPS Hosting

Easy and fast firewall setup

Configure your firewall and rule additions. They are easy and quick to setup and manage on the control panel.

Secure Windows VPS

Secure Windows

All our Cheap Windows VPS's have high security and protection to give you the best available Windows Virtual Private Server on the market.

Top price RDP and top service VPS

We offer RDP servers for as little as $4.99 a month. This is an unbelievable price for the service you get. We offer servers in 15 global locations, 24/7 chat support, an easy to use control panel and many more exciting features. Our servers make it simple to manage your remote connections, allowing you to access various machines and data files almost immediately. We offer a range of packages to suit any size of business or any amount of data you wish to store. Our 24/7 chat support comes as standard with our full version, so sign up today for a great price and great customer service and support.

What is RDP?

RDP is a protocol developed by Microsoft. It allows one computer to be connected or control another through a graphic interface. This protocol allows remote management, so you can control any computer from the comfort of your own living room or office. There are two things required to establish an RDP connection. You must have an RDP client and an RDP server. The client is also known as an RDP interface, and we offer one of the simplest, user-friendly interfaces on the market, which is still extremely powerful and has many wonderful features. To get the best from RDP, you need a powerful server with a speedy connection, and with 15 server locations around the world, your data will travel at top speeds.

Where are our servers?

If you run a business, it is important that you can send and receive data quickly. Quick transfer of data keeps the world ticking over and the global economy alive. Without it, businesses would collapse and we would go back to an age where everything must be done by paper and post. The closer you are to a server, the quicker the transfer of data, or latency. If you purchase one of our servers, you can rest assured that you will be sending and receiving data fast, as we have fifteen locations around the globe, including Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York City, London and Miami. Wherever you are, our servers can push your business to the next level.

Features of Windows RDP

3-Way storage Windows VPS

Am I protected from DDOS attacks?

DDOS attacks can occur at any time, so you must have adequate protection in place. Our DDOS attack prevention tools are industry standard and some of the most powerful you’ll find. A DDOS attack happens when many other computers attack yours in tandem. All of these computers attacking at once will over load your connections and servers and crash whatever website or server you were on. These attacks can cause crucial servers to be down for hours, which could cost you a lot of money and lose your customers trust. We offer protection and detection from DDOS attacks. Our powerful network tools will take action automatically and stop any further attacks from occurring, while detecting any weaknesses which could allow attacks in the future. It is crucial in this day and age that you are protected from attacks like this, so if you’re thinking about buying an RDP, then ours is a great choice for safety.

Direct access to servers without the need for support

We offer direct access to servers without the need for support. Our intuitive, smoothly running control panel will allow you to be the boss of your own server, although our 24/7 chat support is always available if you need it. Thaw control panel lets you access all RDP connections and see the status of these. It also allows you to check your billing, upgrade your plan, access messages and newsletters and upscale your servers. The panel is easy to use and allows anyone who has permission to easily control the servers and access data and remote connections.

Easy firewall setup

It is easy to set up our industry-standard firewall. Although you can never be too careful, we feel confident our firewall will protect any important data and stop hackers from accessing any of you RDP connections or servers. It is important in this day and age to have a secure firewall as technology advances every day, and with it the ability to hack into the technology for nefarious purposes. It is not only financial crime you should be aware of, but data theft too.

Easy billing

As a business person, you’ll know how tedious it can be dealing with bills. It’s especially trying when companies tie you into long contracts. It is often difficult to cancel and it is easy to forget ongoing subscriptions and pay for services you do not need. That’s why we offer easy, flexible billing and no tricky contracts with lots of small print. You can cancel at any time and your servers will be destroyed straight away. Our control panel, which you can test with a free trial, lets you deal with billing as well as RDP connections. We make it as easy and simple as we can for you to use our servers and pay your bill. There’s no small print and we are happy to talk to you and answer any questions.

Control your Windows VPS

Back up without down time

Back up, back up, back up. Repeat this as many times as you need to remember it forever. Backups aren’t difficult, so make sure you do these to protect your data and information. You may assume that you don’t need data from a few years ago or that you will never lose it, but you will learn a hard lesson if you think this. Everyone loses data and information at some point, often through an error or no fault of their own, so take precautions today. Backing up quickly is imperative to keeping your business running smoothly, so we offer back up without down time, which means you can do important backups while never having to shut down your servers, saving you money and keeping your customers confidence.

Scalable servers

We offer fully scalable servers, so you can operate as many connections as you need at once. Simply access the feature on the control panel that allows you to scale up and add new servers, and get them running instantly. This feature means that you can build your servers with your business. Pay as you go for storage space and an increase of cores. The more server cores and storage you have, the more you can save. If you are building your business, invest in storage and server cores now so you can deal with future business quickly and efficiently.

We can help at any time

No matter how reliable your server is, there may come a time when you need support and advice. A lot of companies will leave you to fend for yourself and work it out on your own, but we’re not like that. Sometimes all you need is a friendly expert who will guide you through whatever issue you are having. We offer 24/7 chat support, so even if you are working late, there will be someone available to help you. It’s part of our full service, and we hope you can see why this will benefit you and your business. We are a great company with a great team of people, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Easy to use interface

Our control panel is a smooth, sleek desktop interface that will let you perform many tasks. The control panel was designed with all levels of computing skills in mind, so whether you’re a pro or beginner, you will be able to use it with ease. The control panel is extremely powerful and can deploy a server in seconds. Root access comes as standard, giving you full control. If you need a bigger server, you can easily scale up. You can also access your billing account, any important messages and your incomings and outgoings. DNS management is a breeze with our powerful RDP hosting.

Start now for as low as $3,99 a month!