If you are based in North America and also work there, chances are that you have come across ASI products in your workplace.

ASI computer technologies are reputed to be one of the top suppliers of IT equipment in the US and Canada and if you are tempted to ask exactly what they supply, a better question will be, what don’t they supply?

Need a PC? Call ASI technologies; what of scanners? Security cameras? The answer is ASI computer technologies.

ASI computer technologies supply almost any IT equipment, service, or component that you can think of and their product lines range from security cameras, surveillance software, devices for storing data, and at least up to 15000 other products for both employees and employers to speed up workplace productivity and efficiency.

After more than 3 decades of being in business and producing high-quality outputs and results for their clients, ASI has become a trusted and well-known brand as evidenced by the reviews on their glassdoor page.

"ASI's EDI integration has been very helpful to my small business as it frees up time for me to focus on more important things and building relationships with my clients while leaving reconciliation of old computer systems with my modern one to the EDI system," says middle-aged Ryan who is a small business owner.

As with many big companies, ASI regularly advertises for a large number of open positions at the company and these positions can be found on their glassdoor page or their Careers page on their official website.

ASI Computer Technologies Jobs, Employment

If you are looking for a place to launch your career in technology or technological-related careers, then working for ASI is a step in the right direction as they have been outed as a fun place to work with, and one that is ideal for beginners and a great learning and conducive place.

The only complaints about ASI being that they are very particular about deadlines and you may be stressed out if you are just getting used to the environment; once you get adjusted to the fast pace of doing things there, you will likely come to enjoy the speed of execution and the highly enforced disciplined workplace.

Jobs in ASI Computer Technologies range from Engineering, Management, Sales, and many other diverse fields; so choose your poison, and let's get started as we review the different career paths.


Sales Jobs at ASI involve selling business solutions to workplaces, maintaining relationships with old clients, and building mutually beneficial relationships with new clients.

AS a new salesperson at ASI computer Technologies, you might feel a little overburdened with the deadlines and the sheer volume of sales you are expected to make, the key is to take it slowly, one at a time, or meet an older colleague to put you through the ropes faster. The faster you learn the ropes, the better you are liable to perform as the old-timers will teach you persuasion techniques unique to the industry and how to highlight the particular benefits of your product and its advantage over other competing products.

As a sales assistant at ASI Computer Technologies, some things that might be expected of you include:

  1. Knowing how to generate and manage reports and forecasts.
  2. Knowing how to process orders in a neat manner that is sure to satisfy the client and ensure they come back next time to continue doing business with you.
  3. Help clients decide on the business solutions they want and that are suitable to their peculiar needs. This is normally the work of the sales rep but even sales assistants might be called upon to handle this if the sales rep is not available at the moment.
  4. Learn how to manage administrative duties for your superiors to everyone;'s satisfaction.
  5. Manage or attend sales training.

It turns out that the only sales position at ASI technologies is not only that of the sales assistant; Roles like Sales Manager?? Also exist at the company.

As a Sales Manager at ASI Computer Technologies, some responsibilities expected of you might include:

  1. Achieve Sales goals and hit sales targets consistently using your sales team.
  2. Design and implement strategic business and sales plans that are perfectly poised to capture new clients, retain and satisfy existing clients, and overall grow ASI’s customer base.
  3. Interface between your sales team and the management by presenting sales reports and forecasts, revenue reports and forecasts and any other thing your team might want to communicate to the management about or that management might want to communicate to your team about. In essence, you talk to the management on behalf of your team and then talk to your team on behalf of management. Sounds fun, eh?
  4. Feeling market pulse and positioning to take advantage of it to sell more of the companies’ products while identifying new places and markets for your products. For instance, if you are selling ASI printers, then you must understand the type of printers customers are now preferring and then either by communicating to the management or otherwise, reposition your product to fill the need. You should also be on the lookout for companies in need of printers and then try selling to them.
  5. Building long-time relationships with key clients and employing emotional intelligence to understand their needs and fill them.


Also among the list of common jobs at ASI computer technologies, Engineering makes the cut. This should not be surprising as at its core, ASI is basically an engineering company. Engineering Roles at ASI typically follow 2 paths; the software engineering path and the systems engineering path. Both require you to build or manage innovative products being developed at ASI. Each of these roles is supervised or managed by an Engineering or Product manager.

