NexGen Digital was founded in the year 1998and has since then worked as an excellent service provider and a licensed distribution partner of scarce electronic component s to OEMs and Contract manufacturers. It has popularized its brand and services through its quality and excellent service. Its corporate business guiding principle over the years has been unrivaled quality and dedication to the satisfaction of Customers' needs down to the most minute detail.

As already mentioned, NexGen has gained wide popularity, a large customer base coupled with lots of contracts from its inception to this point. The company has gone ahead to take their services a notch higher by helping clients to be able to detect fake electronic parts by setting up an anti-counterfeit lab to provide documented defense against fake parts in the market.

This has contributed largely to the trust reposited on it by the users/players in the market and NexGen has gone ahead to become a top and independent distributor of electronic components and many other products. Its anti-counterfeit lab provides service within China, Western Europe, and the North of America.

Notable is their 24/7 availability for partnerships with prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers and (OEMs) and Contract Manufacturers.


  • GLOBAL AVAILABILITY: NexGen Digital is available 24/7 for Global sourcing. Physically present in not less than 3 continents; Europe, North America, and Asia, the company typically buys, sells, and attends to orders all day long. To aid their availability in the markets, they have local representatives who are continually in the market scanning for helpful information on how better and more supportive support can be provided to customers.
  • INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION: Nexgen does not just provide quality products with a high degree of efficiency, they also offer excellent services to help clients sort out their various challenges and attend to their ever-expanding customer needs.
  • HIGHLY RATED: NexGen is highly rated as one of the most efficient suppliers in the market. This automatically makes them the most preferred suppliers in the market. With their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, they can offer quality products and services to their wide array of customers all over the globe. If there is such a thing as an ideal supplier and partner then, it is NexGen Digital. The company has consistently been on Customers’ highest supplier ratings.
  • STANDARD LAB FACILITY: Filled with the best pieces of equipment and the best crop of trained professionals, NexGen has achieved consistency in its strict compliance and certification for each industry. Their test and equipment are standard and efficient and the reason is simple: to ensure the circulation of only quality products and in so doing, secure the supply chain. Their staffing training programs are the best too. With a mandate to equip the inspection teams with knowledge way beyond the industry standards, NexGen goes the extra mile to ensure only highly knowledgeable professionals are certified in their training programs.
  • INSURANCE OF LIABILITY: Nexgen Digital carries an amazing insurance Policy with some of the best industries in the Industry. This ensures that products sold to clients are generally covered and NexGen is exempted from liability.


NexGen Digital has a breed of professionals who provide training on various areas through their workable training plans. Since the organization does not believe in jam-packing or ramming knowledge into its trainees, its training programs span over some time, allowing trainees to digest what is being taught so they can find the training useful in the long run.

Again, the training is but the precursor to a long-term working relationship with clients since from the beginning, the individual experience and schedule of clients are taken into consideration thus, creating an atmosphere of friendliness between trainers and clients. It is to this end that virtual training sessions are adopted instead of manual lecture times. The trainee-client is required to undertake or perform daily tasks directly on mobile devices based on what they have been taught so far.

A typical training session comprises a training room or training rooms depending on the number of clients taking the training course at that particular period, Individual computers (which could be PCs or Tablets), and finally, detailed exercises that are designed by the tutors/trainers to enable the clients/trainees to become better and more efficient at the training course.

The best part of the training exercises is that users are provided with all the learning outlines and resources that they need. Ranging from online resources which include Tips on acing the courses, user manuals, webinars, etc. In addition to these resources, users are given unlimited access to technical support. A team of experts is available always to ensure that challenges encountered by users are attended to and sorted out speedily.

NexGen Digital training is available in person or online. More than half of the training is practical hands-on and users having the opportunity to learn real-life skills.

When you register for any of the IT training offered by NexGen, you get the following benefits:

  • Live training and Coaching with NexGen’s professional trainers and tutors. They are available every week to teach you all you need to know and to get started.
  • Learning Flexibility: you can choose a part-time or full-time training period. If you run a very busy schedule then, you should choose a part-time schedule.
  • Availability of Training sources: Training resources such as manuals, handouts, workbooks, outlines, and guides are made available to the user
  • Mentoring sessions: For the sake of accountability, there are mentoring sessions designed to keep learners focused and on track with their training course. This is because, many learners are prone to becoming uninterested, lagging, and probably dropping out of the program as time progresses and the initial excitement wanes.
  • A Well-structured curriculum to ensure that learners gain mastery; the tutors are committed to ensuring that the learners gain mastery within record time by abiding by a well-structured curriculum and teaching routine. There are real-life projects designed to add to learners' portfolios as they carry them out. Also, assignments and other learning exercises are incorporate into the schedule to ascertain the level of mastery that has been gained by learners at different points in time.
  • Workbook: Learners are given a comprehensive workbook that enables them to work on their own without close supervision and the contents are created to make experts out of beginners in due time.

