Various storage means emerge daily to provide the safest data facility for its users. Dexxon digital storage is a reputable company that ensures quality data storage and office technology solutions. Dexxon is in Ohio, and they are well known for delivering disk cartridges, optical disks, CD and DVD media, diskettes, hardware, and cleaning products.

Modern technology needs digital storage that can back up large files without losing any of its vital content. To grow as a successful leader or company owner, you need to figure out the most effective data storage options available. Here is a compilation of the information you need to run a smooth working environment.

Digital storage is less expensive and mobile. Compare to the old storage method, new storage comes in small size and is easily writable. It is crucial to every business owner, especially starters trying to gather enough visibility online. To improve your server uptime performance, you need digital storage compatible with the data you run.

Unexpectedly losing client's contact, documents, and emails can cause disaster to a company's growth. Digital storage is the right tool that is readily available whenever you need to access your data. By so doing, you are less fearful of losing your stuff, and when you do, you can be sure to retrieve them back.

This article further provides information on the digital storage method and the most common device for storing data.

What is Digital Storage?

Digital storage is a space that keeps relevant data or information for future use. Its scope widens as the day passes, including cloud storage. Cloud storage allows users to keep larger files and protects better security measures. In cloud storage, users can decide who to access their online data or otherwise.

Digital storage uses silicon or optical material to store data on electromagnetic devices.

Storage is a vital function of digital companies. Individuals use it for various purposes, including storing personal photos. Likewise, organizations use it to prevent sensitive information from leaking out to competitors. The organization's team can monitor work progress by storing up time-based data on different sections. With the introduction of artificial intelligence in work operations, enterprises need supportive modern storage to analyze valuable data than ever. Analyzing bulky databases and the large script is possible with dense storage infrastructures, computing storage, and NAS.

Methods of Digital Storage

Digital storage is open to everyone, as long as there exists a file or media to upload. Interestingly, it allows restoration in case of backup interruption or data loss. However, there are several means to keep your data. Depending on your organization's requirements, you need to figure out the most suitable method for you.

Let us start with three methods of digital storage.

  • Public digital storage
  • Private digital storage
  • Hybrid digital storage

Public digital storage

Public digital storage ensures user's data are safe by hosting it on cloud computing. Here, you are sure of round-the-clock internet availability. Users barely have access to the data center. The method is also known as an off-premises digital storage method.

Companies that do not want to stress themselves log in and maintain a server they go off-premises. They avoid challenges associated with implementing updated IT infrastructure. In the real sense, controlling and maintaining a data center requires some techy-savvy skills. If you do not have an IT expert on your team, contact Dexxon to deliver a quality digital storage device. It is pleasant for small and medium-sized companies just starting up. They would channel their finance into another branding option like website development. Here, you can scale up your resources.

As a starter, you can run limited resources and scale up whenever you observe your website guests are growing beyond the current capacity. By so doing, you are sure not to spend extra resources than you require. Nevertheless, make sure your resources are sufficient enough to run the amount of traffic your site generates. It avoids downtime or slow performance.

However, if you are hosting your server on a shared platform, it could cause traffic or delay loading times. It is more liable to permit unauthorized access since a lot of servers share the same virtual machine. Nevertheless, You can enjoy maximum privacy on a virtual private server or dedicated server. Another form of enhancing your data security is encrypting some information on cloud storage. We recommend small websites such as blogs to maximize the shared hosting platform if users can not afford private digital.

Private digital storage

In this method, users build a mini data center for their server. It is also known as unmanaged services or on-premises digital storage methods.

The user is fully responsible for the server maintenance, configuration, and troubleshooting. Big organizations can run a private storage method by owning a dedicated virtual machine. In this case, a whole VM belongs to you without having to share with any user. As interesting as this may sound, it is expensive.

Companies that are not as resourceful use a designated room for their server operation.

Either you are renting a whole day data space or using a mini-store, as long as you are in charge of management, it is a private digital storage method. Organizations have control of the panels, system settings, and root access. However, bear in mind that it requires users to update systems and applications up to date, repair or replace worn-out equipment and access protocols.

It is labor-intensive and may require huge capital. If you do not have the capacity, we recommend you contact the service of a provider.

Hybrid digital storage

Hybrid digital storage is a method that implements both private and public digital storage systems. However, it operates using the same package for both storage methods. You can run hybrid digital storage by your IT department or request an outsourced provider service.

