When you compare a VPS server's price against a dedicated server, a VPS server is by far cheaper. The monthly cost is as low as $5 because it is a single server that splits into multiple virtual servers. Aside from the affordability of a VPS server, you also have the opportunity of choosing the operating system you want to run on your server.

Let me also reiterate that Virtual private servers, popularly called VPS are powerful yet affordable alternatives for hosting your website. Meanwhile, many affordable VPS hosting solutions are available out there in the market. Choosing one out of the countless number is sometimes challenging. Haven said that among these numbers of VPS web hosting solution providers, there are still a handful of well-liked and trustworthy companies that provide economic VPS plans. To be factual, some even offer these services for as low as a couple of dollars monthly.


Managed Virtual Personal Server hosting is the type of VPS hosting package fully managed by a team of in-house technical professionals who work on a full-time basis. Irrespective of the way you are using it for, either for your personal or commercials use, many benefits are attached to a Managed VPS web hosting.

Let's take a look at the benefits you get by opting for a Managed Virtual Personal Server hosting;

  • An in-house team of experts wholly handles the complexity associated with server management. At the same time, you can focus on running your business without any distractions.
  • Besides managing your server for Free, you also get implementation or cPanel licenses update, Operating Systems, web security, and patches.
  • All you need to get a personalized hosting plan or upgrade is a phone call, live chat, or just one click of a button.
  • Superior performance, flexibility, and scalability void of technical server knowledge or skill is a plus too.
  • You will also be open to innovative possibilities to rapidly and flawlessly meet emergent business demands.
  • You will also have total and absolute hands-off server management to yourself.

Aside from these, what do you get again by taking advantage of a Managed VPS hosting offer?

Managed Virtual Private Server Web Hosting is very inexpensive and highly dependable. The number of customers you share the server with on a Managed VPS is minimal. All the customers on the server are highly isolated from each other. Each isolated VPS area is personal. The configuration can be customized with a definite threshold of dedicated RAM, storage, and bandwidth. VPS Web Hosting also offers more lucrative and scalable options for emergent businesses than Dedicated Server web hosting.


A web hosting cPanel is a Graphical User Interface which is also called a web-based interface in some cases, which is only accessible online. It provides tools used in managing your website, your web hosting account, and occasionally web hosting server.

The Control Panel is a tool that assists owners of websites and website administrators in managing everything about their websites. Among the multiple tasks you can do with the cPanel includes management of domain name, installation of applications, email accounts creation & management, database management, backups, FTP, and many more. The cPanel also permits you to access your webserver to directly carry out the tasks mentioned earlier from within the cPanel.

Meanwhile, in doing all these, you need to be technically equipped to use its advanced features. Although cPanel is very simple to use and it's also intuitive and fast. Still, one singular error can affect the overall performance of your website.

You might ask, why Use GUI for web hosting Control Panels?

Think about what you are looking forward to seeing anytime you start your PC. Which do you prefer? To input lengthy commands into a black terminal screen with monochrome letters or use your mouse to navigate a graphical user interface, click icons on the screen and move around windows? Which do you think will less stressful? The latter, of course; this is the choice of many people!

Similarly, that's what is obtainable on web hosting and server management.

What does it feel like Hosting a Website without a Control Panel?

In theory, you can have access to your web hosting account and server without using a dedicated interface by primarily using tools like SSH, called Secure Shell-Direct Command Line Access, or Transfer Protocol File called FTP. But in fact, it's gratifying to have the two options available because you might want to learn the pros and cons of the two ways of getting things done.

Trust me; your life becomes more comfortable when you can get things done quickly with a control panel.

Haven tried several premium hosting control panels; I have come up with five names in the web hosting control panels from those I had optimized for the VPS and Dedicated Servers. Before we take a look at them, let me show you something.

Many Web Hosting Control Panels are Available out there, but these three features differentiate them from each other;

• The Design

• The User Interface

• The Functionality

Choosing a web hosting control panel that presumes all tasks but doesn't fit your working style can be highly regrettable. Since this will be a frequent operation, you must factor in offering you all the attributes and functionality you needed.

Now let's look into these most preferred and friendly website hosting control panels that have been recommended for you for managing Manage Virtual Personal Servers and Dedicated Servers!

1. cPanel/WHM

cPanel With the help of its graphical interface and server management interface, Web Host Manager [WHM] helps control Linux OS. cPanel and WHM work like tandem and even uphold the advantageous difference to both resellers and end-users.

cPanel Main Features are;

• Ability to add domains and manage your emails based on each hosting plan.

• Ability to control your FTP accounts together with movements of files and upload them on the server and deleting them from the server.

• Countless API plus add-ons.

• Benefit from web-related statistics, like a monthly number of site visitors.

• It also ensures well-built data security in addition to backup and recovery options.

Key Features of WHM:

• Allows installation of SSL certificate and management without stress.

• Permits assignment of IP addresses and white listing.

• Change of account ownership in case the account is erased or sold.

• Personal branding of websites using various WHM features.

• Customers get regular updates, newsletters, and the ability to handle upgrades using WHM.

• Monitored status of server and resource.

For the cost of each of the 4 categories of the cPanel plans, click here.

2. Plesk

With Plesk Control Panel, you can manage hundreds hosting accounts which are virtual on a single panel. Plesk Control Panel can also be employed viz-a-viz any web hosting package be it a VPS, dedicated, or shared hosting. The Plesk Control Panel is very straightforward and insightful interface. The automated tasks on Plesk Control Panel helps site owners to save on tons of money that would have been spent on operations and resources while at the same time, it also enhances effectiveness, lucativeness, and rise in customer satisfaction.