As a Software engineer at ASI Computer technologies, your roles include:

  1. Write, analyze and test code and making it match specifications as assigned to you by the engineering manager or project manager.
  2. Write new software applications and programs necessary to the continued existence of ASI Computer technologies.
  3. Maintain existing software systems and solutions, optimizing them when necessary and maintaining them so that they run as they should therefore producing a stress-free experience for the end-user.
  4. Create and modify system technical requirements making sure they fit exactly as wanted by management.
  5. If you are working with the EDI platform at ASI Computer technologies, you will be required to write code to make incompatible and different systems work together very well to make the end-user's life easier.
  6. Work together with other stakeholders in the project to ensure a satisfying experience for everyone involved at the end of the project. This will require you to work closely with the project or engineering manager to make sure the exact specifications are met, collaborate with other software engineers, consult clients and other colleagues about their experience using the system and take feedback to better the software in general.
  7. Write Documentation. At a Big company like ASI, you are mandated to write technical documentation about any new feature you have added or any modification to existing projects; this will make life easier when other engineers are added to the same project.

As a Computer Systems Engineer at ASI Computer technologies, your roles include:

  1. Managing installed systems and, in-house infrastructure and client’s infrastructure.
  2. Provide users with security measures to take, and lecture them on general system capabilities, informing them about limitations of the system. The Computer systems engineer at ASI Computer Technologies also works hand-in-hand with software engineers to identify security bottlenecks and troubleshoot them before shipping the product to the end-user.The Control Systems Engineer also maintains in-house security systems at the company making sure they are up to date and taking measures to safeguard against cyber-attacks.
  3. Write and maintain customized scripts to lower the intervention of humans in system processes while increasing general throughput. This can be in form of identifying a slow-running process or a time-wasting activity and writing a bash or PowerShell script to automate it and clear bottlenecks. This has the effect of increasing user and system efficiency and performance.
  4. Implement data security measures, perform backups as needed, and ensure every computer system at the company is working as intended at the computer.
  5. Interface with other vendors for resolving problems that may arise from conflicts in interests or miscommunications.


Engineering roles exist at ASI Computer Technologies in case you were wondering whether the Company was filled to the brim with Engineers and Sales People.

As a manager at ASI Computer technologies, your roles include:

  1. Set project objectives and outline a broad plan on how to actualize them. Managers are in the top hierarchy of the company and may liaise with the Headquarters to set out quarterly goals and carry out a feasibility plan on it being realistic, they also draw up plans on how to achieve said plans.
  2. Create and Assign roles to employees. Managers, after planning on how to achieve organizational goals, also assign roles in the plan to different employees according to their job descriptions and their individual strengths. If there is a shortage of needed staff at the company, Managers can also commence hiring operations, with clearance from the top hierarchy of ASI Computer technologies.
  3. Monitor progress of the project and make changes or motivate staff to meet up deadlines. A Manager at ASI Computer Technologies is expected to set deadlines and make sure the employees working on the project do all their possible best to meet up the deadlines. This can take many forms.
  4. Liaising: The manager is also expected to liaise with other departments at the company to make sure their team has all the resources necessary to achieve their objectives. This can be in the form of working together with another team to make use of their platform or software for use on your project.

ASI Partner Computer

Another way you can partner with ASI and make some money is through their partner program. ASI Computer Technologies runs a full-featured partner program where they provide a wide array of benefits to members.

Some of the resources available in this partner program include:

  1. Technical Support: In their partner program, ASI Computer technologies provides technical support to the partner. Their technical support can be in the form of repairing systems of the partner or the partner’s clients.
  2. Education: ASI Computer technologies also educate the partner's staff on installation and troubleshooting procedures and best practices. This is education that cannot be gotten elsewhere and thus is an invaluable learning experience.
  3. Financing: ASI Computer technologies also offer great financing services to partners in its partner program. This can be in form of massive discounts, education discounts, and soft business loans, all to help the partner expand its business. When the partner does well, this is a huge win for everybody included; ASI too.
  4. Reputation: Another unquantifiable thing that partners in ASI’s partner program stand to gain is a huge boost in reputation. With its reputation as a big ethical player in the technology field, ASI's huge reputation has the effect of rubbing off on other people it comes in contact with. A partner can use this huge boost in reputation to advertise and scale its other concerns.

ASI Computer Technologies Inc. Company

ASI Computer Technologies is a computer technology program majoring in hardware and software products. They offer all sorts of storage devices, personal computers, computer accessories. They are mostly based in North America especially the United States of America and some parts of Canada.

ASI Computer Technology

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