There are a few commodities that are being consumed entirely where they are produced. That is why freighting is an essential part of the supply chain. However, transportation of goods from place to place is usually more complex than it appears on the surface. There are many means of transportation. Each one has its advantages and limitation, and each commodity has its most suitable method of transportation. In the past few years, online marketing has incredibly advanced and has become more popular. One of the crucial aspects of online shopping is shipping. When you buy online, you must also think about how it will get to you. That is why the shipping industry is equally booming as the online market is getting more popular.

But not only online market is contributing to the development of freighting across the globe. The increasing need to move more commodities from one country to another and from one region to another equally contributes to the shipping world.

The sea is the major route for many commodities. It has the capability to carry a massive volume of goods and heavy goods. It is also cheap when compared with other options. However, taking goods over the sea takes a longer time. It is also limited to regions connected by the sea. Other options include land and air. Transporting commodities through the air is referred to as cargo. It is the fastest and has no limitations. The land is also effective, but mainly within a short distance.

Freight Bills and The Supply Chain

If you are a retail company or a manufacturer of goods, there is no way you won't be dealing with a high level of freight. As a nationwide retailer, you will constantly need to move different products from the manufacturer to your warehouse and from the warehouse to different stores. As a producer, you will need to transport various objects at varying production levels, including raw material and finished goods. In most cases, it may be local transportation, but you might as well need international shipping.

Freighting is an essential part of the supply chain irrespective of the industry. However, both local and international transportation of goods involves complex processes, especially regarding payment. In some cases, the person sending the goods or the exporter pays the entire freight bill, while in some, the one receiving the goods or the importer pays. In some cases, the exporter makes part of the payment while the importer pays the balance. All these may make the process cumbersome. Luckily, freight payment and auditing can now be more effectively made with an advanced payment solution. This is what Software Solution Unlimited Inc. offers.

Software Solutions Inc

Software Solution Inc is an American company that specializes in providing solutions for freight payment and automatic freight audit, among other technological services. The company's headquarters is located in Tigard, Oregon but has a presence in many other cities and countries across the globe. Other services rendered by Software Solutions unlimited include the development of freight audit software, freight invoice processing, freight savings, cost allocation and coding, parcel audit, freight savings consultation, data analytics, business intelligence, among many others.

With advanced technology and experienced staff, Software Solution Unlimited Inc. has efficiently transformed freight payment and audit challenges into an exciting and effective cash saving. They had helped many companies grow and increase their sales and profits. They have eliminated many obstacles usually experienced during freight payment and make the business rewarding and promising. They also negotiate on behalf of companies to get reduced freighting costs and save.

How Software Solutions unlimited Work

Software Solution Unlimited Inc. offers several services to make transportation of goods and parcels easier for companies. Their services include the following:

  • Consulting Services

There might be no way to eliminate transportation costs from the supply chain, but they can be reduced with proper planning. Software Solution Unlimited Inc. has experienced staff who can advise on several ways to cut down freighting transportation costs. The company offers consultation services intending to help companies reduce the cost, stress, and processes involved in the transportation of goods. They can also assist you in eliminating unnecessary freighting processes. With their consultation services, transportation processes will become faster, and the distribution of goods will become more effective.

  • Freight Payment
Software Solution Unlimited Inc. can efficiently handle your freight payment. The company can pay its customer's freight bills on their behalf. There is always clear accountability, transparency, and visibility in this service. If you hire Software Solution Unlimited Inc. to pay shipping bills on your behalf, you will get all details and visibility of the transaction promptly. So, you will know how much you are paying and where you are paying to. With Software Solution Unlimited Inc. handling your freight payment, you can concentrate on other essential aspects of your business.
  • Freight Auditing
Every company frequently audits its accounts. Hence freight auditing is an essential part of many businesses. Software Solution Unlimited Inc. offers one of the most comprehensive freight audits in the industry. They audit both local and international freighting. The company uses an automated process to check every freight bill properly. With this high standard auditing, they can detect the slightest error and ensure you pay only what you should and your carriers play their roles precisely as they should. It doesn't matter the transport mode you use, Software Solution Unlimited Inc. will detect any irregularity, abnormality, or error in the bill, even when other auditors failed to see them. By doing so, the company can significantly save you a lot of money you would have lost to errors.
  • Carrier Contract Negotiations
Instead of combining transportation processes with other company's activities, businesses can outsource freighting and everything associated with it to Software Solution Unlimited Inc. This will not only help you to focus more on other businesses and save time and energy, but it will also help you save. How?

