Talk about a software online service company and Computer services Inc will be mentioned. The world has gone global and online networking platforms are on the rise. Banks, schools, and even company's make use of online or internet solutions in their day-to-day activity.

What is computer services Inc?

Computer Services Inc is an international organization committed to providing online customer services to users. Operating as a customer service company, it offers mobile and internet solutions, and bank and payment processes to users. Also, it deals with regulatory compliance, cloud-based banking security, and electronic distribution. Whichever of these is your need, computer services Inc is here for you.

Over the years computer services Inc has proved to be a brand name in technological and fintech solutions. It is committed to helping businesses achieve their goals, increase sales, and manage techniques with structured online technology and effortless integration.

Computer Services Inc brings to users a wide variety of services to choose from depending on their needs at a time. Some of our services include;

  • IT security
  • Enterprise banking
  • It management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Document distributions
  • Digital banking
  • Core bank processing
  • Print and mail services
  • Payment solutions

Advantages of Computer services Inc.

We would be looking into them.

1. IT security

Every day there are stories of cybercrimes in one organization or the other. This is due to a lack of adequate protection of data and important information. Now how do we avert this?

We work effortlessly as a team to stop them from gaining access to your data and network. With our team of professionals, we ensure your data is protected and not exposed to cybercriminals. Our security services are targeted to protect your organization, secure its data, and make you come to us more.

Our security team works are channeled to ensuring a healthy IT working environment and protecting your organization from risks that come from cyber insecurity. Our end-to-end system monitors, analyses, and secures customer's data and the IT community.

Our solutions

  • Penetration test

Your network security is our concern. We project hacking attacks aimed at testing the security of your network. This way our team of technology experts get to know of any possible loopholes and work together to building a stronger security network.

  • Firewall protection

Makes your security stronger by introducing encryption, defense, and anti-virus. This is to ensure the protection of your play stations, and servers, and for them to function effectively.

  • Web contents

Another way we ensure the security of your data and information is by listing the websites and platforms we consider unsafe. This way, employers are prevented from clicking or venturing into those websites.

  • Cybersecurity monitoring

We offer some cyber monitoring platforms for users. Some of them include; DDoS protection, malware, SOF, SIEM services, and even server monitoring.

  • Mobile phone security

We also secure your smartphones and other devices that are linked directly or indirectly to your organization. This way data stored in your smartphone is secured and safe from penetration or hacking.

  • Cybersecurity rules

Every organization has laid down rules meant to adhere to, and this network system is not an exception. While working to safeguard your data and information from cyber threats and cyber hackers, we ensure we adhere to laid down organizational and federal regulations.

Our IT solutions give you access to;

  • Leverage real-time reporting
  • Avert security threats
  • Ensures your system and network are safe and protected.

2. Enterprise banking

Banking operations, customer services, and attitude to work are what determines how well a banking system turns out. An efficient banking Enterprise with up-to-date technologies is way ahead of one without any.

This is where we come in. Our solutions enable you to tackle problems that arise during the process of banking without stress. This way, you get to meet the everyday Target and satisfy a customer without wasting time unnecessarily. Also, we offer you solutions to help reach the target audience, customers and moves the industry forward. Our new technologies help you to avert huge costs in running your organization and saves you a lot of time.

Why use our Enterprise banking?

We are not your regular customer service provider. We aim to ensure users get top-notch online banking services that will surely put them an edge above their competitors. With our innovative strategies, we work to ensure you keep up with the latest online solutions.

We believe in originality and authenticity, and that is evident in each of our platforms. With our industry-leading services, we make our services simple, safe, and at the same time innovative to ensure you are well above your competitors.

Computer Services Inc offers you the opportunity of scaling through all hurdles.

Our solutions

We provide

  • Loan management tools
  • A view of executive banking reports
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Simple and secure payments

Loan management tools

Are you looking for a loan management scheme for your business organization? Computer Services Inc is the best option among the rest.

Our loan management software provides you with a safe loan transaction that saves you stress and the risk involved in falling into the wrong hands while maximizing returns. With our tools, there is easy access to loan schemes and an even easier way of payment that enables you to pay at ease.

Sometimes, some banking operations make loan and loan management schemes hard and inaccessible. This does not augur well with the needs of a customer. The technology backing loan management schemes are what determines the level of success your institution achieves. Computer Services Inc offers you flexible tools and solutions aimed at making the whole process effective, and easy for both employers and customers as well.

We achieve this by;

  • Helping customers keep track of future or past credit documents or files.
  • Outlining a balanced and uniform loan interest rate favorable to all.
  • Giving room for loan exceptions at different levels.
  • Keeping track of underwriting exceptions during the loan process.
  • Loan portfolio analysis

Computer services Inc enables you to safeguard your bank's integrity by making available necessary tools. Our loan management systems are there to minimize risks, make payment easier, and guides you through loan decision-making.


