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VPSServer Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) VPS hosting services can help you revolutionize how you work and connect remotely. Our solutions provide you the power to figure out and resolve issues on your work desktop computer from anywhere in the world. We empower secure and seamless remote desktop access with our cheap VPS plans that you can leverage to take your online business to the next level.

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Get Your Work Done Faster: Remotely

With an RDP VPS, you can access your work desktop, applications, files, and resources from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The benefits are extensive and impactful:

  • Enhanced Productivity: It allows you to tap into your work environment regardless of where you are. Your work environment remains consistent, and you can continue your tasks uninterrupted.

  • Rapid Access to Resources: You can install and configure software remotely, eliminating the need to wait for IT support or technical assistance. This ensures you have immediate access to the tools you need to get your work done efficiently.

  • Data Security: These solutions provide advanced security measures to protect your data. Encryption protocols, firewalls, and other security features ensure that your work environment remains safeguarded from potential threats.

  • Time and Cost Savings: You can eliminate the need for a physical presence in the office while still enjoying access to all your work resources. This translates to saved time, reduced travel expenses, and increased work-life balance.

  • Resource Optimization: It utilizes high-performance servers that can handle resource-intensive tasks without straining your local computer. This means you can run complex applications, perform data analysis, and engage in other resource-demanding activities without worrying about the limitations of your hardware.

  • Consistent Performance: Remote Desktop Protocol VPS solutions are designed to provide consistent performance, allowing you to work seamlessly as if you were sitting at your physical workstation. The speed and responsiveness of an RDP VPS can significantly enhance your workflow.

  • Secure Collaboration: An Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) VPS offers a secure platform for team collaboration, allowing multiple users to access the same environment simultaneously. This enables real-time collaboration on projects, thus promoting a cohesive and efficient teamwork environment.

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Important Factors in Choosing the Best Site to Buy RDP Service

Choosing the Best RDP Service

Choosing the right platform to acquire Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) services is a decision that requires careful evaluation. Your RDP VPS service provider plays a vital role in ensuring seamless and fast remote connection security and overall satisfaction.

To make an informed choice, here are the key factors you should consider:

Type of Setup: Shared vs. Private RDP VPS

Modern RDP providers offer two primary setups: Shared RDP and Private RDP server hosting. Shared RDP servers distribute resources among users, potentially affecting performance during peak usage. Private RDP offers dedicated server resources for consistent performance.

Your choice depends on your workload; lighter tasks may benefit from Shared RDP, while Private RDP suits resource-intensive work.

Admin Access Availability

Administrator access allows you to customize and install software on your RDP server. Shared RDP plans may include Admin Access or provide it for an additional fee. Private RDP typically includes it by default. If control and customization are crucial, opt for a plan that offers Admin Access.

Available OS Versions

Verify if the RDP VPS provider offers the specific Windows OS or other OS versions required for your applications. Not all providers support all OS versions, so research before purchasing.

Quality of Support

Contact the provider's support team with technical inquiries to gauge their responsiveness and expertise. Prompt and helpful responses indicate quality support.

Provider Reviews and Reputation

Research provider reviews on platforms like Trustpilot or Google Reviews. Look for genuine, balanced feedback to evaluate the provider's reputation. Avoid those with suspiciously similar or negative reviews.

Payment Methods and Security

Stick to reputable payment methods like PayPal or credit cards to ensure a secure bank transfer. Beware of providers directing payments to third-party accounts. Complete transactions directly on the official provider website for proof of purchase.

Domain Age and SSL

Check the domain age and expiration date to assess the provider's longevity. Secure transactions by confirming that the provider's website URL begins with "https" (Secure Sockets Layer certificate).

Bandwidth Limits

Review bandwidth limits in plans and inquire about the provider's policies when the limit is reached. If your work involves data-heavy tasks, consider plans with unlimited bandwidth.

Transparency in Pricing

Ensure the provider offers transparent pricing without hidden fees that might appear during checkout. Choose providers with upfront pricing and clear breakdowns.

