Cheap VPS usefulness for every business can not be overemphasized. Many UK server provider offers various virtual private server plan that serves every user. Moreover, we are aware of users' increased concerns about congested site traffic and low speed. Therefore we have datacenters in 15 locations to curb VPS speed deficiency. Looking for cheap VPS in the UK? London is the heart of data centers located in the united kingdom. We provide optimized VPS that host your website with top-rated performance and maximum security. Likewise, you can find our data centers in other locations, including; Dallas, Miami, Frankfurt, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Bangalore, Toronto, Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, Sydney, Bangalore, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Atlanta.

When you subscribe to a VPS plan, you can either manage it yourself or pay for IT professionals' service. However, VPS is best managed by the user if there is adequate IT knowledge. Nevertheless, this guide firstly describes how you can connect to a VPS:

How to connect to a VPS as an administrator

You can either connect to a VPS as root or an administrator. However, connecting as an administrator will provide more access to change your server options. You can also connect to a VPS based on the operating system type (Linux or Windows VPS) on your system.

Connecting as an administrator via windows VPS

  • Search the remote desktop connection already installed on your Windows operating system.
  • Input the IP address provided by your service provider.
  • Input the username and password given by your service provider.
  • Finally, click on connect to run as an administrator on your virtual private server.

How to connect to VPS on an Andriod device

Since many VPS first-time users operate their websites on Android devices, here are steps that will help you connect to a VPS on smartphones. Before moving on, note that you should have a root(often your username), IP address, and password provided by a service provider. Also, you can contact us for more information to connect to a VPS smoothly.

  • Download a reliable remote access application from the google play store.
  • After installation, open the page and click the + button, which will indicate a "desktop" option.
  • Add your server to the desktop detection dialog box.
  • Input your username and password. However, you may not have to provide an IP address if you are connected to a standard remote desktop port.
  • Finally, click on the server name to connect to your virtual private server.

Good luck!

Now to the other big question asked by many users.

How much RAM do I need for VPS?

As much as we can provide you with a cheap VPS in the UK, you also need to know the RAM needed for your VPS. However, available RAMs vary with users' preferred plans. Now, to answer the question of how much RAM you need for your VPS. There is no specific RAM for a particular user. Your choice should be based on the traffic rate you want to generate, the number of guests, and many others. We have IT professionals that will put you through the right measures when you subscribe to any of our VPS plans. More so, here are things you should consider when choosing RAM for your virtual private server.

  • Your server traffic: For every guest who visits your website, your server uses RAM to process their request. Moreover, when your server RAM is almost used up, it slows down its speed and reduces performance. On average, VPS users receive visitors between 150,000-200,000 monthly. If your monthly guests fall within this range, you will need a minimum of 4GB RAM to run your VPS effectively.
  • Type of service: Another thing to consider when choosing a RAM size for your VPS is the type of service you want to render. Are you hosting two or more server on your VPS, or you are operating a single server? For instance, some users run mail servers, databases, and web servers on a single machine. When your VPS RAM is too small to run the three servers together, the less used server is stored in the hard disk, while the machine picks it up again when it's needed. This process is called swapping, whereas swapping reduces server speed. Therefore, there should be adequate RAM for each server you are hosting on your VPS. However, installing MySQL can help manage your RAM usage. Generally, we recommend 2GB RAM for the webserver alone, and if you installed MySQL on your system.

That being said, you can shut down foreign services to reduce your RAM cost. If you aren't buoyant enough, you should look for an alternate plan that meets your website requirements. Moreover, you don't want to be frustrated with downtime due to the small RAM size. It would help if you cut your coat to your size. For UK users or nearby, you can contact us for a cheap VPS, with affordable plans. However, you shouldn't mistake cheap VPS UK for no charge at all, as we deliver quality features that will require some cost from your end. However, you should try out our 1/7 days free trial VPS. It will help you decide the best plan for your website.

You have probably been running your website on shared hosting, and you see no reason to scale your website to VPS yet. However, VPS is the most preferred virtual hosting machine by many business owners.

Here are the reasons you should get on board as well:

  • Web Hosting

The first and foremost reason to use VPS is to safeguard your website. Many users purchase a VPS plan for web hosting. You can use a VPS as a mail server, virtual desktop, application hosting, and forex trading. Moreover, you can run all these at once on your VPS. Also, server providers allot resources to each server such that one wouldn't interrupt the other. Moreover, users can restrict unwanted servers in other to focus on web hosting.

