Not many people believe machines that can take actions that will surpass human intelligence can be developed, but machines have been used in many ways to perform duties customary to humans. Yet, artificial intelligence is still evolving. Many computer programs can now function like the human brain. They can analyze data, make interpretation of information, and decide on the next action. These computer programs are called intelligent software.

What is Intelligent Software Solution?

Intelligent software are computer applications that function based on artificial intelligence. With the information provided, these computer programs can make decisions and take actions automatically. Intelligent software is usually used to analyze and interpret data and make data-driven decisions. From the information they receive, they can think, make decisions, communicate with other computer programs, and also communicate with humans.

Intelligent software are used in many applications. In marketing, they can be used for analytics interpretation, make marketing suggestions, and provide customer support services. In health care, intelligent software can be used to detect infection and avoid transmission of communicable diseases, among others. In Defense, It is used to predict enemies' plans and actions and make counter-actions. Intelligent software can also be used to manage traffic and keep the environment safe. The application is endless.

How is Intelligent Software Different from Other Computer Programs?

No doubt, intelligent software are computer programs but the major features that differentiate them from other computer programs are the ability to think, make decisions and actions without human input. While other computer programs simply follow your commands, intelligent software doesn't need you before acting. They are intelligent, so they can make decisions.

It may be difficult to conclude that these computer programs are more intelligent than humans. Many software developers don't even believe that computers can be more intelligent than us as all levels of intelligence are based on human understanding. However, they can think faster than humans and analyzed complex data more rapidly than we can do. Even though they may not be able to make more intelligent decisions than humans, they can do it quicker than us.

Challenges Facing Intelligent Software Development

Intelligent software must use artificial intelligence to function. However, artificial intelligence requires large data and a high level of expertise. For intelligent software to make the best decision, it must function on a perfect AI. This field itself is still under development. Getting skilled software engineers and AI professionals may be challenging. Also, you must trust your software to make the right decision. However, the risk of a computer program making decisions and taking automatic actions is always there.

Area of Application

Intelligent software can be applied in virtually all areas where computer applications are . Although the application is limited now, it is expected to become wider in a very near feature.

Intelligent Software Solutions

Intelligent Software Solutions Inc. is an American company that focuses on the development of software and data integration. With the headquarters based in Colorado Springs in the United States, Intelligent Software Solutions Inc. provides services in every part of the United States and beyond. The company offers the following services:

  • Data Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Event Analysis
  • Pattern Detention Technologies
  • Mining Operation Software
  • Automated Report
  • Data Application

Their services are usually offered to the military, defense, law enforcement, healthcare, cyber operations, and infrastructural development agencies. The company pride itself on providing solutions that are will make the world safer, healthier, and a better place to live. They use cutting-edge technology to connect people with the world and their environment better. Using intelligent software, ISS has developed many products, including C2Core, a command tool developed for the military to react to attack by the enemy. C2Core uses several field data, custom alerts, and an intuitive user interface to make an assessment of on-field situations and execution of reaction more rapidly than the enemy can respond to.

Their other products include detectwise, a software developed for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Detects makes it possible for a facility owner to quickly detect if a visitor entering his facility possess health challenge to other people in the facility. With this product, the risk of transmitting Covid-19 is reduced, and high traffic areas are made safer. The company can tailor-make this product to fit the need and budget of each building owner, who also makes it unique.

For the transport industry, Intelligent Software Solution Inc developed iNET, the intelligent software that monitors traffic on highways. It can be used by the city and municipality officials to effectively manage the traffic and transport system. It also extends to roads under the state management, including highways, toll roads, freeways, and tunnels. iNET also increases the safety of road users.

There are lots of other solutions from ISS for different sectors. They all focus on using intelligent software to make our world safer and more conducive to life.

Intelligent Software Solutions Global

Intelligent Software Solutions provides services beyond the United States. It extends intelligence analysis to the military and law enforcement agencies in different countries. Its services also extend to other government agencies across the globe. It has a presence in over 44 countries and has a team of highly skilled staff with many years of real-life experience. Everywhere it operates, Intelligent Software Solutions Global has the same mission, to make the world a better place to live.

Intelligent Software Solutions Career

Are you interested in being part of Intelligent Software Solutions? Choosing a career to make the world a better place is one of the best decisions to make. There are many career opportunities available at the ISS. These opportunities are most especially for software engineers and software developers, but there are spaces for other professionals.

