If you're a web hosting user, and you're not on shared hosting, you’re probably over the excitement of getting to control your server. Yes, there's the privacy, exclusivity, and control. But what is power when you don't know how to exercise it? You probably tried to flex your muscles by opting for an unmanaged plan, now you're stuck with having to deal with all the technical jargon that comes with handling your own VPS. As an unmanaged server user, you'd have most likely being introduced to a cpanel. It's high time you got some handy knowledge about your Cpanel.

Before going into the basic idea of a Cpanel, here's a run-through of other web hosting options.

Shared Hosting

If web hosting were a household, then Shared hosting would probably be the smallest one. It is the least option available based on size and cost.Shared hosting makes one single physical server available to every user. Not only does it offer the hardware, but also offers the same set of software resources to all its users. It is like an events center where several people have their events together. Everyone has to host their guests in the same hall, listen to the same music, eat the same food, use the same sitting arrangement and interior decoration. They would also have to be served by the same ushers.This kind of arrangement is good for the bills since the costs will be shared among the events planners. That way, they can save a whole lot more. However, this can only work so well if each event has only a few invitees. That's the only way that all the resources for the event will go round without shortening the ration of any of them. Even in this situation, the events will not be so excellent regardless.

Supposing 4 events held in a hall at the same time; a church retreat, A stage play, a funeral reception, as well as a range music concert. While the Christians want an environment charged up for prayer and bible study, the actors want to entertain their guests, while the musicians want to wow their guests. Those who are attending the funeral need a sober environment to reflect on the life of the deceased. In such a conflict of preference, whose needs will be taken into consideration? There's also the part where each event comes with its feeding peculiarities and interior set up. The manager of the events center has to step in before this diversity escalates into a conflict. To be fair, he decides to make all the choices on food, interior set up, music and every other related of course, he is less concerned if this suits the event planners or not.

Even when the guests try to put up with this, it gets worse when more people show up for the funeral than is expected. The chairs are no longer enough so some guests have to stand. For those sitting, they cannot see the stage since those standing are obstructing their view. Since there are now more guests the food cannot exactly go round so everyone has to struggle to get a plate. The ushers are overwhelmed, the food is insufficient, the hall is cramped and everything is just somehow.

This situation portrays a shared hosting service. Things may not get that worse if every user runs a small site with few visitors. That is the only way the hardware and software resources can work adequately for every user without any glitches. It is also very affordable since users share the cost of all resources, maintenance, upgrade, and other expenses. The only possible disadvantage is that users have to put up with whatever resources the web hosting provider opts for.

WordPress Hosting

The major highlight of this server is the website type. WordPress hosting is meant primarily for WordPress hosting sites. Using the event center analogy, it can be compared to a hall that is designed strictly for stage plays, such that its lighting, stage, sound, and set are designed to work for dramas so well that other forms of events look so out of place in that hall. While these plays can also be hosted in other event centers,they come out better in designated spaces like this.

In the same way, WordPress sites can be hosted on other servers, but the plugins, APIs, templates, and configuration settings of WordPress Servers make WordPress sites feel more at home.

Dedicated server;

Dedicated hosting is a chattered form of hosting. It gives an entire server on lease to only one user. Typically this option should only be considered for websites that attract massive traffic. Also, it is far more expensive, which means that it is meant for websites that rake in some good amount regularly.Apart from its large storage, it allows users to decide whether they want to manage the server or hand it over to the hosting providers to manage it instead. The users can also choose their software resources which they think is best for running their sites.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is perhaps a good synonym for duplication.It stores your resources on multiple servers. This way you have a more reliable backup, uptime security, and better speed performance.Cloud hosting gives you multiple servers to bank on so that the performance of your website is not solely determined by one server. On days when you have unusual traffic, your virtual machine takes all the commands and distributes them to all servers that have your resources. You can either run cloud hosting as a duplication of dedicated server hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows Virtual Private hosting is arguably the most suitable hosting option available. While it offers a hardware Server to several users, it gives them private use and control of their software resources. That way users get to enjoy the liberty of dedicated servers while bearing the costs as low as that of shared servers.


Fully meaning Control Panel, the Virtual Private Server Control Panel is a dashboard that enables a user to navigate their servers easily. This is that stuff that enables you to change your operating systems, templates, apps, or even carry out an upgrade in the simplest way possible. If Virtual Private Server hosting was car then your control panel would be all the buttons and Meters that flood the driver's corner.