  • Information on auditing, reviews, and customer data.
  • Tracking of loan budget
  • Collateral valuation

3. Regulatory Compliance

Another important aspect of our services is the regulatory compliance aspect. We help you ensure that you and your business comply with rules and regulations. As we all know, business involves risk, and finding the best solution to each of them goes a long way in maintaining the stability of your business, achieve common goals and drive your business forward both in technology. One of these risks is cyber threats and criminals who try to get access to your data. Also, government rules and regulations are one thing you would not want to break.

What do we do?

We provide every necessary help to ensure you are an edge above your competitors. By providing regulatory Compliance services, you are safe from these threats and lots more. Our top-notch Regulatory Compliance services drive your company driving forward.


  • Sanctions screening

If you are running a business organization or company with a lot of customer details and information spread across various segments, then you might run into the risk of being sanctioned. Getting a comprehensive and clear view of your organization, and its regulatory Compliance will help you avert being sanctioned. Mind you, these sanctions come with penalties and huge fines which might create a hole in your company's pulse.

We are here to help you avert this. With our Watchdog®Elite platform, we work to ensure your customer details and information are imputed into one software so as not to incur sanctions from international watchlists.

  • Cybersecurity compliance services

We also offer IT security against cybercriminals for banks, and other financial institutions. Their lots of Federal regulations that might pose a threat to banks and financial institutions, and we are committed to keeping you up to date with current regulations, and providing cybersecurity compliance services for your financial institution.

  • IT risk assessment
  • Vendor risk management
  • Cybersecurity compliance service
  • Sanctions compliance

4. Document delivery solutions

Computer Services Inc have you covered in document deliveries. Are you in need of a trusted mail or print partner? Or perhaps you want to improve the banking experience of your customers?

We offer you reliable document delivery solutions that got you covered and provides your customers an interactive environment.

Our solutions keep you updated even in the transformations with the printing sector. We offer you printed bank statements and other mail services. Also, while doing this we adhere strictly to federal government storage guidelines. Our solutions are the best choice for the credit union, and banks, as it helps you increase your productivity.


  • Print and mail services

We work to provide satisfaction and cooperation to both customers, and employees. If your institution works with mail, our print and mail services serve your needs. The solutions we provide keeps your company together, fosters communication, and maximum cooperation from employees.

  • Business Intranet solutions

Communication is a huge part of every organization without which it suffers. It helps to bring customers, and employers and makes collaboration faster.

Our Intranet solutions enable you to effectively communicate with your employees, and board of directors. Also, our software helps to secure your communication details, while making the whole process easier and simpler.

Communication leads to productivity, and that is our aim in providing you with our reliable Intranet solutions. Our communication software allows you to distribute resources meant for which enhances production, makes room for transparency, and ensures employees are updated with information.

Affiliated computer services

The affiliated computer is a popular company in the information technology sector. It is a company committed to offering information technology services to users. Also, it is known for its services towards giving business outsourcing solutions to a whole lot of users. These include; non-profit organizations, businesses ( both small and large), and even government agencies.

Founded in 1988 by Darwin Deason, this information technology company has worked tirelessly to ensure its users are satisfied by providing quality services. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. However, in 2010, reports show that Affiliated computer services ranked 341 in the Fortune 500 list. With its parent organization as Xeros, Affliated computer services have a total number of 74,000 employees as of 2009.

Quality computer services Inc

Another technology organization we will be looking into is quality computer services Inc with its headquarters in Pittsburgh. Quality computer services Inc is known for its services in the computer industry. We deal with sales of computer gadgets and accessories. It doesn't stop at that. We also provide a whole lot of computer services to users.

As we all know, knowledge of computers and technology is what every organization should keep in handy, as it's a big asset. That is where quality computer services come in. We are committed to ensuring the provision of technology services to users who are interested in partnering with them.

Furthermore, our services are not limited to a particular business organization, but we provide technical support to both small and large businesses. Customers and clients can only be satisfied when you provide their needs when it comes to technical answers to their questions and needs. That is what quality computer services Inc offers you.

Our services

  • Professional services

We are highly committed to ensuring our customers get the best computer and technology services once they decided to come to us. We give you quality and efficient service that makes you come for more.

  • Customer care

Our organization will not be complete if after providing you with quality services, we don't give it the right way. We offer you professional customer service, give you the needed attention, and ensures you are guided through. This is one of the numerous reasons our customers come for more.

  • Location
We have our headquarters in Pittsburgh. Also, we have our branches in other parts of Pittsburgh that you can branch into for your computer and technology services.

Computer Services Inc

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