  • Guests Appearance

It's every business owner's dream to have a quite large number of guests on their website. Online feasibility has advanced over the years, that it greatly determines business sales. Lowkey, your website is safe with shared hosting until you start hitting a high traffic rate. You will need to upgrade to VPS because your site will start running slow, and its security is more exposed at this rate.

  • Expansion in business

A good scenario is a business owner whose brand begins to expand, but one may think a dedicated server is a next option. Meanwhile, you can get similar features in VPS, at a lower cost. VPS reduces downtime, which also improves site performance. In shared hosting, guests often go through unpleasant experiences from the website. Also, you will need extra resources as your business starts to grow. However, VPS is generally not as cheap as shared hosting, but you can get an affordable VPS with the right service provider.

  • Cost-Effective

A typical business owner wishes to grow further in business. Howbeit, your business value keeps diminishing when you remain stuck in shared hosting. A dedicated server offers you plenty of resources, which you may hardly use in the long run. A virtual private server is a balance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Spending money on shared hosting when your website requires better-quality features may eventually cause you to spend more. More so, VPS hosting is cost-effective and on a reasonable amount for prospective users.

  • Flexible Packages

Flexible packages are available on VPS, such that cost will be of little or no concern to first-time users. The flexible packages available include our 1/7 days free trial, as mentioned earlier. This free trial is another gateway to acquire practical knowledge about VPS plan. During the trial, you will understand VPS's basic concept, much more, the most appropriate plan for you. However, you should not get carried away by expensive, super packages presented by various server providers. You may eventually save costs by purchasing the required package for your website or protect your visitors from the wrong experience by buying the adequate resources needed for your business.

  • Maximum Security

By using VPS hosting, your website is protected from infections or malfunction from other sites on the same server. In shared hosting, users' data are saved on the same storage. However, when one of the users is infected, there is an increased likelihood of affecting other users as well. Also, we use the VPS 3-way storage feature that increases protection from malware and other security breaches. Moreover, when your server provider manages your VPS, you enjoy maximum security measures such as firewalls, backups, and regular monitoring.

  • Scalability

Another reason why you need a VPS is its high scalability. You can easily scale up your VPS to install new applications or system software. Moreover, your website may outrun it's resources and will require bigger resources, CPU, or disk space. Using VPS, you can easily translate with no delay. How much more runs a managed VPS, whereas users do not need to bother about specific updates, as the server provider manages it.

Meanwhile, dedicated server users spend too much time contacting their server provider in relation to customization and delivery procedure. VPS allows you to make specific changes by clicking just the right buttons. Moreover, cheap VPS UK has access to the control panels as well.

  • Adequate Resources

Unlike shared hosting, you maximize your resources with no interruption from other users. In shared hosting, users make use of the same resources. Therefore, when the user experiences high traffic compare to others, it affects the available resources. This causes the sites to jam, thereby creating a bad experience for your guests. VPS allows users to run websites with no fear of running out of resources. That is, resources are allocated to each user.

  • Authorization

VPS provides users with full control of files and resources. Also, you will have access to update preferred software on your system. It gives you access to eliminate unwanted server and install advanced applications. You have a simple control panel that requires no tricky button to perform particular operations on your server.

  • Administrative Advantage

If you are running your VPS as an administrator, it's flexible to operate, with the various options available for your hosting services. Moreover, VPS is customized with in-depth settings that allow IT, experts to meet every business requirement. Regardless of the complexity of your business module, VPS has well-designed programs that can run your business effectively.

  • Window VPS Interface

Windows VPS is equipped with an interface and control panel similar to Microsoft. When publishing a contention on the web page, users can easily navigate the icon bars, control box, menu, tabs, and other features.


There are various plans available in VPS hosting, such that you have access to easily upgrade your server with no delay. However, there are two major types of operating systems. Linux and Windows VPS.

On a final note, after deciding to use VPS, you will be left with the choice of choosing the best operating system for you. However, there is no best operating system. Your preferred choice is based on your business needs and future expectation. Future expectations in terms of scope, site traffic, and resources you want to utilize in the future. However, here is a general note about the two operating systems; Linux is cheaper than windows VPS, due to its non-complex licensing. However, you will need a windows VPS if you are operating on a windows system. Also, both Linux and Windows VPS are preferred by many users in comparison with shared and dedicated hosting. Moreover, we have a full support system that will provide updated features to keep your website running and functional.

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