  • Cyber and Intelligence

Cyber and intelligence operation at Intelligent Software Solutions involves operations in cyberspace. It includes cybersecurity, cyber analysis, different levels of intelligence and counterintelligence services, and cloud storage.

Intelligent Software Solutions have a team of professional cyberspace operators. This team includes cyber analysts, cybersecurity engineers, cyber operations engineers, technical documentation specialists, data scientists, counterintelligence policy analysts, cloud software engineers, task lead and program managers, and full-stack developers.

You can be part of this great project and contribute your quota to the development of actionable intelligence. All you need to do to join the team is to visit the company website and fill in all the required information.

  • Mobility Solution
Mobility solution provides intelligent solutions to all forms of transportation and mobility. With intelligent software, states, cities, and municipalities can achieve better management of their transport system. At Intelligent Software Solutions Global, there are chances for professionals in the following fields to join the existing team: Traffic engineers and associate traffic engineers, drainage engineers, structural engineers, planning managers, design directors, materials engineers, construction managers, design review engineers, and similar professionals.

Being part of this team will enable you to be part of global development. Work closely with other professionals, and contribute to building a better and safer society.

  • Missile Defense
From the beginning of history, every society has been with enemies. Today, the threat is still very much there. That is why every nation must have a system that can respond to advances of the enemy quicker than the enemy's attack. You too can contribute to this.

Join a team that is working to protect the nation. Tactical defense is an essential part of every community. Intelligent Software Solutions Global works closely with the military to develop defense mechanisms that work. More talents are needed to achieve the best result. The company needs a spy baseline radar system trainer, GBI specialty engineer, program analysts, system engineers, radiofrequency technicians, and computer system analysts.

Together, the team is to eliminate all threats to national security as much as possible. Commitment to one's nation and humanity is the main driving force required here.

  • Engineered System
As we live today, we must plan for tomorrow. Intelligent Software Solution Global is committed to developing software engineered towards ensuring a safer and sustainable future. For this project, the company requires the services of SCA environmental technicians, IT directors, construction managers, project managers, full-stack software engineers, construction support schedulers, and construction project managers.
  • Space and Geospatial
Intelligent Software Solutions Global is embracing space technology and is inviting every interested individual to join the team. There are many potentials in the space, and it is worth tapping. Being part of this project will expose you to actions beyond our planet. It is both exciting and rewarding. At the end of it all, it will make our world a better place to live. For this project, the company seeks Geospatial Program Advisor, software engineers, antiterrorism specialists, emergency management specialists, program configuration analysts, cloud software engineers, and multiple platform DevOps engineers.
  • Connected Communities
You can be part of a team that works tirelessly to build the community. The major aim of this project is to build infrastructure. Intelligent Software Solutions Global designs, develop and delivers infrastructure solutions that will connect our society and improve the standard of living. The company seeks the services of the following experts: regional safety service patrol operator, smart vehicle solution programmers, document control administrator, traction power construction engineers, and specialists, and environmental monitor officers.

Everyone is Welcome

Intelligent Software Solutions Global believes that great ideas can come from anybody. Hence the company does not discriminate among ethnicity, race, religion, belief, or gender. Over the years, it has worked with people of diverse origins. Its staff strength is distributed across all groups of people. It believes in diversity and inclusion. There is always a chance to be part of its numerous projects. You can click here to know more about its activities and career opportunities.

The Take-Away

Intelligent software are computer applications that use artificial intelligence. They can accept data, analyze the data, reach a conclusion, make decisions, and take actions without human interference. With that ability, they can act at a very fast rate than humans. Although this field is still evolving, some companies are championing the course. Among these pacesetters are Intelligent Software Solutions Inc. and Intelligent Software Solutions Global. ISS Inc is based in Colorado Springs in the United States, while its international organ, the Intelligent Software Solutions Global, has a presence in over 44 countries across the globe. In all its operations, the company's main goal is to make the world a better and safer place to be. Therefore, it provides solutions to the military of different countries. It also helps in developing software for managing transportation, building better infrastructure, keeping safe during COVID-19 pandemic, counter-terrorism, and many other fields.

Intelligent Software Solutions does not discriminate among people of different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, or races. It believes in diversity and inclusion. It has people of diverse origin in its workforce and is still seeking more professional and enthusiastic individuals to join its team.

Intelligent Software Solution

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