Being the administrator of a relatively small business, you might want to pick either a VPS web hosting platform or a cloud hosting option as they offer quality resources and security at reasonable charges. Of course, cloud hosting is the better of the two as better integrated resources and services are offered on their platforms. Log on to to make your choice from a select range of quality cloud hosting plans designed just for you.

Is Cloud Computing Good For Small Businesses?

Before proceeding to answer the highlighted question above, I would like to explain what Cloud computing is. Cloud computing refers to a network of resources available to users over the internet rather than on remote servers. This is possible because, unlike other web hosting platforms, cloud computing employs the use of several cloud servers at different data centers linked to the internet. Clients’ data are stored on these servers and the ease of retrieval is greater since they are all linked to the web.

Cloud computing is of two major types; private cloud and public cloud. Private cloud refers to a customizable collection of resources within a private internal network or over the internet allocated to exclusive users rather than the general public. Public cloud services, on the other hand, are cloud services administered with monetary charges or timely subscriptions relatively cheaper than that of private cloud over the public Internet. Hybrid cloud is a more recent innovation and refers to an amalgamation of the two major types though still less expensive than private cloud.

The benefits of cloud server network usage in businesses cannot be overemphasized.

  • Security: Most businesses are concerned about security because of the sensitive data they upload onto their servers. And because cloud computing offers access to their servers over the internet, users fear that cybercriminals will have unauthorized access to their data online. Well, understanding what the IT staff and employees do in a cloud hosting company will help to clear most if not all doubts regarding security. Cloud hosts are tasked with the responsibility of careful monitoring of the security status of their clients' data. Any attempt to gain illegitimate access to the servers is tracked, identified, and denied access.
  • Portability: Mobility as a benefit of cloud computing, refers to how easily accessible data is with any device. Personal smartphones and tablets have access to cloud servers as long as they are authorized. This reduces the stress of being physically present in the company building and using the company computer systems. Though, a few features might not be fully utilized with smartphones, your employees will be able to attend to customers from their various locations, especially when these employees live far away from the corporate office or adverse weather conditions prevent them from going to work.
  • Scalability: The flexible nature of cloud hosting plans is one of the major advantages of cloud computing. As your business grows, your resource requirements will increase too. Extra bandwidth, server space, and other resources allocated to your website will need to be increased. Luckily, one has the option to switch over to another pricing plan that offers better resources. Some businesses also have bust and boom cycles. During such periods, it’s advisable that you make your subscriptions on a period most suitable for the season. For example, if you experience incredibly high sales only for a couple of months in a year, it is best you go for a plan that offers resources that will help your website to cope with the traffic during that period. A string of monthly plans rather than a yearly one to avoid waste of resources and unnecessary cost.
  • Improved Teamwork: Because of the online nature of cloud-based platforms, it is easier for employees to work together. Employees do not only have access to the same information but can also share this information between themselves without requiring the use of flash drives and other temporary storage options. Collaborative social spaces are a platform available in some cloud hosting companies that enable employees to easily connect with themselves while in different offices easing the transfer of information between them and making work more efficient as more hands can be on deck with little or no stress at all.
  • Price reduction in the long run: Have I mentioned the fact that there is an option to pay for cloud services as you use them? That is, if you use the services of a cloud computing platform for 22 days in a month you don’t need to bother about the remaining 8 days you may have paid for because there is a pay-as-you-go option. This greatly reduces cost in the long run especially if you take accounts of every expense made in your business.

With all these benefits in mind, you should go for a cloud hosting option. However, due to the expensive nature of private cloud hosting platforms, public cloud hosting is the best option for small businesses. offers a wide variety of highly scalable, managed, and unmanaged cloud options for you to choose from. Click on and start your seven-day free trial today.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

I briefly described Public cloud hosting as the best option for small businesses. I would like to explain further. Public cloud computing offers resources such as bandwidth, server space, and RAM for free with very limited resources, or to subscribers with more resources over the public internet. The main concern business owners have when choosing a public cloud service is security. They fear that as their resources are shared with other subscribers since it’s available on the public internet, these other subscribers will have access to their data. This fear is uncalled for in most cases as a reputable cloud web hosting providers such as ensures that the security of each client is monitored and unauthorized breaches are rectified and resolved.