Operating private and public digital storage at the same time strengthens your data security. A physical disaster such as theft or fire outbreak can hardly affect your data stability. Likewise, you can retain control of your server while hosting on a public data center. It is known as colocation. You would enjoy the high equipment and versatility of the said data center. Hence, you are not spending an excess amount on power and cooling.

In any of the three methods mentioned above, you can set up your backup function automatically. It ensures your server system is updated, which reduces exposure to viruses or malware.

How Does Digital Storage Work?

Science sometimes operates like magic, but its results are proven facts. If you are wondering how a virtual device could connect and hold a data so much? Technically, digital storage uses code to perform its storage function. The computer can identify and translate the system codes. To guarantee tight security, Dexxon digital storage saves your data in different compartments. This ability is one of the benefits digital has over physical storage such as hard drives. In physical stores, it takes much attention to distribute items in the same file adequately. With Dexxon digital storage, you can also keep your data offline.

Two major storage components exist, which are hardware and software. The computer storage capacity uses the binary format of the unit. Computer smallest unit is hit, with one byte representing eight bits. Meanwhile, you did find enough storage systems today that can run multiple bytes. Nevertheless, this capacity is only possible by standard server providers out there. As a result, big organizations run servers with a team of technical experts. Sometimes, organizations with enough financial resources build data centers for themselves.

Digital storage works effectively by allocating space based on data types. For instance, a web server would require lesser space than multiple servers. Also, a server that runs for the sole purpose of running large applications and uploading heavy media requires a large storage capacity.

A magnetic coated material known as a hard disk is where bytes write off the computer data. The hard disk spins on its machine at a fast speed per second, reaching about 30,000 revolutions. The inner magnets attach data information to the disk as it keeps rotating.

An advanced method of writing data is the solid-state drive (SSD). SSD is not a drive. However, it performs a similar function as a drive with silicon chips. It is proven to yield more advanced results. Contrary to HDD, SSD lasts longer since it does not rotate, which often causes wear and tear in HDD.

There is also the virtual tape library (VTL). It requires no tape before writing data on the disk. However, it maintains the properties of tape storage.

What is the Most Common Device Used for Storing Data?

Storage devices mainly store data in an electrical machine. The most common storage device in the computer is the hard drive. This hard drive serves its purpose of saving files, applications, operating systems, and folders. Asides from hard drive, there are other devices used for storing data.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

HDD stores data by spinning a circular disk-like a record player. As the rotating speed increases, it increases the number of data it can record per second. HDD is an old storage device but common among many users since it is inexpensive. Usually, it can span up to five years, with limited storage space. In most cases, users prioritize the modern storage device while HDD serves as storage for less used data.

Solid State Drive (SDD)

SSD is an innovation that covers some HDD performance limitations. SSD is a modern device with a wide range of storage capacity. They operate at a higher speed level, storing data ten times faster than the HDD rotating device. As mentioned before, SSD has a longer lifespan than HDD because it has no moving parts.

On the other side, the NAND chip operating on the SSD device is expensive to produce and maintain. Hence, it is more expensive than HDD. Nevertheless, if you want a fast data writing disk, we believe it is worth the expenses.

Five-dimensional data storage

The 5-dimensional device operates with a fused quartz disk. It has the capacity to measure your data in terms of width, depth, length, and two optical views. To get your data optical view, we recommend you adjust the device polarization before applying.

It last longer than other storage devices. Due to its durability, users sometimes consider its usage. However, it requires a lot of capital for effective operation.

Tape drives

Like HDD, tape drives are a traditional method of storing data. Many companies and organizations use tape drives to store data that do not need frequent availability. Tape drives do not require expensive equipment for operation. They are the least expensive storage device. Since big organizations stick with tape drives, the cost of migration becomes bigger.

Above are the most common device found among users for keeping your data.


When considering your digital storage facility, its system availability and adequacy should your utmost importance. Dexxon digital storage runs several digital assets, which were mentioned above. It shows their capacity to ensures storage stability and diversification.

When companies saw the essence of digital storage in collaboration, they migrated from old on-site storage locations. However, reputable service providers like Dexxon owns data centers in certain parts of the world. These data contents have a virtual machine that runs every user server, including its digital storage capacity. It allows users to share data with another party. Hence an organization or company prefer to host its server in data centers that operate 24/7. Nevertheless, a user does not necessarily have to get involved in data center operations. As long as you subscribe to a plan with a provider, any issue or technical problem that may arise would not be a problem for you.

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