Software Solution Unlimited Inc. can work out ways to eliminate or reduce transportation costs. They can negotiate with your carrier to get reduced pricing. They can effectively analyze different carriers' proposals and recommend who gives the best offer. All in all, you can trust Software Solution Unlimited Inc. to identify ways of saving money and implement it.

  • Refund Recovery
One of the significant aims of auditing freight bills is to seek a refund. With professional auditing done by Software Solution Unlimited Inc., there will be money to recover and savings to make. SSI offers refund recovery services for businesses. The company can boast of helping their clients recover thousands of dollars monthly from freight payment. Getting a refund from your excess freight bills will help reduce your production cost and invariably increase your net profit.
  • Data Analytics
Many successful businesses today now use data science to analyze data and predict the future behavior of data. This will help them make informed business decisions. Software Solution Unlimited Inc. has a team of data scientists who can accurately gather information from companies' freight data, analyze the data and provide data-driven intelligence. You can use this intelligence to manage your shipping, eliminate avoidable expenses and reduce your supply chain costs.

Software Solution Unlimited Inc. data analytics effectively helps businesses to increase profits and grow. Many companies have benefitted from this advanced technology.

  • Data Insight
Aside from data analytics, Software Solution Unlimited Inc. can also create data for their customers. These data are obtained from shipping bills generated from different forms of transportation. Companies can use such data to make informed decisions about their operation, supply chain, and finance.

Working at Software Solutions Unlimited

Many people dream of working with a technology company. However, you don't even have to be a technical man before you join Software Solution Unlimited Inc. The company has a team of professional and well-experienced individuals, but it is constantly looking for more brilliant minds to join its team. There are many posts for different professionals to fill. These include data scientists, software engineers, software developers, business administrators, project managers, auditors, support specialists, and many more.

The staff of Software Solution Unlimited Inc. are always kept happy and equipped with all resources needed for effective and optimum performance. It is a suitable environment for any individual who wants to build or improve his career in the supply chain industry as well as the shipping and freighting industry. Their existing staff and former staff rate them high and give good reviews about them. Many of their staff had openly commended the management team and the work environment. The salary is also lucrative and above the industrial standard.

To be part of the great project at Software Solution Unlimited Inc., you can visit the company's website.

Want to Do Business With Software Solution Unlimited Inc.?

Are you looking into doing business with Software Solution Unlimited Inc.? the company will equally be happy to work with you. Their team will support you through all the processes of ensuring better service, easier delivery, and growth. You can contact them through telephone or e-mail, and the journey of growth and development will begin immediately.


Freighting is a vital part of the supply chain. Many companies spend a lot on freight payment every month. Hence any process that can lead to a significant reduction in freight bill will lead to a great saving and substantially increase profits. To help companies save, Software Solution Unlimited Inc. offers freight payment and freight audit services. Their services cover all forms of transportation, including water, air, land, and rail transportation. It also includes both local and international freight services. The companies provide automated means of auditing freight and parcel bills. Using the data collected from the payment bills, Software Solution Unlimited Inc. can provide supply chain intelligence services for companies. This data can be used by businesses to make informed decisions.

Software Solution Unlimited Inc. also offers consultation services for businesses. They help them identify areas where they can eliminate or reduce freighting costs. The company can also negotiate with carriers on behalf of their clients. They do help their clients get better offers, get refunds, save, and make more profits. They can make freight payments on behalf of their clients.

SSI consists of a team of highly talented and well-experienced professionals. However, it will be ready to add more talented individuals to its team. Whether you want to do business with SSUI or wish to join their team, you can contact them, and they will be happy to have you on board.

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