Virtually all VPS service providers give access to computer servers called rentable virtual machines or simply VMs. These VMs works like an exceptional server in and out.

Now coming back to VPS web hosting, it is one kind of web hosting used in hosting websites in an environment that is scalable inside a partitioned server. Using VPS hosting, manifold virtual cases can be housed in a single server without disturbing the website performance of other servers hosted on it.

The technology behind VPS hosting is used by many enterprises that require additional resources on their servers than what is obtainable on shared hosting plans. They may not want to make payment for sole ownership of dedicated hosting.

In VPS web hosting, underlying server resources like accessible RAM, CPU, in addition to Internet bandwidth, are all shared by every user hosted on the server. Though, there some of these resources are reserved for each user on the VPS.

VPS hosting providers use the server virtualization app to generate every virtual instance inside a single physical server. They often render support for several Content Management Systems, web frameworks, and cPanel app.

Here are some of the requirements ever VPS service provider must meet before being certified to render the service;

  • Capacity to offer rentable virtual environments contained in partitioned servers.
  • Capacity to manage server hardware along with Internet connectivity for web hosting clients.
  • Capacity to retain portions of server resources for every VPS customer.
  • Ability to permit users to control their virtual environment through a digitalized control panel


Even though the list of website hosting providers is a very long one, there are still a couple of them that render dependable services. But when you talk of VPS hosting service providers, the list is shorter.

Meanwhile, some things must be factored in when deciding who your next VPS hosting service provider will be. Let me quickly take you through each of them and why you should pay close attention to each of them so that you can decide wisely!

  • Site Performance Metrics

The performance of your website must be your top priority if you're serious about making good sales using a VPS plan. The word "performance" can be somehow subjective, but two metrics matter most. They are;

  • Uptime
  • Speed

When coming across, anyone searching for a VPS service must have outgrown their current shared hosting plan, and therefore, a need for an upgrade is imperative. Once you find yourself in such a position, you must look out for in any VPS service provider you're going for are speed and uptime as you will be sharing the server resources with other users on the network. If these two are lacking, your website will be affected badly.

Ensure that whichever VPS package you're going to take care of all the traffic your website will be recording. Once the performance is lacking, you need to look for another VPS service provider.

It is a fact that a countless number of hosting service providers normally guarantee a good uptime rate but offers like that normally go hand in hand with some contingencies (e.g., scheduled outages).

Meanwhile, several websites cannot tolerate any downtime or sluggish loading times. Is your website in that category? Then, go and get a first-class VPS plan now! But if you're one of those that rather save money at the expense of your website performance, you might be joking about meeting the demands of your esteemed website followers.

  • Dedicated Resources

Technically speaking, you're still going to share server resources with other websites on the server. Meanwhile, the number of sites on the same main server is much lower compared to shared hosting. Plus, each virtual server will have dedicated resources.

So as you make a move for a VPS hosting service, take note of each of the following;

  • RAM
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • CPUs


Believe it or not, website hosting via a VPS is not meant for everybody; while some benefit from a VPS web hosting service, some do not. Since we are not just interested in blindly selling you the benefits of VPS hosting, we have compiled for you below a few reasons you may or may not get VPS hosting.

Here is when you should consider using a VPS in your web hosting. It would be best if you had a VPS for your website;

  • When your website has exceeded the architectural and resource limits of your shared or reseller hosting.
  • When you need to set up customized modules or apps that your shared hosting provider doesn't support.
  • When you are in need root access to the server.
  • When you want a virtual development environment for the development and testing of your software.
  • When you're doling out financial transactions and managing sensitive site data.
  • When you're experiencing severe fluctuations of site traffic

When you should NOT think of using a VPS for your web or any other hosting:

  • When you're hosting websites with very low traffic and those that aren't mission-critical.
  • When you're a novice, and all you are after is, learn the fundamentals of website hosting like WordPress, FTP, and control panel.


In a world filled with numerous web hosting options to choose from, VPS hosting has become a trendy choice for many websites in different categories.

Meanwhile, Upgrading to VPS will significantly perk up your website's performance, especially when you are currently on a shared hosting package.

But if you are among those just defining their websites from scratch and are looking to get loads of traffic from the onset, acquiring a VPS hosting package is a workable option.

There is a countless number of web hosting service providers currently on the market. This is the reason why finding the ideal web hosting plan for your website can be such a tough choice.

Luckily enough, you have to the right place to get the right information to guide you in choosing the right VPS hosting service.

The Top 7 Options you can consider when choosing a VPS Website Hosting.

With these in mind, let's dive into the top VPS hosting plans on the market today:

No 1 – Bluehost VPS Hosting Review

I love Bluehost as an amazing web hosting provider. No wonder the company makes the cut when it comes to top VPS web hosting providers.

Whether you are already a Bluehost customer or are planning an upgrade from your current web hosting solution to a better one, Bluehost remains an excellent choice! Besides that, if you want a feature-rich hosting service provider and highly economical, the Bluehost VPS hosting plan is a perfect choice.

