About ASI computer technologies

Recent technological advancements have led to the development of products and equipment to help solve our needs. Ranging from cars, helicopters, and even computers.

Since it's an invention, computers have proved to be a very easy way of communication, sharing data, and improving work ethics. Computer technology has shaped the way we see things, led to the improvement of product quality, lowered development time, and reduced cost.

At first, computers were used primarily for calculating data, but with time it was used for other purposes. With the computer, you can share a large amount of data from one source to the other, weather forecasts, and even in the mass production of goods. Also, you can conveniently ask and get answers about DNA, medicine, Agriculture, and other answers we wouldn't have been to get.

A lot of companies have sprouted up providing people with more than enough options to choose from, but only a few have proved to be the best over the years.

About ASI computer technologies

Are you interested in computer technologies?

Do you desire to get the best in computers for work and sharing of data?

ASI computer technologies are your best choice.

ASI computer technologies Inc. offers you the best in terms of technology and computer technologies. Founded in 1987, ASI computer technologies have proved to the computer market its worth and value. With its headquarters in California, ASI computer technologies is a huge producer and distributor of computer systems, tablets, smartbooks, and so much more. What's more? ASI computer technologies have provided a wide range of employment opportunities for people while still ensuring the production of valuable products for usage.

It is a huge distributor of IT hardware and software gadgets and products with over 15,000 customers around the globe. It offers ISO-9001 compliant system integration and value add contract assembly.

ASI computer technologies offer an extensive line of products ranging from data storage devices, smartbooks, scanners, and PCs. It works alongside vendor partners like Microsoft and AMD. ASI computer technologies don't stop at that, it also provides custom systems integration for users. With its wide range of products and services, ASI computer technologies have proved to be a trusted agent when it comes to computers as it is the partner to over 20,000 VARs throughout North America.

Features of ASI Smartbooks

Out of the numerous products of ASI computer, ASI smartbooks is one of them.

What are smartbooks?

Smartbooks are a class of mobile devices that combines the features of both a smartphone and a netbook computer. Smartbooks come with features such as GPS, 3G, and durable battery life.

What can a smartbook do for you?

ASI smartbooks are computer software that every business owner should have for the smooth flowing of operations. It not only helps you with computer data, but it also offers you an opportunity to manage back-office operations.

It is a reliable business management software that gives companies, and industries the opportunity to handle their simple and even complex business transactions through a single, easy business application. It helps make business activities faster. This smartbook as its name depicts offers a smart, and smooth operation for businesses and their management.

With the ASI smartbooks, you can conveniently have an access to purchases, sales, inventories, and marketing in your business organization. Gone are the times where you have to go through rigorous and stressful means of monitoring your business. Now you can have access to information on sales, marketing, and purchases with a snap of the fingers, all thanks to ASI smartbooks.

The report shows that more than 40 distributors have access to ASI smartbooks, and use it for the management system, marketing, software, sales, shipping, and lots more. The production of ASI smartbooks went through intensive, critical research, and investment, and the outcome is nothing short of amazing. With the way ASI smartbooks are designed, they can fit into any business organization. Not only does it more workloads easier, but it also helps in the overall work efficiency, and improves sales. When you have an efficient means of monitoring your sales, and purchases made in your business, you will be well aware of fluctuations in the market and a decrease in sales. When this happens, better means of improving sales are manufactured, sales strategies developed thereby increase sales.

Features of ASI smartbooks

Out of the numerous things you can do with ASI smartbooks, some of them are;

  • Calculate commissions

Complete e-commerce package

One of the features of ASI smartbooks is a complete e-commerce package that offers marketers and distributors an opportunity to host several web stores accompanied by real-time inventory counts. Also, it gives no room to re-key e-commerce orders in an accounting management system.

With the ASI smartbooks, you can calculate real-time shipping rates with US portal service and FedEx. All you have to do is to calculate with the metering computer, the send details like the cost and tracking information to your ASI smartbook.

  • Management of front office and back-office functions

The ASI smartbooks have made a lot of things easier and simpler for marketers and distributors. Now, with the ASI smartbooks, marketers can be able to manage front office and back office transactions through a single application.

  • Custom user order defined tracking

The ability to view and control your business transactions at a single pace is what ASI smartbooks offer you. The need to order goods and services may arise at one time or the other due to an increase in sales and the non-availability of a particular product. Whether you order in bulk or not, you can create a custom management system that makes it easy to monitor your order and shipping. Also, you get to chance to have frequent updates and information on your orders and shipping.

  • Enhanced user security

The ASI smartbooks also enable you to have a full list of your customer's activities. These include invoices, quotes, sales, and even orders. This feature is important as it provides enough security to customer's data. Also, there are some data that users may not have access to. This helps to improve security where necessary.

