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How you can earn money with VPS

For the first time in the industry, rewards its members/customers for almost any action performed on the platform. Rewards are given as credits, which you can exchange for our services.


Ask questions

Earn credits by asking relevant questions that are useful to the community.


Share knowledge on Social Media

Earn credits by sharing tutorials and questions from the community on social media.



Got a friend or a contact who’s interested in buying a VPS? Refer them and earn. Credits will hit your account the moment they make a purchase.

Earn Money with VPS

Contribute Tutorials

Convert your knowledge into money. Each tutorial you write for the community earns you credits.


Comment on Questions

Got something interesting to say about a question or topic that’s trending in the community? Earn credits when members judge your comment to be the most valuable.


Ordering Products

You get extra credits for each 5 running VPS!

Activities and Credits Table

Activity Earnings
Successful Referral $25
Useful Tutorials (based on quality) $1 - $200
Many more surprises waiting for those curious enough to discover them! $1 - $500


Explore what’s already out there in the community. Read about the challenges our members have faced. Pick up valuable tips and solutions. If you have any knowledge and experience you think will benefit the community, go ahead and share it – you’ll be rewarded.

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Make use of tutorials written by our in-house specialists and our customers. They will help you get started with your virtual private server(s). If you have something insightful to share, bag credits and help others by adding a tutorial of your own.

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