The fact that computer and technology services and supplies are something organizations, companies, and institutions use every day has made it easy for just anyone to have a say. Now, if you are familiar with the technology industry, you will agree with me that nothing beats purchasing a high-quality computer product that serves all your needs, meets your expectations, requirements, and lots more. Which other company does it better than digitek computer products?

Digitek computer products Inc is a technology company that is charged with the responsibility of distributing computer supplies to individuals. It is a household name, and if you are living in Virginia, you should be more familiar with this company.

Digitek computer products Inc is a well trusted company for your quality, durable and affordable computer supplies. Here, you are faced with products that bring a lasting solution to your needs and meets the requirements of work.

The company makes a wide range of computer products available for users to conveniently purchase, and enjoy a long-lasting season of satisfaction. From printers to mobile printing solutions, Digitek is your best plugin for any printer-related product. Also, we specialize in distributing information technology products, imaging supplies, magnetic and recording media, and even expression compatible toners.

Working at Digitek computer products Inc

Working in digitek computer products Inc comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. Therefore, we seek to hire professionals who are knowledgeable in this line of study to be able to carry out work functions effectively.

With its headquarters in Dulles, VA, digitek computer products have a total number of about 50 or more employees. These employments come with a laid down procedure and attribute to the fact that getting the right qualifications is what determines your being hired.

  • Customer service representative

You must have come across that job title lots of times. Digitek Computer Products Inc offers qualified candidates the opportunity to work as a customer representative.

What's does a customer service representative do?

In every organized institution, the customer service representative is an essential position that determines how a company is run.

A customer service representative is charged with the responsibility of answering questions to both customers and the public. Work functions can be carried out either face to face, online, via mails, or live chats. They serve as an intermediate between the company and customers.

The duties of a customer service representative vary from one company to another. A customer service representative working in a call center communicates with customers through mobile phones. Also, a customer service representative working at a telecommunication company has specific duties to perform which may vary from another industry. One of these duties includes service problems like outages.

Generally, customer service representatives make use of computers, telephones, or other devices. They may not be at the forefront of sales, but customer service representatives contribute to the growth of a company through the information they provide.

  • Sales representative

A sales representative is another important position in digitek computer products Inc. A sales representative works effectively to represent the company well during sales of products and services. How well a sales representative works determines the rate of revenue of the company.

The position of a sales representative requires dedication, commitment, and loyalty. The function of a sales representative can be likened to that of a customer service representative, although the latter work more to bring in sales and revenue to the company.

How do you become a sales representative?

If you are aiming for the position of sales representative, there are steps to follow. They include;

  • Get experience

Before applying for a job as a sales representative, there is a need to have experience. Either you have worked previously as a sales representative, or you have worked in a field of work that involved persuading people to buy products and services.

  • High school degree

Education is an essential factor to consider while choosing an applicant for employment. Most employers will choose a graduate over a non-graduate when it comes to hiring an applicant. Therefore, it is better to be equipped with a high school degree.

  • Get a degree in marketing

A candidate applying for the position of sales representative at digitek computer products Inc will do well to get a bachelor's degree in marketing, as this is a plus. Not only will it boost your chances of getting accepted, but it also helps you to get a broader view of what the job entails, thereby ensuring expertise.


  • Motorcycle license
  • Driver's license
  • Certified license
  • Real estate license
  • ASE Certification
  • Account Executive

The position of an account executive requires a lot of experience. When we talk about account executive, an applicant should have a bachelor's degree in one or more of these. They include;

  • Psychology
  • Advertising
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Business management

Also, an account executive is expected to have background knowledge of software like Microsoft Excel. Having good communication skills, creativity, proper attention to detail is the attribution of an account executive.

Some requirements of an account executive

  • Ability to adapt to various situations

For an account executive to function properly, having the ability to adapt to situations is extremely important.

  • Good communication skills

An account executive should have good communication skills. This way, there will be a proper understanding of colleagues. Lack of proper communication brings a lot of inefficiencies.

  • High level of organizing ability

An organized system makes enough room for transparency, dedication, and generating of sales

  • Ability to manage time effectively

Time is an important factor in any company. How fast you generate sales, act on instructions, make corrections, and make proper management decisions determines how the company is run.

  • Good at multi-tasking

An account executive is expected to be good at multi-tasking to be able to function even in extreme situations.

