Cloud Server Backups provides real-time protection against data loss and service disruptions. The perks of having secure cloud server backups cannot be overestimated as they help in maintaining data integrity and providing critical cloud infrastructural support. The generation of more data from various devices keeps making the process of creating backups seem quite complex.

It gets more tasking with the data generated from different locations, and it would help if businesses can access an excellent backup solution. Interestingly, cloud server backups are taking up the challenge, as they help save information onto your hosted cloud-based server. You can also backup such information using public or private storage providers. The advantage of this backup form is that you can easily store other copies of your data using a remote system that will protect such data from loss.

Hosting using either public or private storage providers is good but may also have its downside. Using the hybrid hosting technique may provide a better and easier data management system since it combines private and public storage backup.This technique allows you to use private storage for confidential information while using public storage for other non-sensitive information.

Besides, cloud-based backups facilitate easy monitoring of several backups from one web-based area irrespective of the specific location you saved your data. You will also enjoy unlimited versions of a file with the local backup, single file restores, and universal restore for different hardware, which may be below the cloud backup functionality standard.

The type of multitenant platform that clouds backup uses facilitates great transfer speeds and good end-to-end encryption. Such encryption provides a secure pathway for your data. You can quickly offload many heavy lifting related to in-house data recovery and protection.

In general, the cloud server backup is good because it will safeguard your data against sudden external damage or attack such as theft, fire, ransomware attacks, etc. The main point in all of these is that you have secondary storage for all of your data where no form of attack is possible. You can easily retrieve your information from this type of backup storage.

Understand the type of Cloud Backup Services

You can always either choose between private, public, or hybrid cloud server backup. However, you will need to understand these services well to select the best that will suit your specific business.

  • Private Cloud Backup Services

This is the enterprise cloud backup storage for computing and is used by many single organizations for their business. It provides easy accessibility, privacy, security, and control.

Although this type of cloud backup service is usually for single tenants, you can use it also as a form of multi-tenant architecture for your web. This type of architecture will allow many users to access the backup facility, but each individual's data remain inaccessible to other users.

  • Public Cloud Backup Services

Unlike the private cloud backup services, the public cloud services use a third-party such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. This third-party platform will maintain and manage your data storage using a multi-tenant environment. The multi-tenant environment usually shares its resources with other users in the cloud.

The public cloud backup service uses different resources to provide an affordable platform and facilitate an easy pay-as-you-go type of data storage. Moreover, you can scale this type of pay-as-you-go system to meet your basic business needs.

  • Hybrid Cloud Backup Services

The hybrid cloud backup service uses a combination of private and public backup services. This backup provides a type of management platform that extends across both the third-party web services and the single and multi-tenant nature of private and public cloud backup services.

Backup Storage and Cloud Server Backups

Backup storage is a requirement for any web owner against unplanned downtime or data loss. This backup storage offers multiple layers of protection, a flexible schedule, and quick recovery options.

The cloud backup storage supplements the hard disk space, thereby facilitating easy access to your data and quick editing. As such, you can always restore any data loss of your files. You will need to ensure that such files are already manually stored on the cloud backup storage.

The cloud server backups use the online backup storage with its dedicated server to give you the lasts flexibility of cloud hosting since it works to save all your files automatically. This server backup is a good option for business owners because it has an enterprise-level backup feature that works well with the hosting platform.

Besides the cloud's highly available object backup storage, the cloud server backup provides access through a simple API call, thereby avoiding additional servers for dedicated storage. The encryption of your files via the storage and transfer option provides for secure data storage.

3 Best Business Online Backup Services

If you are searching for the best cloud backup services to prevent against devastating data loss, below is a list of the best three online backup services for business which will give great scalability and security for any enterprise level.

  • IDrive

IDrive is purposely designed for many small business owners and offers great scalability and collaboration features. You can easily upgrade to a better storage plan whenever the need arises. You can restore, manage, archive, and synchronize your data using this online backup service.

Moreover, you can also quickly share files via your device because this service can instantly detect any small changes in your device’s file and quickly back them up almost immediately. Its archiving features prevent careless data loss through sharing and transfer.

IDrive has a 256-bit AES encryption that complies with SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA security regulations. This encryption allows you to quickly get your data copy sent to you in any event of server crash or any form of data loss.

  • SOS Online:

SOS online backup includes many other premium add-ons features with unlimited backup for many devices. This backup service comes with no file size limits, unlimited versioning, and no maximum retention time.

