Axiom Cyber Solutions, headquartered in the United States, is the only organization that offers Enterprise Level Firewall and Surveillance to small to medium-sized companies, which provides constant broad spectrum updating and surveillance. NASA, CERN, and the then-State Department have used chipsets in their firewalls.

The ongoing patching, patches, and vulnerability learning that Axiom Cyber Solutions does over 50,000 times a year is what sets them apart. At an inexpensive monthly subscription, 24/7 expert surveillance is like running a Security Operations Center, or “SOC.” Axiom’s firewall and support help you achieve and maintain PCI, HIPAA, and SOX enforcement. Easy-to-understand reporting and dashboards show you precisely which kinds of attacks you’re facing and how Axiom stops them.

Application development is a set of computer science practices concerned with creating, design, deployment, and support of software.”

The compilation of instructions or programs that tell a machine what to do is known as software. It is hardware agnostic and allows machines to be programmed. The following are the three basic types:

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We found early on that there was a significant void in existing cybersecurity safeguards and that the time between when a new vulnerability is discovered around the world and when you patch your devices against it is your risk factor. If the time passes before the vulnerability was disclosed, so does your chance of a compromise resulting from the exposure. We were able to develop the SecureAmerica Threat Defense Program thanks to Shannon’s global expertise in creating platforms for organizations including Cigna and Walgreens.

Our platform collects vulnerability data from over 100 open and closed sources and uses machine learning and human-guided automation to provide real-time alerts to our customers. Per day, Axiom sends over 350,000 vulnerability data points to each of our clients, ensuring that their devices are protected from the most recent cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. The latest Equifax® hack is an excellent example of this since they were aware of the Apache Struts vulnerabilities for months before the breach happened. On the day that the Struts weakness was made public, all of Axiom’s customers were safe.

Finding trained cybersecurity experts to help secure their data is another big obstacle for small and medium companies. Typically, the company owner delegates all IT activities, including cybersecurity, to one individual. While IT experts are decent generalists, today’s environment necessitates hiring a specialist employee to protect the devices against the current attacks.

Hacks and threats are becoming more complex, as we’ve witnessed over the past three years, and IT generalists cannot keep up with the massive amounts of data being thrown at them. Consider returning to a primary care physician for a surgical procedure. The family physician is an excellent general practitioner, but he or she is not a cardiologist. The same is true here, and we cannot stress enough that IT is not synonymous with cybersecurity.

To these problems, Axiom has a simple solution. Provide all a business wants to be safe, refresh it dozens of times per day, track everything 24 hours a day, and handle it for the industry to focus on what he does best, which is why he started his company’s management. Axiom acts as an extension to our customers’ IT teams, making them seem to be heroes. We never want to take jobs away from current IT staff; instead, we want to shield the company from next-generation cyberattacks, allowing IT staff to focus on keeping the company’s technologies running smoothly.

Axiom Cyber Solutions aspires to be the most trusted cyber-security technology partner by offering intelligent, agile, disruptive, and integrated cyber-security solutions. We help our clients transform their businesses while staying focused on what they do best with our technology solutions. We agree that once you find a career you like, you will never have to work another day in your life. We want to create an environment that draws people passionate about technology and are enthusiastic, inspired, and imaginative.

Axiom may provide utilities, hardware, applications, and maintenance for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the hardware. In comparison, you can expect to pay between $8,000 and $15,000 for a simple 1GB throughput next-generation firewall with deep packet inspection and advanced vulnerability intelligence for dark network blocking, ransomware blocking, denial of service security, and crypto-jacking blocking. You’d also have to handle the unit, making sure it’s not only programmed also but adequately held up to date daily.

We give our customers the whole security cloth, in addition to Axiom’s patented firewall technologies, based on the scale, complexity, and depth of their market. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), next-generation controlled anti-virus, manipulation grid technology (honeypots), safe storage and recovery, secure and encrypted PBX phone networks, vulnerability assessments, penetration monitoring, post-breach eradication & remediation, and on-demand monitoring are some of the additional functionality we deliver for a low monthly subscription. There is no startup charge or initial expense, and unlike other companies who want to lock you into a three-year contract, we start with a 12-month commitment.

One of the most undervalued benefits of hiring Axiom as a cybersecurity firm is the peace of mind that comes with ensuring that all of your cybersecurity is linked together to deter attacks or incidents from slipping between the cracks. The probability of accidents and incidents going undetected increases exponentially as businesses cobble together various responses that don’t speak to each other. All of Axiom’s engineers have received cybersecurity training and certification from US government-approved programs that are difficult to obtain and difficult to retain due to the high level of continued education needed to maintain certification.

Entourage Investment Group LLC has made a strategic equity investment in Axiom Cyber Solutions LLC, a leading supplier of hardware and services for small- and mid-sized companies’ cybersecurity support. Jon C. Wolfe, Chairman, CEO, and President of Entourage Investment Group, have joined the Axiom Board of Directors as Chairman.

