Linux is a popular open-source operating system for many users looking into a VPS hosting service. Linux can easily manage many of your computer’s functions, including your CPU, SSD storage/bandwidth, and a lot of other significant resources. When it comes to a Linux VPS, your VPS will run features easily and function smoothly.

Why is Linux VPS So Expensive?

Linux holds the top spot as an operating system (OS) when it comes to VPSs. The reason why is due to Linux’s open-source-based nature. Not only is it widely considered an easy way to set your server up, but due to being open-source, there aren’t any licensing costs, unlike Windows. Additionally, a typical Linux-based OS takes up about 3 or 4 GBs of space on average while Windows takes up closer to 15 GB. There’s also the abundance of RAM Windows requires to run, which is far more than a typical Linux server would need.

Where Can I Find A Good, Cheap Linux VPS?

We have affordable plans for hosting your Linux VPS, which means you pay only for what you require. Although we offer competitive pricing, we also offer powerful features and excellent packages of the highest quality. Choosing your Linux hosting packages with us means choosing a scalable package in line with your business goals.

Here are the benefits of choosing a Linux VPS hosting package with us.

Great Customer Service For Your VPS

Our pride in client care and customer service is just as great as our quality, affordable Linux VPS solutions. You’ll never be left to your own devices, as we have a live, 24/7 chat support service in English and many more languages.

Furthermore, our customer service team consists of solutions hosting experts with a minimum of 5 years of experience and understand the intricacies of the Linux OS. When it comes to any issues or difficulties, our specialists can help you immediately, day or night. We’re always available to assist and answer any of your questions.

Our interface is simple and easy to use, making your experience with our servers intuitive and flexible. Choosing to host your VPS with us also means getting the opportunity to earn rewards while using some of our features.

Secure Hosting For Your VPS

We provide an efficient, secure, and effective service trusted by businesses and individuals worldwide. Our flexibility means you’re free to grow and scale your businesses or websites as required while paying only for what you need.

We designed our network to be the best when it comes to buying Linux VPS hosting. With quick deployment and exceptional support comes a high-level of security. Working with us means placing any sensitive data and operations in reliable hands.

Guaranteed Performance For Your VPS

Hosting a Linux VPS with us means a guarantee for your VPS to perform beyond your expectations. We always observe and improve our service to keep your VPS running.

Our experienced support team stays up to date with kernel compilation for your VPS and patching it for optimum performance. We also regularly upgrade your software along with any installations, leaving you free to scale your business as necessary. You even receive a control panel with root access.

Our team of Linux OS experts is available for you to access by hotline 24/7. We’ll help you install, fine-tune, and perform any security updates you need. We’ll even help you migrate your domain from any other hosting service.

Deploy Your VPS Immediately

We offer packages that contain powerful features for hosting your Linux VPS. When choosing to host your Linux VPS with us, your services can be running less than a minute after you sign up.

Another benefit is having high-speed access to manage your Linux VPS immediately. We pride ourselves on having super-fast service on a secure platform for you to handle your business.

Above all else, we take the security and stability of our servers very seriously. We also utilize an stellar backup system to secure your business or website. We implement 3-way replication, allowing us to securely store your data on 3 separate servers. We also use a firewall, included in our VPS hosting packages, to help secure your data. Additionally, we use 100% SSD technology to give you super-quick performance along with these features.

The Plans We Offer

Before creating your own Linux VPS, read what we have and the low prices we offer:

  1. Standard - these are our cheapest plans, with the first starting at $4.99. This plan offers a GB of RAM, a CPU core, 25 GB of SSD, and a TB in transfer. The second plan we offer in this category comes with twice the amount of the first, for only twice the price, at $9.99. Additionally, you also have access to a plan that gives you 150 GB SSD.
  1. CPU-Optimized - this package is a bit pricer than our standard, but the result is great CPU power at a great price. This package starts at $69.99 and gives you much of the same as the first plan of the Standard package. However, with this package, you can scale your server to have 4 GB of RAM or more, as well as 2 to 4 TB in transfer, between 2 or 6 CPU cores, and anywhere between 50 and 150 GB SSD.

  1. Memory-Optimized - this package is perfect for your applications that lean more on memory rather than power. At $7.49, you start with 2 GB of RAM, a CPU core, 2 GB SSD, and a TB in transfer.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Linux VPS?