Here are few things you can do with Plesk Control Panel;

• Upload and manage files

• Configure accounts for FTP users

• New domains as well as sub-domains can also be added.

• Set up and manage Email accounts

• Configure and manage Database

• Take a look at files associated with weblog

• Access to backup & recovery options

• Manage DNS in addition to other resources

Both Windows and Linus Operating Systems are Compatible on Plesk Control Panel. It is a superior and lucrative option. Take a look at different pricing plans on Plesk Control Panel for both dedicated and VPS web hosting solutions here.

3. DirectAdmin

Linux users will love DirectAdmin because of its user-friendly and efficiency control panel. The extremely stability of DirectAdmin Control Panel avail you with sophisticated technologies which in turn helps you to stay shoulder-to-shoulder with constantly evolving sophisticated solutions.

Here are a few of the Administrator's Features of DirectAdmin;

• As an admin, you can create or modify manage resellers’ accounts easily.

• Reseller plans can be predetermined

• All accounts of the users can be viewed on the system.

•It also gives you opportunity to can be formed, customized, or erased DNS records on the server.

• The IP manager feature also allows you to allocate IP addresses to the resellers

• The information on the system/service enables you as an admin to view, initiate, resume, and discontinue services.

• as the admin, you can have an overall overview of how the system is being used.

Here are a few of the Reseller Features of DirectAdmin;

• You can create, list, erase, and customized accounts quickly.

• Resellers can create predefined packages.

• Resellers attain an all-inclusive overuse of overall usage.

• The software avails you the possibility of sending direct messages all your customers from via the ticket support system.

Take a look at some of the features available to you as a user:

• Administering emails like forwarding emails, creating mailing lists, auto-responding, and sending of web mails are all possible.

• Easy handling of FTP administration of all accounts.

• DNS menu permits the addition or deletion of records or altering the MX settings.

• Creation, modification, and deletion of MySQL database.

• Possibility of having strategized backup and recovery plans by users.

• 401, 404,403, and 500 error codes in additions to custom messages can be created using the software.

• Permission for directory password fortification.

The availability of all these features makes the DirectAdmin control panel so easy to use meaning that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to

4. Webuzo

Webuzo is another single-user Control Panel for Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems. The deployment of software that are server-based and scripts makes Webuzo easy to use. So instead of bothering yourself about maintaining the software, concentrate more on maximizing them.

Webuzo also comes with an app installer that helps you install more than 200 compatible web apps and software on the go. Webuzo’s user interface is straightforward and user-friendly.

Webuzo top features include;

MySQL management allows one-click installation of supplementary system apps like Python, PHP, Apache, MongoDB, PERL, Java, MySQL, and so on with no stress of setting them up one-by-one.

Its other features are;

  • Domain supervision
  • Various PHP versions
  • FTP support
  • Database management
  • SSL certificate monitoring
  • Creation of email accounts for existing domains
  • Switching between NGINX and Apache

5. Interworx

Interworx is technically a general name used for depicting two products, which are

• Nodeworn which is Server sysadmins used for managing servers and

• Siteworx, which website proprietors used in managing their websites.

This technology can beused by both website developers as well as website designers to keep the websitesof their customers up and running either on dedicated or cloud servers. Resellers can also employ this to manage their customer's websites. Users can also use it to manage their websites without disturbing resellers. Instead of spending time on server administration, website developers can now focus their energy on delivering irresistible content and writing flawless codes.

Here is Nodeworx general overview:

Nodeworx is a system admin interface used in managing servers and web hosting account (using Siteworx]. Take a look at a extensive synopsis of the Nodeworx home page here. Meanwhile, let's take a breather into some fantastic features of Interworx.

Absolute Control of Server

Nodeworx permits alteration of memory cache restrictions of MySQL and new name server DNS zones. It can also configure IMAP, FTP, SSH access, email, protection against virus attack, IP addresses, and firewall policy via the interface.


numerous server clustering allows vibrant scaling of your offers. You can as well craft, add, and eliminate the nodes and set up the cluster to operate within many networking settings like several NIC/server, NAT or external storage.

You might also take a look at Siteworx Overview here.

One-Click Backups

One of the vital and routine tasks that all website owners must not joke with are backups. Interworx assists its users to create fractional, prearranged, or complete backup with just one click. Any existing backup can be handled from a central location. Scheduled backup can be setup in such a way that makes it easy for you find anytime you need them.

Statistic Suite:

An influential statistic assists you in improving other website traffic monitoring paraphernalia that you use. There is also a constant update of apps like Analog, AWstats, and Webalizer. You will also get detailed information about how your website is performing. There is also five minutes update on usage bandwidth graphs while also helping you stay above the demand spikes.

Let's wrap up this here with this last piece.

Managed VPS Hosting at Lowest Cost

First of all, let's get this straight. These are the cheapest managed VPS hosting providers you could ever get in the market today, and let me also say that you can't get any Managed VPS hosting cheaper than $10 per month. If you are looking for cheapest unmanaged VPS hosting, then get a VPS from Vultr. Take your mind off any hands-on support or assistance from unmanaged VPS providers. Should you need to use the Vultr/DigitalOcean/AWS/Google infrastructure with round-the-clock technical support, opt for Cloudways.Cloudways provide managed VPS packages using the Vultr/DO/AWS/Google technology.

Anyway, all the managed VPS Hosting providers we discussed here are the cheapest out there. Still, cheap does not necessarily mean 'of poor quality.' What this means is that we did our thorough research and before coming up. If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact us!

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