Type of Storage

Opt for RDP VPS plans with SSD or NVMe SSD storage for superior speed and performance over traditional SATA drives.

Uptime Guarantee

Check the provider's uptime guarantee, especially for Shared RDP plans. Higher guarantees mean minimal downtime and consistent availability.

Activation Time

Consider the time taken to activate the RDP server. Faster setup, especially for Private RDP VPS plans, ensures quicker access to your remote desktop environment.

Moneyback Guarantee

Look for providers with refund policies or free trial options to ensure the RDP VPS server aligns with your needs.

Location Options

Choose providers with a diverse range of server locations/data centers to enhance connection speed and flexibility. Multiple locations enable you to select servers closer to your physical location.

Revolutionize Your Remote Work Landscape with VPSServer

VPSServer stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your remote work experience. From unmatched performance options and secure communication to flexible billing and top-tier security, our RDP virtual private server hosting redefines the way you connect, collaborate, and accomplish your goals.

With VPSServer, you're not just accessing a remote desktop; you're unlocking a world of possibilities that empower you to work efficiently, securely, and effortlessly from anywhere in the world. Embrace the future of remote work with VPSServer and experience a new era of productivity, connectivity, and success.

Our Best RDP Hosting Server Features

RDP Hosting Server Features

We provide an array of features that make our RDP VPS Hosting the pinnacle of remote desktop solutions. From unparalleled performance to unwavering security, our features redefine how you work and connect in a digital world.

Optimal Performance Options

We offer an array of performance options that stand unmatched in the industry. Our diverse range of server configurations is tailored to provide optimum RDP VPS services. With our 7-day risk-free trial, you can cover the possibilities of seamless remote work and enhanced productivity like never before.

Secure Communication and Data Integrity

We provide you with a high-quality internet speed combined with high-end security for your remote communications. Our cutting-edge technology safeguards all server details and data, ensuring that your information remains under lock and key.

When you entrust your data to VPSServer, you're entrusting it to a fortress of security that guarantees confidentiality and peace of mind.

Real-time Live Backup Solutions

With our real-time live backup solutions, your server details are backed up instantly. This means uninterrupted accessibility and zero interruptions to your hosting experience.

Flexibility in Billing and Hosting

Our no-contract solutions empower you to enjoy affordable servers on your terms. Whether you require a hosting plan for an hour or up to 12 months (or even more), the choice is yours. Our flexible billing model lets you tailor your hosting experience according to your specific needs.

Security That Sets the Standard

Our commitment to high-end security transcends the notion that cost-cutting equals compromised safety. At VPSServer, we provide not only cost-effective RDP VPS solutions but also top-tier security and protection.

Our state-of-the-art defenses grant you access to data with the utmost confidence, ensuring that you're equipped with the finest RDP server solutions available. Our security protocols are unrivaled, preventing malware and effectively identifying and mitigating DDoS attacks.

Effortless and Instant Setup

We allow you to configure your firewall settings and rule additions with ease throughout streamlined and intuitive setup processes. Our user-friendly control panel is designed to make management immediate, so you can focus on what truly matters – your work and productivity.

Empowering Firewall Setup

We take immense pride in offering high reliability through our data replication technology. Our firewalls are established efficiently to ensure your website's fortress-like protection. With VPSServer, you're not just hosting; you're safeguarding your digital presence.

Immersive Firewall Protection

Our commitment to safeguarding your online presence extends to comprehensive firewall protection. We understand the importance of maintaining your website's integrity in a digital landscape rife with threats. Our firewalls are a fortress against unauthorized access, ensuring your data remains secure and your operations uninterrupted.

Experience Superior RDP VPS Service Anywhere

With our remote desktop connection, you gain access to a superior graphical user interface. This interface facilitates remote access to your desktop, applications, terminal services client, files, and network resources from anywhere on the globe.

Our GUI empowers you with full control over your business needs, even when you're on the move or in a different country.