It is no longer a strange sight for users to almost pull out their hair while trying to navigate their way through their servers without a CPanel. The painstaking process of logging on to the server and make manual changes to settings is the server is taken away by the simplicity of the control panel and its few-click wonder.

With a control panel, you're more enthusiastic about managing your server since it is not as implicated as it used to be.

How Does a cPanel VPS Work?

Resource management:

Normally, every application that runs on the server has its resources. These resources are stored on the server so they can be useful there. Just in case you installed an application whose properties swallowed up all the available space on your server, the Cpanel allows you to manage that app such that you enjoy those same applications without having to delete anything on your Server. This also applies as you increase the number of applications on your server. The implication of filling your web storage is that its operations begin to slow down over time. When your storage space is filled up, a webpage might just go on loading for like forever. Your control panel helps you to avoid all the delays without necessarily limiting your applications.

What Are The Benefits Of Having cPanel VPS?

The major highlight of the control panel is how it enables you to manage your server in the easiest way possible. You can create or add domains, emails, and files.

Site and files Back up.

Nothing is more painful than losing a project that one has worked on to a system with no backups. The control panel, therefore comes with the ability to manage site backups and file downloads

Add New Domains, Subdomains, Software and Email Accounts

With your control panel, you can add new domains and properties to your server without necessarily reaching out to the web server host for help. Since you are in control of your own time, you can work at your convenience without necessarily waiting for the hosting provider or trying to match his place or energy.

Increase Your Security

With your control panel, you can secure visitors' data by generating Secret Sockets layer certificates for every website on your server. This singular move increases google rankings since it is now an important criterion required by Google. Other search engines repute the lack of a Secret Sockets layer an omission worth penalizing. For Google, its incentive scheme is to give preference to those who have the data in search result rankings. It is advisable to get your SSL since it encrypts sensitive information of your online visitors, such as passwords, credit card numbers, pins, and others. This is a good way to keep it safe from cyber intruders.

Increase Performance and Reliability

Your control panel also puts some order to your use of resources, such that their performance is more optimized. It also simplified your set up and other navigation since it's the interface is inundated with icons that describe what you want to do.

Here are awesome features that Control panels have.

Email: with your control panel, you can create mail accounts. You can also view existing accounts or change their passwords, or dust their unbox quota.

Domains: Under the domains section of cPanel, you can configure new domains to your account, set up a redirect, or create subdomains on your account.

File Management: This feature allows you to back up your Cpanel account, it grants you access to the files stored on your Cpanel account to either view or make changes. You can also look through your hard disk and how you use it, or set up and handle FTP accounts through the feature.

Databases: this feature allows you to put new databases together or gain access to the ones you previously have through phpMyAdmin or even gain remote access to MySQL

cPanel preferences interface

cPanel interface is a hub of variety that suits different tasks. The interface makes room for flexibility and ease for the user. The Cpanel interface can get just about anything done, and the ease only gets better with a "help" menu that puts you through every other task.

cPanel domains interface

Another task that the Cpanel simplifies is creating and managing multiple accounts through your server. Likewise, setting up and managing multiple email accounts on your server. If you were to get this task fine manually, you would have to take your time to go through the process on the server, but the Cpanel interface replaces all of that with the ease of clicking.

Why Do I Need cPanel?

As a VPS user, you should be aware that you'll get to carry out rigorous tasks like editing configuration files and creating subdomains. The Capable takes the stress of logging on to the server to get these things done. Rather, it replaced that stress with a process that only requires you to make a few clicks here and there. With the Cpanel, you carry out tasks so easily that you don't even realize you've been doing that much.

Cpanel is more or less the cheat code for web owners who have no skills in coding. Your Cpanel is always reliable and secure. It also simplifies things to the most basic elements so you can get things done easily. Being a VPS user puts the power in your hands, but the Cpanel helps you to use that power to the best of your ability.

How Do I Find My cPanel?

You can locate your Cpanel account using several methods. You can log in through your account management panel. You'll find that in your web hosting account. You can also use a URL by entering your username and password to log in.

In conclusion, Cpanel is one leverage that every VPS user should take advantage of. The quality and price of Cpanels may differ according to each product. Make sure to check the features of each Cpanel before opting for it.

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