Digitek computers and accessories

At Digitek computer products, we deal in different types of technology products and services, which include; cameras, printers, batteries, and lots more.

Firstly, let's look into the services and benefits you get from digitek computers.

  • Your residential home

Are you having issues with your computer? Is your printer behaving abnormally? No worries! We are here to help you pass through the hurdles. We assist you in keeping your Computer in order, securing a wireless network in your home, and keeping your computer system safe and devoid of a virus.

Most times, we find out our computer system is malfunctioning due to one fault or the other. Other times, it could be our hard disk or a slow network. We all know how annoying it can be if you have a lot of workloads that need to be done, and your network is incredibly slow. Digitek computers products Inc is your number one solution.

  • Repair

When your computer develops a faulty battery or does not function properly anymore, then it's high time you go for a repair. Also, if your system has security issues, you don't have to take it for granted.

We help you to avert a possible breakdown of your computer, and also repairs it when the need arises. Memory upgrades are essential to your computer if it is running low memory or has low storage. Assisting you to successfully upgrade your memory is what we are good at.

  • IT support

In need of an IT support team?

The fact that you do not have an IT person on your entire team does not make a difference if you allow us to be your team. We provide you with efficient IT services, coupled with an unimaginable dedication to duty. Our IT solutions are timely, and not minding the location, we try as much as we can to give you exactly what you want, and how you want it.

  • Networking

Networking is an essential part of an IT support system. If your company tends to replace a router, we are here to do that. We help in setting up a new network. Be it at home or in your office, we ensure you are satisfied with the outcome.

  • Consulting services

At digitek computer products Inc, we don't just provide you with repairs, upgrades, or network services. We are also available for your consulting needs. Now, when we say we are versatile, we are not far from the truth. It is okay to not be sure of which technology option to opt for, as there are a thousand and on options to pick from

However, partnering with us not just clears your puzzle, but also ensures you are satisfied with the outcome. We help you to think through the numerous choices, weigh your options, and come up with the best choice. Our consultancy services are not limited to just office decisions, but also your home technology needs.

  • E-commerce solutions

With the recent turn of events, stores, companies, and institutions work tirelessly to ensure they are at the top of their game, by seeking ways to increase sales. Now, there is no better way to do that than partnering with us.

Do you have services to render? Or you intend to upgrade your store? We are here to help you to not only get awareness, but our solutions are timely thereby boosting sales.

  • Better websites

Do you want to enlarge your business venture? Are you in need of a website for your organization?

Getting a website is for your business is a big step that leads to expansion. Now if you need a functional website, we ensure you get it. Also, assuming you already have a website, but need it to be updated, we help by getting a plan that works just for you.

We will be looking into digitek computers and accessories. Firstly we will start with printers.

Digitek computer products employee review

A lot of questions arise on the issue of work at digitek computer products Inc. How often do employees get promotions? How easy is it to get a pay raise? Would you be able to recommend working at digitek computer products Inc? This is a bit of the question that seeks answers.

Past and present employees at digitek computer products have shared their reviews and experiences at Digitek computer products Inc.


  • Good food during lunch breaks
  • Digitek computer products have hardworking employees who are committed to duty and ensures they carry out required functions.
  • Fellow employees are friendly and able to associate well with colleagues
  • There is an absence of rancor or hate among co-workers but rather they help each other as and when necessary.
  • There are laid down instructions, and employees are provided with training, and guidance to be able to carry them out effectively.
  • The level of teamwork at Digitek computer products is amazing. Here, employees work together to achieve company goals.
  • Digitek computer products Inc exhibits a high level of loyalty that is next to none.
  • Ability to bring a solution to customer's needs and satisfy them. Digitek brings a timely and effective solution to customer's needs which brings an amazing working experience.
  • Employees can work from the comfort of their homes
  • There is the existence of customer friendliness and the ability to follow up.
  • Managers and other high-profile employees are white helpful and wonderful to work with.


  • There is no much time for a break
  • Most times, employees have to work from 7 am to 9 pm, although this is not regular
  • Unstable working environment
  • Employees are in constant fear of being laid off
  • The constant change in the rate of payment

Frequently asked questions about digitek computer Products Inc

1. What benefits does an employee get from digitek computer products?

  • Working at digitek computer Inc enables you to have health insurance.

2. How is the vacation policy like? How long do employees get time off?

  • 2 weeks is combined with sick time.

Digitek Computer Products

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