For over 30 years, ASI Computer Systems has become a vital part of the advertisement specialist industry. We are aware of the critical distinctions between promotional product suppliers and distributors. Our team has shaped ASI SmartBooks into the most effective business intelligence system possible for your business by combining this core market expertise with our relationship with ASI, the pioneer in information and advertisement solutions.

ASI Computer Systems was established in 1978 to provide technical solutions to the Promotional Products and Document Management industries. About 3000 offices around the country have installed our apps. We have a wide range of cutting-edge merchandise, support, training, and services for retail and production companies.

Our goods are sold both online and by our corporate distribution agents throughout the United States. Our clients range in size from massive multi-user multinational companies to small one-person businesses. Despite our leadership role, our goal remains the same: “To build a dedicated relationship with one of our customers and to provide the required goods and services to help their company become more competitive and profitable.”

ASI Computer Systems, Inc. has launched ASI SmartBooks, a modern industry-specific business management platform that enables distributors to handle their entire business through a single, scalable, and versatile business framework.

Over 30 distributors have assessed and installed ASI SmartBooks, which combines billing, pricing, marketing, order entry, ordering, packaging, monitoring, and stock procurement from ESP into one program.

ASI SmartBooks was the culmination of two years of research and growth and multi-million dollar investment. ASI SmartBooks’ innovative new concept is adaptable to any market model and can help any company become more competitive while it can sell. The app utilizes a state-of-the-art infrastructure platform leveraging the newest iteration of Microsoft’s SQL, the most powerful database accessible.

ASI Computers

The ASI computer system is a simple, complete, and usable hardware and software setup that includes anything required to perform computational tasks.

That is the most common working concept of a computer system as we know it, but it has undergone several systematic modifications over the years.

As a part of the Intel Technology Provider Program, you will receive a slew of benefits that will help you grow your company. Points earned from Intel sales can be redeemed for other Intel goods, discounted demo products, flights, or gift cards, among other things. AWR (Advanced Warranty Replacement), proper preparation, priority technical assistance, access to distribution and marketing assets, and access to a dedicated partner website are available to Intel Technology Partner members.

ASI developed the ASI Program Advisor network to support resellers in ultimately maximizing and using the advantages of the Intel Technology Provider Program. In this position, the ASI advisor will assist our resellers in tracking, managing, and redeeming their points and maintaining their Intel Technology Partner Program qualification. The ASI counselor will assist resellers in improving their membership status and thereby receiving additional program benefits.

ASI offers a broad range of products, parts, and services and ISO-9001-certified system integration and value-added contract assembly. ASI Computer Technologies is a global provider of applications and hardware for the information technology industry.

PCs, scanners, protection, monitoring, and data storage devices are among the more than 15,000 items available. Over 20,000 VARs across North America have chosen the firm as their preferred partner due to its exponential growth. AMD, Intel, Microsoft, and Western Digital are among the company’s distributor partners. Custom device integration is one of ASI’s utilities. It also sells PCs and notebooks under the Pegatron and Nspire names. It also serves a variety of markets, including retail and the SMB industry. Cristine Liang, the company’s president, and director founded it in 1987.


To describe ASI CRM, you must first comprehend its context. Customer relationship management (CRM) is an abbreviation for customer relationship management. Any instrument, technique, or method that aids companies are inadequately organizing and accessing customer data is referred to as customer experience management.

It all began with handwritten notes and Rolodexes, but as modern media became more prevalent, it developed into databases housed on individual devices, and the CRM concept changed into something much more complex. It wasn’t all notes either. Managing the company’s client relationships has been a difficult task. Now, to compete in any market, you must have a dependable CRM software-based framework.

It’s a portal that links all of the teams, from marketing to advertising to customer service, and brings their notes, events, and measurements together in one place. Any consumer has clear, simple access to the real-time client information they need. This not only allows for unrivaled teamwork across teams and divisions, but it also allows companies to provide something exclusive to their customers: personalized, one-to-one customer experiences.

When you compare it to the minimal versatility of old analog and legacy technologies, you have something that has the potential to transform the way you interact with consumers ultimately. You can’t talk about CRM software without including SaaS and cloud computing, which work together to make CRM platforms accessible from wherever users have access to the internet. Cloud-based CRM applications can evolve and scale with your business due to these innovations, so every enterprise, regardless of size, can benefit from a CRM-software-based framework.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software framework that assists company owners in nurturing relationships with their customers. Along the way, a CRM will help with organization, productivity, time control, and impressing customers.

CRM tech dates back to the early-mid-1990s, but it has only recently come into its own. CRM platforms are sophisticated tools that bring together all sales leads and customers’ information in one location. Both calls, emails, and meetings are recorded and analyzed by a CRM, which helps boost customer support, boost traffic, and raise revenue.

