You’ll have to select from a wide variety comprising shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and Cloud Computing with their various pricing plans and resources. A Virtual Private Server web hosting package is one of the most commonly used because Its resources are equivalent to the need of average businesses. However, the main reason why a Private Cloud is preferred is because of the many benefits and resources available to users on its platform.

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What Is a Private Cloud And What Are Its Advantages

To enhance full comprehension of the concept of a private cloud I will first explain cloud computing.

Cloud computing, being of two major types, Public Cloud and Private Cloud, is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, that is without immediate administration by the user.

Its two major classifications, Private and Public Cloud, differ in their level of accessibility.

Public Cloud refers to cloud services administered without monetary charges or as timely subscriptions over the public Internet. Resources available on Public Cloud are shared between several users making inadequate privacy and security a major disadvantage of this particular type of cloud computing.

The major emphasis on this article will be based on the second class of cloud computing which is the Private Cloud.

Private Cloud Computing, also known as Virtual Private Cloud, Enterprise or Corporate Cloud is a customizable coalescence of resources within a private internal network or over the internet allocated to exclusive users rather than the general public. This form of cloud computing is an infrastructure designed for the sole use of a select enterprise hosted internally or externally and managed by the hosting service provider or a third party.

Virtualization Technology is adopted in cloud computing to optimize the use of the available hardware (that is, the servers) upon which private and individual data is stored. This Virtualization Technology enables the designers to divide the available server space into virtual components, increasing the space that can be allocated to users thereby making full use of the underlying hardware.

However, unlike VPS where one server is shared between few individuals, Private Cloud hosting enables users to have access to an interconnected variety of virtually partitioned storage devices.

There are forms of Private Cloud whose differences are barely recognizable, but I will briefly outline them. First of all, there’s the managed private cloud whose infrastructure is hosted internally but leaves the management to an external service provider.

There’s a community for private cloud and hosted private cloud. The former entails different businesses accessing a common private cloud while the latter involves the service providers operating the cloud on behalf of the website owners but still providing all the necessary resources while being sited in an external data center.

Finally, there’s Internal private cloud where the designers/companies that provide the services manage the IT infrastructure of their cloud by themselves.

Virtual Private Cloud is relatively more expensive than VPS hosting because of the integrated services it offers.

Speaking of integrated services, the benefits of using Private Cloud hosting outweigh the cost by far. These benefits include

  1. Guaranteed resource availability: The availability of resources offered by Private Cloud services is guaranteed due to the resilient nature of the virtual operating environment upon which they are run. Private Clouds run on several numerous servers, creating partitions between each one which allows them to gather resources from diverse areas. This is of immense advantage to enterprises that rely upon the accessibility of their cloud network as it greatly reduces downtime which attracts more viewers and customers.
  2. Customization and management: Private Cloud Servers offer a distinct degree of customization that is unavailable in most other web hosting services. Cloud applications available on the servers can be configured to the personal requirements of the website, enterprise, or business. However, an IT specialist will have to be present because the configuration of most applications in web hosting is not straight forward and thus, requires the services of an expert.
  3. Scalability: Scalability is one of the top advantages of a Virtual Private Cloud. In the event that the requirements of a particular business using Private Cloud changes due to growth and the current resources being offered are insufficient to run the website, adjustments can be easily made to tailor the flow and size of resources to match the new requirements of the business.
  4. Security and Privacy: Last but not least amongst these benefits is also the most important which is security. The major difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud is that Private Cloud servers are accessible only to exclusive users and the service provider (in some cases). This means that the risk of unauthorized access to the server is eradicated. The virtual servers are protected by different strata of company firewalls and internal hosting helps to prevent critical data from leaking out.

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What Is A Private Cloud, The Benefits And Who Should Use it

A Private Cloud as we have seen is a form of Cloud Computing and refers to a pool of resources within a personal internal network or on the internet allocated to isolated exclusive users. It’s quite different from Public Cloud which allocates resources to several users on a public cloud server.

Private cloud is of different types and they are managed private cloud, community private cloud, hosted private cloud, and internal private cloud.

A Private Cloud offers integrated services with several advantages including self-service, customization, and control left to the user, easy scalability with unrivaled flexibility, guaranteed resource availability, and top of the line privacy and security systems.

Knowing the requirements of your website will help you to choose whether or not to go for a Private Cloud.

The following factors should be considered before choosing the Private Cloud

  1. Size: If you have a medium-sized business whose server requirements do not include a completely personalized network of servers, you might want to give a second thought to your choice. Because choosing a Private Cloud with resources far above your requirements will lead to the underutilization of resources available on the hosting plan.
  2. Cost: Private Cloud hosting is quite expensive because of the premium services rendered. If you are not in the capacity to maintain a regular subscription to a private cloud hosting plan, I strongly suggest you opt-in for the services of a public cloud or a VPS as you may lose access to your server if you are not able to meet up with the cost.
  3. Availability of IT staff: The availability of IT staff becomes important when you do not have sufficient knowledge of how to customize and configure your server. Server customization plays a great role in the operation of your Private Cloud platform because when your server is tailored to your needs and personal taste, management becomes much easier.
  4. Security requirements: If the security systems offered by VPS and Public Cloud service providers do not match your requirements for the perfect web hosting plan, then Private Cloud hosting is for you. Their wide range of integrated security systems employs anti-malware protection, stratified firewalls, and several other measures put in place to avoid worst-case scenarios of server attacks and unauthorized access.

With these guidelines, you will find yourself on the path to knowing whether a Private Cloud web hosting plan is the best for your website.

To aid understanding of these guidelines I will now design a model and use them to determine whether my website needs Private Cloud hosting services or not.

Let’s say my website is for my magazine company with biweekly publications released on the net and a lot of payments are made via my site. I will definitely need a greater degree of security than what Public Cloud hosting providers can offer to protect my customers' data.

My company also uploads a lot of content, biweekly as I stated earlier, and I need them to be accessible at all times and this is quite a lot to ask from regular VPS and Public Cloud Hosting service providers. I will therefore need a service that offers guaranteed resource availability unmatched by other web hosting plans. Private cloud hosting begins to come to mind as these two factors have been considered.

So I decided to go for it. I choose one of’s wonderfully priced private cloud hosting plans. After I do so, I suddenly remember that I and the rest of my team do not have sufficient knowledge of server customization settings. So I quickly go on to hire just the right amount of IT technicians that will help in the day to day operations of the site.

I would not be able to do all these if my company's budget did not match the expenses I would be making in the course of my productive decisions. This makes the cost remain a very important factor in choosing the Private Cloud hosting service for a website.

Our Hosted Private Cloud And Infrastructure Options.

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You get to choose whether you want a Windows or Linux Operating System for your server. You make the choice, we provide the service.

Our customers also get full customization control over the server OS and determine how the server is tailored.

Our security systems are second to none, protecting your server from all forms of malware and Distributed Denial of Service attacks. We filter unauthorized traffic that might harm your server and detour them to our inspection systems where we ensure that illegitimate traffic is done away with.

You can also earn money while using our cloud servers. We give rewards to faithful customers in the course of their use of our cloud servers. These rewards can be redeemed and used to purchase other services. You get rewards for numerous activities you participate in.

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