The encryption on the SOS online backup is an optional per-user encryption key; thus, it is not stored on the cloud storage system. What this means is that your data will not be accessible to any other person.

  • Backblaze:

Backblaze gives unlimited capacity for users. You will not need to browse through the several multiple levels because it comes as a single plan which offers unlimited backup space for many business owners.

Backing up using Blackbaze is easy, and you can quickly have access to your data via any web platform. Aside from this, it has an anti-theft feature that keeps a record of the IP address of any device you use to access it.

Backblaze now has a central management tool that allows you to have all administrative control over your resources. You can also decide to assign other users to oversee separate groups for viewing details about backup settings and status, custom billing, and to receive immediate alerts whenever any problem arises.

What is Cloud Backup and How Does It Work?

The cloud backup allows you to store files and other data from different server resources, making up the backup environment. Usually, third-party hosting providers host the secondary data storage system and charge some fees based on the storage space used.

The cloud backup works by copying data and storing it on several other storage spaces. You can easily use the cloud backup service by first completing a full backup of your necessary data. Often, most organizations use the 3-2-1 approach to save three copies of data on two separate media while one copy of the backup data is on an offline facility for easier accessibility in case the online data are not readily available.

The cloud seeding technique allows the backup providers to send storage devices to its user. The user can backup data to this device and then return it to the provider. The advantage of this is that such a user will not need to send the data to the provider over the network again.

There are arrays of devices using small network-attached storage (NAS), which can be sent and returned easily. Such an array allows huge data backup while only a little changed data is backed up via the network. The features that enable the cloud storage system to function optimally include

  • Ability to maintain many applications and great support for the back-end resources.
  • Scalability ensures that you can easily increase or decrease your resource environment depending on the current capacity.
  • The use of a multi-tenant model platform ensures that multiple users share a single cloud environment.
  • Ability to access your cloud-based resources on the internet at any point in time.
  • You will only pay for the number of resources you use over a period because of its pay-as-you-go nature.

Primarily, if you quickly want to set up your cloud storage facility, you will need to;

  • Buy a cloud backup service.
  • Install the software in your system.
  • Select the important folders, applications, or files you want to backup.

The automatic backup is a provision from most cloud backup service providers that are set to update your data over their service periodically.

Performance Cloud Plans and Pricing

Performance cloud plans are packages designed to help you get started, especially by making it easier for you to set up an infrastructure-as-a-service platform that ensures that you can quickly scale your environment.

These plans support several disaster recovery managements, numerous workloads, and have a great compliance need. You can unlock unlimited possibilities for your web via a remote management system, file servers, and easy migration features through the performance cloud plans.

Additionally, you have absolute control over your environment, and there is the flexibility to help you create and manage your VMs and perform other basic operations on your cloud server. This performance cloud plan allows you to create some rules on your VM, add disk memory and CPU, create the start order, and make your VM snapshot.

Another advantage to the performance cloud plans is the modest flat rate pricing it offers. This pricing allows you to have optimal control of your cloud server while building your infrastructure. Such pricing also allows you to get the best cost on your usage as you fearlessly scale up or down from several pools of resources at your disposal.

A starter plan can cost as low as €131 per month, and this plan has about 512 GB, 4 GB RAM, 2 cores, and 128 premium SSD. The pro plan, which is the highest for most cloud storage providers, costs up to €1,473 per month with 4 TB worth of backup, 64 GB RAM, 16 cores, and 2 TB premium SSD. Any other plan you decide to choose and in-between these two starter and pro plans.

These different plans give you the ability to choose from a range of services, the best one that will suit your users' needs at that particular time. Moreover, you can always scale up and down whenever the need arises. You can also decide between selecting between either managed infrastructures or managed operations.

You will have absolute control over your storage resources if you opt for managed infrastructure, while the managed operations allow your cloud service provider to take over the control of your online resources. The managed operations may be good for business owners who don't have the time to manage their allocated resources or other newbies who are just venturing into the world of online cloud storage.


The cloud backup service's main feature is that you can easily replicate your data on secondary storage different from that you use offline. This storage gives you absolute control of your information in case of eventual loss.

Since such information has been replicated on the cloud storage server, you can easily access them. The main advantage of this is that access to such information can be done on any internet-enabled device.

Cloud Server Backups

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