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Once you become a successful business owner, a time will come when you need to upgrade your resources, and hosting might be one of the first things to do.

If your web hosting plan is shared hosting, you will have to upgrade once your business becomes more well-known than before. You'll need to change to a web hosting such as VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server to be able to handle the surge of traffic that may ensue.

This is necessary because too much load on your server resources will affect your business and it can be very frustrating.

Hence, VPS hosting is highly recommended or the best option when you're changing from shared hosting. However, if you have the wherewithal or your business needs it, you can use dedicated server hosting for optimum efficiency, and, most importantly, provide your clients with a fast and problem-free experience.

You may want to ask, "why should I choose VPS hosting?" Before I talk about Liquidweb VPS, let's look at the benefits of using VPS:

1. Gives you total control of the server

When you choose VPS hosting, you get complete root access to the server. This enables you to be in the front seat (so to say) of your server and have the capability to change it whichever way you want. For instance, you can decide to install any custom software without waiting for the hosting provider.

2. Enhances the reliability of your site

One thing with shared hosting is that if something affects someone else's site on the same server you use, there is a high tendency that your website data will be at risk. This is because it is shared.

However, VPS hosting, on the other hand, is for your site alone. You don't have to worry your head about what is happening on other sites on your server since you are the only one using it.

3. Enhances scalability

VPS hosting enables you to freely scale your resources without any hitch as your business grows. This is necessary especially when you are almost reaching your server limits, so that you can quickly scale it without any technical issues.

Now, let's dive into liquidweb VPS.

A Beginner's Guide to Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Now that you have decided that VPS hosting is what you want, and you have decided to opt for a managed plan, you need to know which of the managed plans option to go for.

In case you don't understand what managed VPS means, here is the explanation. A managed VPS is a VPS that allows you take your hands off your site. This implies that you have little or no control over how it is run. Your hosting company does the handling of the technical aspect and ensures your VPS gives the functionality, virus and spam protection you need. In addition, they take care of the maintenance, troubleshooting and software installs, making you save time and ensuring your job is done with professionalism.

Opting for a managed VPS saves time, does not require technical expertise from you, makes sure OS updates are completed (keeping you safe and current) and makes sure changes are made correctly.

A managed VPS, however, costs more than unmanaged and gives more control to an outsider than yourself (you may have an issue with that if you're someone who likes to have control to some extent.)

Now that you know all these, you may want to find out which VPS hosting service is the best. Bear in mind that if you want to choose any VPS hosting service, it must be one that you feel very confident and comfortable with. You may want to look for the provider with the best customer reviews or with the best technical know-how. You can go for one who can offer a balance of them.

Liquid Web is one that is highly recommended. It has worked hard to create a competitive VPS offer. Reviews from customers and third-party testing have found out that Liquid Web VPS hosting outperforms Amazon, DigitalOcean and RackSpace.

Want more conviction? Do you want to know what you should look for when you want to choose a VPS hosting provider? Worry less; I will list them:

1. Uptime

A good hosting provider must be reliable and must be able to respond to any issue the site may have quickly and effectively. Make sure the uptime is guaranteed. Also, check their customer reviews.

2. Performance

The better the performance, the quicker your site will run, hence improving sales and productivity. You must ensure you research each hosting provider's benchmark before you opt for any.

3. Scalability

Be sure of how the scaling is done from your provider. Know how the price changes as you scale.

5. Customer Support

Know how each web provider responds to customers' complaints. Know who responds promptly and thoroughly, and who you can easily talk. Check out who acts proactively.

6. Cost

Consider not only the monthly cost but the complete cost of having a managed VPS.

7. Hardware

Make sure the hosting provider you opt for uses up-to-date hardware with current generation processors. Ensure you enquire about the server your provider uses for VPS.

8. OS

What operating system does the hosting provider support on VPS? Will such operating system work for your business needs or not? You need to learn this.

9. Security

What kind of security comes with each VPS offer? Does your provider offer Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection? Ensure you find out.

10. Backups

In VPS hosting, backups are necessary. Therefore you should know how the hosting provider performs backups and how frequent it does. Go for one that does night backups if you can. This will make sure you are always close to full recovery should anything happen to your data.

11. DDoS Attack Protection

Find out if the hosting provider has basic server DDoS protection? If they do, what options are available for more protection in cases of larger attacks?