Apart from being served by a company that has won multiple awards in supporting their customers, you will also get real value for your money on features that you can't find on other equally priced offers.

Note that you will be paying separately for the privacy of your domain and site protection.

No 2 – Hostinger Review; The Best Partly-Managed VPS Hosting

One thing you can't take away from Hostinger is their shared hosting packages that are ridiculously cheap! On the other hand, for budget-conscious customers who are looking for a partly-managed solution, their VPS hosting packages are smart options.

With Hostinger partly-managed web hosting plans, handling all the backend of your site becomes a piece of cake. Hostinger helps their customers take care of the management of their servers and any other server-related matters.

Not only will they help you with all you need to have a hit-free hosting session, but you will also be getting an economical price in exchange for overseeing certain areas on your own.

Also, hosting your website through Hostinger VPS Hosting plans also provides access to dedicated resources and extra control that normally accompanied their VPS hosting solutions, all at reasonable prices! Even at that low-cost price, you will get the best VPS hosting services! Why not click here now to see all the top class features you will be enjoying?

No 3 – Liquid Web Review; The Best Ever VPS Hosting Services Provider

Are you looking for ways of improving the speed of your website? The best thing to do is first upgrade to a VPS hosting plan. It will gladden your heart tofound out that the VPS hosting services of Liquid Web remain the fastest in the industry.

Though this may look like an audacious claim, various speed tests were conducted by a third party and discovered that Liquid Web performs better than their competitors, all thanks to their virtualized cloud machines.

Additionally, you have absolute control over your entire website with access to the root features, downgrading and upgrading in just one click, as well as server management.

There is an opportunity for you to choose between managed or unmanaged plans that also gives you full control with just an additional payment of $10/month. If you are the type that does not mind doing updates and uninterrupted management yourself, this is the smartest and affordable option for you!

Liquid Web plans for Windows start from $80 per month and $35/month for Linux. To get 40% off the first four months, Sign up now with this coupon code **** (insert your affiliate code here)

No 4 – HostGator Review — The Most Dependable VPS Hosting

For more than twenty years, HostGator has been around. This web hosting service provider hosts over 2 million websites globally.

Being one of the top trusted names in the website hosting industry, you can't go wrong with any of their VPS plans. Let's briefly take a look at the selling point of each of their plans!

Their VPS hosting plans come with complete root access and resources that are dedicated. Besides benefitting from conventional web hosting, you will also enjoy HostGator's virtual private servers mostly used for eCommerce websites, gaming, testing platforms, and heavy application usage.

There is a 45-day money-back guarantee on all their plans.

No 5- Inmotion Review; The Most Excellent VPS Plans For Ecommerce Websites

InMotion has a broad range of VPS hosting packages for you to pick from. They provide managed VPS hosting and personally-managed cloud VPS hosting services, and Linux SSD servers power both.

You can get their managed hosting plans from $29.99/month while the

Managed packages start at $29.99 per month, and the entry-level personally-managed VPS hosting begins at $5/month.

People like you will benefit from their managed plans because these virtual servers are optimized for out of the box eCommerce sites.

These plans are designed for speed and consistency with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and the likes. In terms of VPS hosting, the virtual private servers of InMotion are generally believed to be the fastest and most reliable. At the same time, their 90-day money-back guarantee is perhaps the best in the web hosting industry.

No 6 – Godaddy Review; Greatest Self-Managed VPS Hosting Platform

The name GoDaddy is habitually synonymous with domain registration and aggressive marketing strategies.

But if you're searching for a VPS plan that is self-managed, GoDaddy will be a top choice for you to think about.

Their standard RAM VPS plans start from as low as $4.99 monthly, while their elevated RAM packages begin at $9.99 per month.

The personally-managed plans are ideal for web developers and system administrators.

Their plans are superb for testing platforms, database servers, -heavily resourced apps, email servers, and admins operating many websites.

GoDaddy fully-managed VPS plans start from $99.99, while their personally-managed plans stand out of all their plans.

No 7 – Media Temple Review; The Most Excellent Managed VPS Hosting Packages

When it comes to managed VPS hosting, Media Temple is my best recommendation for eCommerce sites, businesses, agencies, and resellers.

All of the technical aspects of controlling your server will be handled by the pros at Media Temple. Just focus your time and energy on your business and your website.

In addition to being the best customer support company in the web hosting industry, your managed VPS plan comes with many benefits.

The servers of Media Temple are speedy and dependable. You can get their managed VPS hosting plans for as low as $55/month.


Virtual Private Server web hosting is a brilliant choice for websites that have outgrown a shared hosting package.

Now, which VPS web hosting is the greatest? Naming just one as the top pick is a difficult decision. But I can assure you that going for any of the ones mentioned above can never be a wrong choice. Just ensure that you follow the tactic described at the beginning of this article to make your best VPS web hosting plan.

Either self-managed and managed plans, there's definitely something for everybody on my list.

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