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4 TB transfer
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Choose your server and use RDP servers as an operating system with instant deployment.

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All backups can be made while your RDP servers are running and online. There is no downtime during backup.

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There are no contracts at You can choose how long you keep your RDP Servers, Hourly, daily or monthly.

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Your RDP server is 24/7 online, no downtime, and can be accessed from all over the world.

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Configure your firewall and rule additions. They are easy and quick to set up and manage on the control panel.

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All our SSD Hosting servers have high security and protection to give you the best available RDP Server on the market.


We offer free RDP with a one to seven-day trial. This trial will allow you to test out some of the fantastic features available to you. You will get access to our powerful control panel, which will allow you to make RDP connections and access other vital information. The control panel allows you to easily upscale your servers if you buy the full version, so make sure you buy after your trial if you want to run many RDP connections at once. Read on for an idea of many more of the amazing features our RDP servers offer, and find out more about the support we give you to help propel your business forward.


Remote desktop protocol, or RDP, is a way to control a computer or a group of computers remotely. With RDP Windows, you can use your computer to access other computers and other data to save you having to log in in person. An RDP interface, or client, controls the other machine through an RDP server. If you want the fastest data connection and smooth transfer, a managed RDP server will give you top speeds and lots of features. There are many benefits of RDP. It means if you have a large team of employees working for you and producing lots of data, you can access all files from your computer without having to bother with large emails or meeting people.


Free RDP is great and gives you a chance to sample some excellent features, but to get the most out of RDP, the full version is unbeatable. 24/7 chat support is available to users of the full version. These servers are fully managed, so you can be sure they are secure and well run. Our tech team will answer every query you may have at any time, no matter how small. Our full version lets you scale up your servers through our control panel at any point, so if you need to connect to a new machine, you can do it quickly and efficiently.


Our servers are located in 15 different places across the globe. We aim to serve you and provide the best RDP Windows servers that we can, so we know that the more server locations we have, the better service we can offer you.

Being nearer the server means a quicker transfer of data, so if our servers were only in one location, they would be much slower. However, as they are in so many locations, you can be sure of a great speed that will keep your business going 24/7. We are spread across United States, Europe, Australia, and the Asia Pacific, and are based in cities such as Chicago, Sydney, London, and Hong Kong, amongst others. Accordingly, you can start using our RDP server by registering yourself with an email address and set your ID password.

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Free RDP Hosting


There’s nothing worse than having a technical problem and not being able to resolve it right away. If you own a business, your incomings could depend upon technology working correctly, so you need to be sure that you will have that support to hand. A good server company will want to fix your problems so you continue to pay for their servers. Hence, it makes sense to us to show our thanks to our customers by offering as much help as we possibly can. That’s why 24/7 online support is available. You will get an answer straight away so you can continue to work and make money. To ensure that you can actually get this benefit, you can check the comment on our customer reviews page, and see the positive comment that our customers leave behind.


To go from Free RDP to full RDP servers, simply choose the package you wish to purchase on our website. Our flexible billing will let you pay what you want, when you want, and cancel at any time. It means you’re not tied into a restrictive contract with harsh cancellation fees if you decide to go elsewhere. Although we’re confident our packages are so reasonable, our service is so good and our servers are so easy to use, that you will stick with us. We offer packages from as little as $4.99, and they come with a variety of core numbers and storage available. Get a bigger storage capacity to allow your business to grow to new heights and make you lots of money.

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DDOS attacks are when several computers attack your computer to cause interference in the connection, leading to a loss of data or corruption of existing data. These kinds of coordinated attacks can cause servers to crash for hours and for you to lose business, so you need to know you are safe from these. We provide industry-standard DDOS protection and detection. We try to find any trace of an attack and protect it before it has begun, so you are at as little risk as possible. Our software is constantly upgraded to the latest virus protection, so you can be sure that if any new attacks happen or viruses are released, we will do our best to keep you safe.


It is important to keep data flowing and connected. This will enable the smooth running of your business and optimize your chances of making a profit. Our Intel E5 processors will ensure that our servers do not slow down, and we estimate that they are operating at full speed for 99.9% of the time. Our connections are strong, and we have fifteen different locations full of powerful servers across the globe. This is to ensure that there are no dropouts. Dropouts can lead to loss of connection for important business deals or data collection. Crucial transfers can be corrupted during dropouts. If you want to avoid them, then get the full version of our RDP hosting client and servers products. These have all the features you need to make sure your business runs smoothly with no interruptions or delays.


3-Way storage Windows VPS


We offer a full security service, with protection from DDOS attacks, anti-virus, and extremely secure, password-protected servers that only the service controller and owner can access. We also offer the ability to completely delete your paid or freeRDP platform if you decide you do not need it anymore, so you can sleep well knowing your data won’t be stolen and sold on.


If you decide to pay for managed RDP rather than free RDP, we make it easy for you, as we know you’re busy. There are no contracts, so in the unlikely event our servers don’t work for you, you can leave immediately. Of course, we’d like to try and resolve any issues before this happens and keep you as a customer, so get in touch if you feel like this, and we’ll try to put things right. Our payment methods allow you to pay monthly and pay at any time. If you do decide to leave, you can destroy your server immediately, which will give you peace of mind that no confidential data from your free RDP can get into the wrong hands.

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Not everyone is up to date with the latest technology, so easy-to-use remote desktop software is required.

If you are looking for free remote desktop protocol (free RDP) hosting for your business, chances are more than one person will have access to the server, and different people have different levels of technological capabilities. So an intelligent, user-friendly interface will make everyone’s life easier. With Windows RDP, you can use our intuitive interface to access other computers, allowing you to access data immediately. Our control panel allows you to quickly access remote PC, perform shutdowns and restarts. It also lets you access your bills and any other relevant information. Having everything right at your fingertips will save you time.


There is a number of basic services that need to be done to keep your server running smoothly, and we have a lot of practice doing this. If you go for our full, managed server option, you will get frequent automatic upgrades to the latest software, which means you’ll be protected from any viruses. RDP hosting is a responsibility that we take seriously, so are on hand to answer your queries 24/7. All of our technicians have at least five years of computing experience and are qualified in both Windows and Linux. Hence, they can provide any solution no matter what operating system you are running. There is patching, upgrades, and kernel compilation available to make sure your server is running as it should be. If there is an issue with your server, and it's running slow or not performing to yours and our high standards, then we can do some server fine-tuning. This is a method of troubleshooting carried out by our experienced tech team who will locate any issues and get them fixed for you.

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