You will get intimate at scale by sending messages tailored to each of your prospects and clients. To make your marketing and advertising smarter, more productive, more productive, you can map, section, and slice the data.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, but those three terms don’t give the full picture. Company owners who don’t have apps to help them stay on top of the data will wear themselves out, struggling to catch up. CRMs like Keep have become a must-have for small business owners looking to strengthen relationships with prospects, suppliers, and other connections resulting from this.

The most important aspect of a CRM system is that it can serve almost any organizational function, from sales and customer care to recruiting, marketing, and business development. Reasonable CRM solutions are the easiest way to handle external relationships.

CRM responsibilities include, among other things, keeping all customer data in one place, monitoring service feedback, identifying sales opportunities, and organizing marketing campaigns.

Since CRM provides easy access to data, it makes it much easier for developers to work on different processes and increase performance. CRM’s suitability for businesses of any size is another plus point.


Companies closely consider how they implement CRM systems to ensure that they meet their market goals. Although on-premise applications can be beneficial to specific businesses, there are many benefits to using a cloud CRM solution.

An organization must buy licenses for on-premise CRM ahead of time. On-premise CRM is a safe option for companies with tight security policies because it is hosted on the company’s servers; however, the deployment process requires more time and IT money in this situation. While the buyer must ensure that the on-premise infrastructure is constantly maintained, since the provider bears no responsibility for its flawless execution or data protection during the deployment point, the vendors also have technological assistance for critical issues.

On the other end, data is stored on the vendor’s database by using software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud, or on-demand CRM. In this situation, users have direct access to the database worldwide and from everywhere, and the provider assumes full responsibility for the system’s smooth running and provides all necessary system updates and assistance.

What’s more, cloud-based CRM software is highly flexible, meaning that an enterprise can quickly extend its capabilities as its business needs change.

ASI Software Solutions

Providing tech systems is one of the most in-demand services in today’s corporate world.

They were acting as part of a team responsible for research and planning, development, testing, and repair, including developing brand new structures or updating existing ones.

Since this area evolves so quickly, it’s essential to stay updated with the new trends to have the best service to customers.

The MAX Flight Software from ASI can be customized to suit a wide range of spacecraft designs, payloads, and specifications.

ASI wanted to use.NET technologies to create a new iteration of iMIS, dubbed iMIS 15. They began a migration project focused on a “brand new” architecture over the Microsoft.NET environment, which was introduced using Visual Basic.

ASI took the approach of migrating all of the modules in stages while maintaining legacy features operational and reducing “time-to-market.”

The features of iMIS 15 can be divided into three categories:

  • CRM capabilities
  • In terms of functionality, commerce
  • Customization tools for applications

ASI later agreed to team up with Hexacta to outsource the migration of many modules. They intended to make the production process run more quickly.

We have been effective in recommending cutting-edge innovations while retaining a close, personalized commitment to our customers’ needs as a technology partner. To face today’s challenges, we offer a wide range of goods and services. For more than three decades, ASI has partnered with customers ranging from K-12 to tertiary education throughout the country. We’ve put ourselves ahead of the competition, and we’re ready to introduce students to a brand-new, fully integrated learning experience.

ASI has created a series of technology solutions that link classrooms, colleges, and communities around the following domains:

  • Purchasing hardware and applications
  • Styles such as managed IT services and ‘as a business.’
  • Design and Consultancy Services
  • ASI strives to be the national industry leader in education by providing:
  • Not only goods but “best in breed” instructional solutions
  • A nationwide education pricing model that is well-structured
  • Sales and distribution departments dedicated to education
  • Teachers’ professional development
  • Answers that are collaborative and social
  • Aid from both the local and national levels

Since the corporate world is constantly changing and growing due to technological advancements, businesses must be mindful of these developments and embrace them to avoid being left behind.

The use of automation to optimize programs, tasks, procedures, and data storage in businesses is not recent, but it is becoming more prevalent.

The software serves various functions based on the needs of each business; however, custom-made software is often preferred when making a decision.

A software solution is a system that automates routine tasks and does all of the time-consuming functions for you.

Developing software applications that fulfill the basic needs of a person or an organization is known as custom software development.

Any enterprise, no matter how big or small, requires custom software to meet its unique needs.

Custom product creation enables you to create software according to your company’s specific specifications and tailored to meet those needs.

Many businesses can be turned off by the complexity of a custom software application initially, but the original expense may be recouped by solving issues that off-the-shelf solutions cannot.

Many businesses will not need to develop their applications because there is so much available commercially. However, it has been shown that when software is designed to suit a company’s unique demands, the company can increase its productivity and success while comfortably outperforming its rivals.

The basic software solution’s first goal is to make your company more profitable and open, giving you an edge over your rivals.

Pre-existing apps would most likely be similar to or identical to what the competitors are currently using. When you have the same resources at your side, you’re less likely to be able to distinguish yourself and advance up the market successfully.

You will achieve dominance if you have an effective operation due to the business processes being streamlined.

ASI Computer Systems

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