  • Advanced inventory

You can have a full list of a customer's inventory, orders, and requests at a glance. This enables you to have an idea of what a customer's needs are alike.

  • Easier commission tallies

With the ASI smartbooks, you can practically make calculations of sales, commissions on gross profit, etc.

  • Work smarter

Time has gone when marketers and distributors should be bugged with using paperwork and following rigorous, stressful means of managing their businesses. Now, with a few clicks, a distributor can have access to the loss of customer's orders, track sales, calculate commissions, and oversee the general flow of the business organization.

  • Powerful database platforms

The ASI smartbooks are more than just electronic devices. It is designed with one of the most powerful databases, Microsoft's SQL server. There is no need whatsoever to switch between programs as you have access to data and information of more than a thousand distributors and suppliers.

Are you in flux on how to use the ASI smartbooks ESP integration? No worries. Below, we have outlined a few steps that will enable you to find your feet.

  1. You can have access to the ESPweb through the ESPweb selection. The ESPweb selection comprises the product, customer, and order tabs.
  2. If you are clicking on the ESPweb selection for the first time, you will be required to I'm put your username and password for you to gain entry.
  3. When you have imputed your details, and username, clicking on the ESPweb selection gains you access to ESPweb. The ESPweb browser enables you to include other necessary items in your cart during orders.
  4. Once you are done adding items to your cart, the next thing to do is to go to your order through your ASI smartbook. Go to the product clickable menu, click on add products. Next is to select the particular shopping cart that will grant you access to your ESPweb shopping cart products. Then, click on the particular product you wish to add to your order.
  5. You may discover that your desired product is not in the cart. What do you do? Simply input the product's description in your ASI smartbook orders products, and allow it to search.

ASI computer industry jobs

As mentioned earlier, ASI technologies Inc is a multi-billion industry built with consistency, efficiency, and hard work. It works to provide users with a simple means of managing their businesses which include sales, orders, purchases, marketing, etc.

The ASI computer technologies do not stop at that. It has provided job opportunities, and as a result, means of livelihood for thousands of people. There are a lot of job opportunities available in the ASI computer industry, as far as you meet the requirements. The ASI computer technologies are looking for trusted and competent individuals who are committed to duty and to ensuring the smooth flow of activities. Efficiency and smartness is the keyword.

There are lots of job opportunities available at ASI computer technologies. Some of them include;

  • Inside sales representative
  • Product manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Sales assistant
  • Associate business manager
  • Business development manager etc.

ASI Technologies Inc is interested in hiring capable hands who are committed to duty and the organization.

ASI student employment

ASI technologies offer students the opportunity to work when still undergoing studies. A valuable and qualitative work experience is provided for every interested candidate. This does not have to affect their studies, as it is designed in a way that makes their education a priority while still achieving their aim.

Non-student employment

Opportunities are open to non-students who qualify to apply for jobs and work with ASI computer technologies.

Before applying for jobs at ASI, there is certain information you should have at the back of your mind. These will go a long way in having you prepared for what lies ahead. When applying for a job at ASI, you will be required to fill an online application form which will be submitted afterward. Here are few points to guide you.

  • Your application must come with a cover letter and a resume. This will gain you access to being interviewed.
  • Any box or column with red asterisks should be filled. Endeavor not to make the mistake of leaving them blank.
  • The process of interviewing kicks off a week after the closing date.
  • An applicant can apply for one or two positions with a single application. To do this, click on returning applicant when applying again.
  • If you are not among the selected individuals for an interview, an email will be sent to you few weeks before the closing date.
  • Applicants are expected to submit an application on or before 5 pm on the closing date.

Other requirements include;


ASI computer technologies are committed to providing a comfortable working platform for her staff. You can have access to the accommodation at ASI.

Equal opportunities for all candidates

ASI provides employment opportunities for all qualified candidates. It is not gender or color-based. This means that applicants are hired based on their qualifications, value, and expertise. There is no racial, or gender discrimination. Some companies and business organizations make it extremely difficult for some sets of people from gaining access to employment opportunities. But it is not so in ASI. ASI is committed to pursuing development goals, and hiring individuals with value, and not necessarily on race, sex, gender, or religion.

A background check

Before and after hiring at ASI, a background check is carried out to eliminate every falsehood. This background check is to enable ASI computer technologies to work with trusted candidates who not only meet the standards of the company but are also of good reputations I'm the society. One of these background checks includes a criminal record check.

Note that, before applying for a new position for those already employers at ASI, a background check is carried out as well, although it is specified in the job posting. If a worker is found short of the requirements of the company even after hiring, it may affect the employment status of that worker.

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