Virtualization is borne out of the need for higher security and time efficiency which were features lacking in the manual models. In this server, a single server is separated into various partitions to serve as multiple servers.

Against this backdrop, the importance of a virtual server cannot possibly be overstated.


A Virtual private server refers to a hosting system whereby several virtual servers are made to run on one physical machine but, partitioned in such a way that it feels like each end-user has a dedicated server to himself. It is important to note that, in function; VPS is almost exactly like the dedicated server but, is lower in cost. This affordability and other characteristics like; security, efficiency, performance, and speed are what set it apart and make it a very preferred choice among users.

Again, VPS provides a reliable backup. It serves the need of a wide range of persons including companies, programmers, etc

The technology used by VPS to achieve these feats is called Virtualization Technology. Through this technology, private resources to the servers connected to the host. VPS is one of the most secure hosting solutions. It provides top-notch security and privacy. The VPS will give you access to these benefits and much more. Our site has over 15 different hosting locations all over the world. We have also provided you with a7-day free hosting Trial. Don't sleep on this amazing offer!


One of the key features of VPS is that it gives you unlimited access to the operating system. you can configure and customize the OS as you wish.Another very important feature is that the servers are separated thus, you do not need to share available resources with other end users. This is only the tip of the iceberg, however. There are many features of VPS. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of these features because it will help you to make a more informed decision as to what hosting option to settle for.

These features are:

  • Variety of Choices of Operating System: You can choose between the two types of VPS. It's either Linux or Windows VPS. However, you need to find out what environment you will be running the applications in before making a choice. This will to a large extent determine its functionality.
  • Core Access to the OS: Since VPS functions like the dedicated server, it also provides some features that are only obtainable in the dedicated server. One of these is root access to the operating system. This means that the user is enabled to install applications, operate various operating systems, and also, be able to manage reselling services.
  • Support and Management: VPS service providers ensure around-the-clock support service monitoring for the user. This is accomplished through reliable customer care and service. Service providers recognize that it is not everyone that has the technical expertise needed to understand the technicalities that are part and parcel of hosting; nor is everyone tech-savvy. Thus, they go out of their way to ensure that all necessary support needed is provided.
  • Scalability: This is the ability to handle unprecedented growth spurs and levels. The VPS can handle these sudden and increased workloads no less efficiently than it would handle the usual workload. Generally, VPS ensures that your business continues to grow.
  • Dedicated Resources- the availability of resources is guaranteed because fewer end users/servers share resources. This is unlike shared servers were a whole lot of end users have to share resources thereby resulting in traffic/ congestion. The VPS hosting solution gives the user quality services coupled with the availability of robust resources for every affordable price. This makes it not only suitable for big companies but also, for mid-sized companies/businesses.

It is important to note that VPS Hosting is a hybrid of the older kinds of web hosting i.e. shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This means that it has some of the characteristics of shared hosting and some of the characteristics of dedicated hosting. It is partitioned in such a way that it has its dedicated operating system, its own disc space, and its bandwidth. These make it similar to the dedicated server in more ways than one. However, resources are still shared although with lesser users, unlike what is obtainable in shared servers. For a better understanding of how the VPS works, it is important to describe how VPS web hosting works. In this kind of hosting, a physical server which is located in a data center is used. That same physical server is partitioned into various virtual spaces. This way, virtual servers are created. This partitioning makes it possible for the user or the account holder to be able to their virtual environment alone. They can reboot and use the server as though it were a dedicated server. This is exactly what is meant by the VPS Server possessing the features of the dedicated server. VPS server bridges the wide gap between shared servers and dedicated servers. The ability of the VPS to act as a dedicated server makes it a good option for businesses that would like to upgrade to a dedicated server but are lacking in funds, or are just not ready.


  • VPS Server is suitable for medium and large-sized businesses.
  • It will also be a good option for persons that do not possess a lot of technical expertise. It is a great beginner package to get them better acquainted and grounded. It will help them improve their technical knowhow and skills.
  • It will also work perfectly for persons that desire some of the features of the dedicated server but do not want to commit a lot of money. The VPS server gives them a chance to enjoy these features with less stress to their pockets.
  • Finally, the VPS Server can be used by for customers who desire more control over their work environment. Control is a feature largely lacking in the shared server.