Public cloud computing has its own benefits in particular. Some of them are:

  1. High Dependability: As I previously mentioned, in cloud computing, clients' data are not just stored on a remote server. They are stored on several interconnected servers in different data centers across the globe. All these servers are connected to the internet and in the event that one becomes inoperable, there are still others you can depend upon.
  2. Easy Scalability: Public cloud computing offers resources that can be well adjusted to suit your business’s requirements. It is really easy for one to choose from the several pricing plans available. Ranging from pay-as-you-go to hourly to yearly, you have a lot of options to pick from. These options come in handy when you are uncertain of your website’s traffic during certain seasons.
  3. This list would not be complete without the inclusion of one of the most important benefits of Public cloud computing; reduced infrastructure costs. When you use the public cloud, you do not need to pay for the management of the servers. It is the sole responsibility of the service providers to take care of the day-to-day running of the servers and all systems associated with them. This reduces a lot of costs as you will only be paying for the resources you receive.
    This particular advantage in public cloud computing platforms does not apply to the private cloud where you have to pay for the running of the servers and you will need to manage the systems yourself.
    However, no matter what type you go for, when compared to other options, you will see that cloud computing is relatively cheaper than most because you pay for only what you use. This can be advantageous in so many ways.
  4. Security: In addition to the Distributed Denial of Service attack protection, public cloud hosting service providers offer, there are other protective measures they take to ensure the safety of their clients’ data. As aforementioned, security is not much of an issue as the IT teams of your service provider scrutinize traffic and all requested access to filter which of them are legal and the ones that maliciously try to gain illegitimate access to your server. They use a similar method to identify DDoS attacks on your cloud servers.
  5. One more advantage is that you do not need to pay for any hardware or software as you only pay for the resources you receive. This is a very crucial factor that eliminates a lot of costs for users. Since all your resources are available on-demand over the internet, there is no need for you to pay for any additional hardware as you will not need them. Also, pre-installed software on your servers is enough for you to use in the course of your administrative work.

The only downside is the unavailability of a wide range of customization settings since the public cloud is managed by the hosting providers. However, has custom software and user-friendly software on all their public cloud computing platforms that enable users to be comfortable with the services they receive at reasonable pricing. Log on to to start your 7-day free trial and enjoy the best public cloud computing platform available.

What Can A Cloud Server Be Used For?

There are several purposes a Cloud server can fulfill. From storing your website data to acting as a messaging system, there are multiple functions of a cloud server. I will be explaining them below

  • Data storage: Data storage is the most important feature of a cloud server. Cloud servers are partitioned using virtualization technology. This method of splitting up a server helps to optimize space and utilize available resources. This enables multiple users, in the case of the public cloud, to be allocated portions of these virtual spaces for the storing of their website and even personal data in some cases. Let's say your resources are a bit more than what you need, you can choose to store other important data that belong to you. This is a utilization of the Infrastructure as a Service, (Iaas), a feature of cloud servers that enables users to gain access to storage.
  • Vault: I briefly introduced the concept of storing personal data on cloud servers. This is a very ludicrous utilization of available resources because your data isn’t just stored on the interconnected network of servers, they are also kept very secure by the security processes that I mentioned previously
  • Platform for web-based applications: Employing the SaaS, Software as a Service, feature of cloud servers enables users to successfully run their web-based software. Accessibility to this software is guaranteed, as these servers are interconnected and linked to the public web. You can use these applications anywhere and anytime because of the online nature of cloud computing services.
  • Web Hosting aid: If you intend to run a web hosting service as a business, it’s easy for you to do so because of a particular type of cloud computing called PaaS, Platform as a Service. This provides interested users with the tools and equipment to build and successfully host a web hosting platform. This is very important as you will be able to provide services on-demand and online. The availability of a web hosting platform accessible anywhere is a magnet for potential customers as people crave ease in their daily production activities.
  • Messaging services: Most cloud hosting service providers ensure that software enabling Collaborative social spaces are preinstalled. This provides you with the power to reach out to your employees and share important data with them that facilitates teamwork and efficient productivity at work. Imagine not needing to transfer files into a flash drive and moving over to your employees' tables to share important data with them. Imagine only needing to upload these files and click “share” on the cloud servers’ software itself without needing to logout. Well, that’s much possible with could services today as they create platforms for effective communication in business.

With all these amazing features and benefits, cloud computing should definitely be an option for you if you’re looking forward to a splendid experience of integrated web services exclusively for your use. If you run a relatively small business, the Public cloud is the most suitable option for you to reduce cost and ensure optimal utilization of your server space. To gain access to these features and many more, log on to VPSserver’s official website,, to start your 7-day trial today.

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