12. CDN

If you are employing VPS in hosting a public-facing site, find out whether your VPS package comes with a CDN. It may come as either an included feature or an optional add-on.

And if the provider gives managed Cloudflare as an offer, it will make the deal sweeter. It means you will have a more secure and faster website.

13. Migration

Let's say you have been hosting elsewhere or your web hosting is shared; you should understand how the hosting provider migrates to VPS. What is their approach? Will they be the one in charge of the migration? If yes, how much will it cost and what's the time frame?

With all these, you may then opt for a managed hosting provider that fits the list mentioned above.

Liquid Web is a highly recommended hosting provider. It is one of the best managed VPS hosting options. With liquid Web, you have the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting. Their VPS service is equipped with great security features and is very quick. When you sign up for the plan, you enjoy the benefits of Cloudflare CDN, ServerSecure and DDoS Protection.

One great thing about utilizing Liquid Web's VPS hosting is that they offer custom server clusters for renowned apps like WordPress. Their customer service and support team assist you to take care of stuff so you don't have to be frustrated.

Setting up a liquidweb VPS for gaming server

Now, you have opted out for liquidweb VPS hosting service. You need to know how setting up a liquidweb VPS for gaming server is done.

It is quite simple. Follow these steps:

1. Configure your Apache settings

You must ensure you configure your Apache very well because it can be a big hog on VPS if it is not done properly. Read more here.

2. Make sure you're on an updated MySQL version

Operating on an old version can really affect your performance, so you must update your MySQL version. Here is how to do it.

3. Optimise your content

Quite a lot of things can affect the load time of your content. You must be able to identify what they may be.

4. Use a CDN

Like I earlier mentioned, a CDN can greatly help to improve the speed of delivery of your content. CDN means Content Delivery Network.

Real Users Experience With Liquid Web VPS

These are what people who have used Liquid Web VPS are saying about it:

A customer has this to say about it: "No other hosting provider can rival Liquid Web in offering assistance to its customers. All the staff, at least those that I have interacted with, are friendly and of great help. Any issue is always dealt with on time. Kudos, Liquidweb."

“My company has been served by many years by Liquid Webiquid Web. They have been doing an awesome job. Their customer service is on point and they are always ready to listen to your complaints and help you out. Seriously, you'll feel you have no itch when you're with them. Another plus is that their servers are very quick and safe. More grease to your elbow."

“Fantastic job. Thumbs up!"

“We are thrilled with Liquid Web. Each time we call their technical team to help solve a problem, they respond promptly. Thank you, Liquid Web."

"I have always enjoyed Liquid Web service. They are good at making you feel like a king and you get quality and value for your money. I love them and I boldly recommend them to everyone."

“It has been more than 3 years stability with Liquid Web. We are very satisfied with their service and quick response every time we need something or if support is required."

"My mind is always at rest, knowing that I have great support in Liquid Web. Thank you, guys, for the awesome job."

"I have been working with Liquid Web for about 6 months now. Every person I've interacted with has gone above and beyond to help me with anything I've asked. Well done, Liquid Web."

“The support Liquid Web gives is outstanding. I love this web hosting provider. Thank you Liquid Web."

"I really love the service I enjoy from Liquid Web! I wish I had switched years ago. It's the best company for hosting! Try it out too."

"My friend recommended this web hosting provider to me. I was skeptical at first and thought of taking care of my website by myself but when I couldn't, I decided to give it a try. I am glad I made that decision. It is a very wise one. I rate the service 10/10."

"Liquid Web has the best in support, and solving problems quickly. I appreciate that their servers and support team are US-based. I strongly recommend it."

“Liquid Web has the best hosting that I've used so far. They know their onions and are good at what they do."

“This service provider is trustworthy and the technical team is fantastic. I recommend it to everyone."

“Liquid Web is available and accessible to their customers. They care about their customers. The help they render is the best. No other company can match Liquid Web in the way they act and care for their customers."

"I love Liquid Web. I have been using it for many years for my businesses and I have never been disappointed."

"I had been using other web providers before now but none has been able to satisfy me like Liquid Web."

"Fast service. Topnotch customer care. Prompt response. I love Liquid Web."

Do you want to read more on what customers feel about Liquid web service? Click here.

In conclusion, you have been able to see why you should opt for a managed VPS hosting, what to look out for in a hosting provider and why you should choose Liquid Web. It's up to you to make your choice.

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