With the growing awareness about the versatility of VPS servers, it has become increasingly easy to find VPS hosting sites. Some of the best sites you can find a VPS Server are:

  1. BLUEHOST: Bluehost is one of the top hosting sites. It has the some of the very best plans available and these plans are tailored to meet your specific needs. These plans include free domain name hosting, unlimited disk storage, email addresses and bandwidth. In addition to these, its security features are the best out there. It ensures that all your security needs are adequately met. It also possesses a cPanel that is really easy to use. Access to its features is fast and excellent.
  2. HOSTINGER: HOSTINGER is another top-notch hosting service provider. In a lot of ways, it will be safe to say it itis the best among the rest of the sites. This is vbasically because of its unbelievably affordable or batter put, cheap pricing. Some of its other selling points arethat it offers users high performance and quality maintenance and support. These attributes make Hostinger a good option for persons with little or no technical know-how. Their service is fast and re
  3. liable. Plus, they have plans for both beginners and experts; for both small businesses and large ones.
  4. HOST PAPA: The services provided by Hostpapa are mainly directed towards small businesses. Their focus is on small businesses and beginners to ensure that their needs are met at a favourable price. Hostpapa provides clients with feature-rich hosting and high value at very pocket-friendly prices. Also. Their support and customer service is nothing short of excedllent.
  5. SITEGROUND: Siteground provides a combo of high performance and easy web management to give clients the best experience possible. Another thing that makes its services stand out is its efficient customer service and support. By way of support, it provides detailed tutorials for users in order to dispel any confusion that may arise in the course of use.
  6. GODADDY: This site stands out the most. Its hosting services are quality and exceptional. It provides every other hosting service with excellent features to go with them.
  7. A2 HOSTING: This site is the best option for you if you desire a very fast hosting experience. Some of its features include an unlimited SSD Storage, unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate. The goodnews is that all these come at very affordable prices.
  8. HOSTGATOR: Hostgator is a very versatile site with regard to everythinghosting-related. It offers VPS hosting and other hosting services. Again, its support services are excellent. Its service providers are around 24/7 to provide all the help and support users, especially beginners may need.
  9. DREAMHOST: DreamHost is your dream host indeed. They provide the best services price-wise. Again, they provide services for every kind of user , beginners and small businesses inclusive. Also, they provide a plan that renders absolutely free service to non-profit organizations. This makes Dreamhost stand out among the rest of the hosts.
  10. INTERSERVER: INTERSERVER provides a discounted price without insisting on the client paying a yearly subscription for the service in advance. Integrity is their watchword and they maintain a high degree of honesty in their dealing with their clients.
  11. INMOTION: INMOTION leverages on their long years of experience to provide time-tested and reliable services. Their goal as a site is to provide their clients with tested and trusted services. Their VPS gives you a fast and reliable hosting experience. Also, inmotion ensures that their users get all the support and help they need.

Now, you may be wondering how you can select the site that is best suited for the services you want. A quick look at the variety of hosting features will help you make a clearer and more informed decision as regards which site is best suited for you.

  • Email Hosting: if you are in need of the best email host, the specific and important features to check for are: unlimited emails,free domain name, efficient support and maintenance, SMAP filters basically to sieve out spam mails and lastly, quality encryption. This is in keeping with the security of the server which is of utmost importance.
  • WordPress Hosting: if your goal is to build a wordPress-based site then, you need to look out for these features: unique wordPress themes, automatic wordPress installation and updates, security features, easy-to-use control panel, top tech support and high performance.
  • PHP Hosting: The features to look out for are: unlimited resources, free technical support and a wide range of PHP scripts. It is important to state that ‘Hosting with PHP 7 compatibility’ is a very necessary feature for every wordpress site.


Just like every other kind of server, VPS server has its own benefits. VPS Server benefits are so many that they overshadow its cons. These benefits include the following:

  1. Scalability: one of the prominent features of the VPS server is its scalability. It allows its users to start up with the minimum resources at their disposal. Then, as their business grows and expands, they can upgrade to higher hosting plans. The VPS server allows users to operate at their own pace. They do not have to subscribe to plans that are not accommodated by their budget.
  2. Pricing: A VPS Server is affordable and pocket-friendly. It gives users exactly or almost exactly what they want at a cheaper cost and with as little stress to their budget as possible.
  3. Customization: With the VPS Server, you have the opportunity to customize your server to meet your specific needs. This way, you only get to pay for the specific features you will be needing alone. You also get to choose these features by yourself.
  4. More Control: The VPS Server generally grants you a lot more control than the shared server. You exercise much more control over your virtual server which is dedicated to you alone. Again, VPS gives you root access so that you can customise your OS to your taste. It grants you access to use some scripts that may not be available in the shared server.
  5. Technical support and Maintenance: You don’t need all the technical expertise in the world to be able to use the VPS. The Service providers are available to provide all the support and maintenance you may need.
  6. Privacy: VPS maintain your data privacy. This is basically because you do not share your operating system with anyone.
  7. Flexibilty: VPS allows you to select and work with any operating system of your choice and with the various softwares that you may like to install on the server.


It is apparent that VPS Nserver has a lot of sterling festures that are not easy to overlook. Its future prospects are massive, just like its benefits. Therefore, the VPS server stands as a perfect option and a suitable solution to the needs of both small and mwdium-sized businesses. It will encourage growth and expansion while these businesses operate well within their budget.

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