Multiple Server Locations All Over The World

We understand the significance of geo-location, which is why our remote desktop connection offers you admin access that transcends geographical boundaries. Whether you're stationed in the USA or the UK, our technology ensures that your access remains secure and convenient, allowing you to manage your affairs effortlessly on any server location.

99% Uptime

VPSServer is all about promising a solid 99% server uptime – a reliable base for your remote work. We have top-notch infrastructure, backup systems, and constant monitoring to make sure your VPS with RDP access stays accessible. This also ensures that you get high-quality services at all times.

Complete Access At All Times

At VPSServer, we get you the freedom to customize your virtual machine space with full admin access for Windows VPS and full root access for the Linux operating system. With this complete control, you can install software, tweak settings, and shape your space to match your needs.

It's not just about customization. This access also means you're the boss of troubleshooting. Instead of waiting for others to fix things, you can handle issues directly and quickly. This control smoothens your workflow, speeds up decision-making, and keeps you on track to reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy RDP VPS?

Purchasing your VPSServer RDP VPS is a straightforward process. To buy RDP VPS, simply visit our website and explore our range of affordable plans. Select the one that aligns with your needs, and follow the intuitive steps to complete your purchase. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless buying experience.

How to connect to RDP Servers?

Once you've purchased your desired plan, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to access your RDP server. These instructions typically include information about the required credentials and the steps to initiate the connection.

Why choose our Windows operating system RDP server?

Our Windows RDP server stands out for its unmatched performance, security, and reliability. With a focus on providing the best remote desktop experience for all Windows versions, including Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022, we offer high-quality internet speed, top-tier security protocols, and a range of plans to cater to your specific needs.

Do I pay extra for an RDP with full admin access?

No, you don't have to pay extra for full admin access. We believe in providing you with the tools you need to customize and manage your RDP VPS server effectively. Full admin access is included in our plans, enabling you to install software and tailor the environment to your preferences.

Do I need technical knowledge to use an RDP VPS?

While technical knowledge can be beneficial, it's not a prerequisite to using an RDP server. We have a user-friendly setup and intuitive interface, allowing users- to use it easily and effectively. Our online support team is also available to assist you if you encounter any challenges.

Can I set automated tasks with an RDP VPS server?

Yes, you can! Our RDP servers offer you the flexibility to set up automated tasks. This can be particularly useful for routine operations, backups, and other tasks that you want to execute without manual intervention.

Can I use my existing software and programs with a provided RDP VPS server?

Our RDP servers are designed to accommodate your existing software and programs seamlessly. You can continue using the tools you're familiar with, ensuring a smooth transition to remote computer work.

Is my virtual private server's IP address shared with others?

No, your Virtual Private Server's IP address is not shared with others. Each RDP VPS server comes with its unique IP address, ensuring that your activities remain private and isolated from other users. This enhances security and provides a personalized experience.

Choosing the Right Hosting Plans

When it comes to empowering your remote work experience, selecting the right hosting plan is important. At VPSServer, we understand the diverse needs of modern businesses and professionals. That's why we offer a range of hosting options designed to meet your unique requirements, ensuring that you have the tools and resources you need to thrive in a digital work environment.

We provide three types of RDP VPS plans: Premium VPS, Memory-Optimized, and CPU-Optimized, and each come with flexible contracts and a discount of up to 33% discount.




PREMIUM (3.99/mo)


Experience the perfect balance of performance and affordability with our Premium VPS package. Ideal for a wide range of workloads, this package offers you a reliable foundation to carry out your tasks efficiently and effectively.



For those whose tasks demand substantial processing power, our CPU-Optimized package is the answer. With a focus on delivering exceptional CPU performance, this plan ensures that your applications run smoothly and responsively, allowing you to complete tasks faster and with precision.



When memory-intensive applications are part of your workflow, our Memory-Optimized package steps up to the plate. With ample memory resources at your disposal, you can work with large datasets, run resource-hungry applications, and multitask without experiencing slowdowns.