Entourage’s investment will be used to bring Axiom’s Polymorphic Cyber Defense Systems® to market and raise knowledge of the company’s unique enterprise cybersecurity solutions.

Axiom’s Polymorphic Cyber Defense System® integrates an expert-managed next-generation firewall with Axiom’s SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform® of human-guided ai technology that delivers constant alerts from various open and closed sources of threat intelligence.

It’s called “polymorphic” because it adapts to rapidly shifting and emerging cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities. To remain clear of hackers, attackers, and previously unknown bugs, Axiom’s Polymorphic Cyber Defense Mechanism® quickly provides a broad spectrum of upgrades to system components.

Axiom was founded in 2015 by Troy and Shannon Wilkinson to develop integrated and intelligent cybersecurity solutions. The company’s founders, whom Wolfe describes as “incomparable talent and market icons,” hold a significant stake in the business.

Axiom was named a Top 10 Managed Firewall Service Provider by Enterprise Security Magazine a year after its introduction. In 2017, the firm won the Family Owned Business Whippersnapper award from Nevada Business Magazine.

“We are ecstatic about our relationship with Entourage,” said Wilkinson, who is also the CEO of Axiom Cyber Solutions. “We will be able to extend our capacity to bring unique, disruptive, automated, and insightful cybersecurity technologies to market with the financial support and strategic skills of Jon Wolfe as our Chairman and Entourage as our business partner.”

Before the takeover, Entourage Investment Group was the single biggest investor in Axiom Cyber Solutions. “Troy and I are both very excited for Axiom’s next installment. Entourage will include the funding, facilities, and other services needed for Axiom’s original vision to expand and thrive “according to Shan

Shannon Wilkinson, the co-founder of Axiom, says, “Entourage will bring required funding, technology, and other tools that will enable the original vision for Axiom to expand and thrive.”

According to Jon Wolfe, CEO of Entourage Investment Group, “Automation and machine learning, which make up a major part of the robust Axiom infrastructure, will fill a significant void in the cybersecurity workforce. With inexpensive and attainable security solutions from a single distributor, Axiom’s SAAS products are ideal for leading the SMB industry. Data is an organization’s most precious asset, and Axiom’s main goal is to protect its clients’ data, credibility, and brand from all cybersecurity threats.”

Troy and Shannon will continue to serve as mentors to Entourage to ensure that existing and potential clients have a smooth transition.

Entourage Investment Group, LLC (Entourage) is a private investment firm focused on lifestyle companies with varied services, industry-leading innovations, and positive social influence, either separately or collectively. The team at EIG works relentlessly to improve the marketplace and economic performance of the businesses owned and strategic acquisitions made, based on demonstrated commercial success and deep industry ties. www,entouragegrp,com is a website dedicated to the entertainment industry.

The SecureAmerica Threat Security Platform®, designed by Axiom Cyber Solutions, is a comprehensive, polymorphic cyber protection framework that involves a next-generation firewall, supervised by professionals, monitored 24x7, and constant alerts to keep its clients one step ahead of attackers. Axiom provides products that suit the smallest to most prominent businesses, from a one-person at-home company to firms with thousands of concurrent customers on their networks regularly, despite its emphasis on the small-to-medium business sector.

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When Axiom was established, our founders noticed a lot of significant cybersecurity issues.

  1. Most solutions (hardware and software) do not communicate with one another, resulting in visibility gaps.
  2. Due to time, experience, and budget limitations, companies fell behind in patching potential threats.

That’s why Axiom Cyber Solutions developed its Controlled Cybersecurity Solution, which involves next-generation firewall/intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), managed anti-virus, managed network monitoring, and managed vulnerability scanning for a low monthly fee, making cybersecurity accessible and attainable for all businesses of every scale.

Axiom Defender Home

The network protection tool Axiom Defender Small Business Cyber Defense is developed to protect internet-connected small businesses from hacking, harassment, ransomware, spyware, and more. When online, this simple interface will link to Axiom’s polymorphic threat protection scheme, which will scan your network for attacks. To ensure real-time defense against the current attacks, the device is updated regularly with up to 150 major security upgrades.

When attacks are discovered by the Axiom Defender Small Business Cyber Monitoring network security system, you will be approached immediately by a professional who will resolve the problem quickly and successfully, ensuring that your business productivity is not harmed. The unit is placed directly behind your internet connection and serves as the first point of contact for all internet traffic, both inbound and outbound.

For $129 a month, you can handle up to 5 users with 500MB of storage with Axiom Defender Small Business Cyber Security. There is no startup fee for small and large businesses; you pay for the first month’s membership when you place your order. To ensure the company network’s continued privacy, the system delivers regular alerts to over 350,000 vulnerability points, as well as 150 major security updates.

Axiom Cyber’s enterprise-level security in a simple-to-use home computer.

Axioms tools are battle-proven to prevent or break down threats before they start to defend the home and small business. They were built by the Intelligence Community and engineered by retired US government professionals.

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