After undergoing the NexGen Digital IT training course, you have the opportunity to work in the following organizations/companies:

  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Walt Disney
  • Visa
  • IYA
  • Recognition as a semi-finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year Award
  • Recognition as one of America’s HOT 100 fastest Growing companies by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Recognition as one of America’s HOT 100 fastest Growing companies by Dun and Bradstreet

You can find these training courses here


The Nexgen Radio automation software is the best and the most used radio automation software in the United States of America. Its release was announced by RCS. Like a raging fire, it has gained wide popularity and uses within a short time. It is not just in use in the United States but has spread to other parts of the world as the most preferred Radio Automation software.

The NexGen Digital Radio Automation software is in use in over 2500 radio stations. These stations leverage the amazing features of the Software to play their audio every day. Also, it has fantastic features that help improve the quality of the audio, with each broadcast coming out as a hit.

Some of Nexgen’s amazing new features include:

  • Modification of Axia configuration to support 24 devices in the periphery
  • Addition of a New Field for keywords for labeling of spots and related functions
  • A new feature that makes it possible to return audio metadata through the generic web service
  • User is now enabled to send invalid spot email for resynced spots
  • A new feature that makes it possible for the user to capture pad data through DRR
  • User can now send Emergency spots to the air uninterruptedly
  • The user can now choose the AFC normalization method from inside NexGen

NexGen Digital contains many client-driven enhancements such as audio storage and playback and radio automation software. You can become a master user for each of these features.

The RCS NexGen will help you gain the mastery you need. Being a sophisticated platform, you will need to spend quite some time on it to be able to find your way around.

The RC team of Developers combined Nexgen Digital and Master Control to create Zetta which is durable and easier to navigate for beginners.

The Zetta Digital Radio automation is reliable and efficient. Zetta is advanced and always up-to-date with enhancements. Thus, it is extremely easy for the user to get updates. It is reliable and enables the user to stay and air since its transmission is stable and advanced. It is also intuitive in such a way as not to discomfit the user.

You can get quality training for NexGen For Radio station and your audio broadcasting needs on TSM Shreveport Training NexGen Production.

You can also get some assortments of the RSC NexGen software. They work to enable you to get acquainted with the NexGen Automation/Broadcasting features. Some of them include; RSC ipush application, RCS remote, etc

Now, go ahead and try them out!


NexGen Digital Company was founded in the year 1998 to serve as a third-party electronics distributor to help OEMs and contract manufacturers locate obsolete and difficult-to-find parts.

It has since then widened its scope of operation. Its scope of operation now includes the sale and distribution of electronic parts and electronic communication equipment. They now offer courses to upcoming Digital professionals too.

NexGen prides itself in providing products of standard and high-quality speedily and efficiently to their clients. Their wide array of services is geared towards providing solutions to the growing business concerns of its clients. Its Mission statement is simple: to serve as your company’s watchdog by providing a documented and important defense against supply deficit and the supply of substandard parts. Standard assurance is achieved through rigorous tests and inspection of equipment to ensure compliance to quality and the security of the supply chain. NexGen takes seriously the need to listen to the opinion of its customers and reflect such useful contributions in their products and services. The company’s AS9120 certification gives clients the assurance that the business needs, general or specific will be thoroughly attended to and satisfied through quality services, quality products, and excellent professional ethics.

NexGen also offers staff training programs to interested clients who wish to be empowered with the requisite skills and knowledge needed to surpass industry standards.

Another attractive aspect of the company is its multimillion-dollar insurance Policy with one of the top three insurance companies. The policy ensures that components/electronic pars sold by NexGen to customers are covered under general and aggregate and products and completed operation liability on the inside and outside of the facility.

NexGen values relations and is committed to building and serving its relationship with clients, past or present. Beyond the deals, the company acknowledges the role that its clients have played towards its exponential growth over the years and in fact, regards its clients as its most valuable asset.

NexGen is a small business entity. It collaborates with IDEA to increase value. Its collaboration with IDEA has yielded several benefits such as ensuring the integrity of parts and their services. This, they have been able to achieve by supporting the policies and information conveyed to protect clients from fake and unethical business practices.

In recognition of its excellence and commitment to Quality service, NexGen has been awarded several awards.

Nexgen Digital

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