Although something like Ubuntu, the most well-known version of Linux, requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM, you can run Linux on a machine with as little as 512 MB of RAM. This means you can run Linux on very old and underpowered machines and, minus any heavy animations and features, your machine can feel very new again.

A great way to truly understand how much RAM you’ll need for your Linux VPS is understanding how RAM works.

How RAM Works For Your VPS

RAM stands for random-access memory and serves as a component of your server that temporarily stores application data being actively used. This allows you to access this information quicker and depending on the number of programs you’re using, you’ll need more RAM. An avid computer gamer would need far more RAM than a casual PC user.

The performance and speed of your applications directly correlate to the amount of RAM you have installed. If too little, applications will suffer from sluggish load times, while too much RAM has little to no benefit.

The same also goes for your OS. If your OS requires more RAM on installation, you’ll also have less space for your programs. In the case of Windows, you receive a ton of apps upon installation, as well as a host of background services that use the RAM on your server.

Running out of RAM forces your computer to store your temporary files directly to your SSD, which is far slower than RAM. This makes your machine far slower and explains why closing your tab-filled browser revives your machine.

Why Linux Is Great For RAM

Linux doesn’t possess the ability to have the same apps used with less memory. A tab-filled browser on Linux does as much to take up RAM as it would on Windows.

However, with Linux, you can switch your distribution. Linux is an open-source-based OS with multiple distributions or operating systems based on the Linux kernel. This means you can easily find a Linux OS that isn’t Ubuntu that can run blazingly fast on your VPS or even older hardware.

With Windows, your options are a lot more limited. You can reduce the number of programs and background services running at once, or add more RAM to your system. Beyond that, you can disable a few animations and use less RAM demanding themes, though you can’t do much with the Windows GUI.

Altogether, Linux is a lot more forgiving on your older hardware or if you don’t require much space. It’s important to assume that although you’re using a Linux OS, you may not be using less RAM. With us, you can increase your RAM size as you scale your operations, making sure you’re never using too much or too little RAM for your VPS.

Why Would You Need A Linux VPS?

Ultimately, your decision comes down to personal preference. Linux may not appeal to the average layperson, though the Windows GUI can be very limited. Additionally, your decision may rely on costs and your specific requirements.

Pros and Cons Of A Linux VPS

As the most used OS when it comes to VPSs, Linux has many advantages as well as disadvantages. These more or less rely on your personal experience, as Linux allows for greater freedoms and responsibilities that can overwhelm you if you’re inexperienced. On the other hand, a tech-savvy IT team would find that Linux allows for more flexibility in managing a server.


Security: Linux is generally inaccessible to the common user, making it less likely to be a target of attacks. Furthermore, it’s backed by a massive open-source community that works to preserve the consistency of the operating system by implementing security features. In short, your business or website is less likely to go down due to an outside attack.

Performance: As we explained in detail before, Linux is less demanding on your hardware not only in RAM but also in disk space. Linux doesn’t require a reboot after each update and can be managed directly through the command line.

Cost: As an open-source-based OS, Linux is infinitely the cheaper option due to being free to all users. This is because you don’t pay any licensing fees to use the OS or require any special software to run it.


Ease Of Use: Linux is an OS that is primarily managed through Secure Remote Login (SSH). Unlike the easy and intuitive Windows interface, managing a Linux VPS via SSH can be a bit difficult if you’re inexperienced.

Support: Due to having the support of a full community, Linux has an abundance of online help for common problems. Despite this, the voluntary nature of the service means quality and reliability can vary depending on where you look.

Lack of Programs: Although Linux is popular as an OS, you may find that many professional programs don’t work with Linux. Additionally, ports for Linux distributions aren’t the focus of many hardware and software engineers, possibly making it harder if you’re switching from a Windows VPS.

Our Cheap Linux VPS

When you choose a Linux VPS hosting package with us, you get:

  • Fast Linux Servers, allowing you to choose and use your Linux VPS hosting server with instant deployment. Choosing Linux VPS hosting with us means having your services up and running less than 1 minute after sign up.
  • Live Backups, meaning your backups can run even while your server is running and online. There’s no downtime during backup. Our system also uses 3-way replication, meaning your data is stored securely on 3 separate servers.
  • Flexible Billing, as in we offer no contracts. You get to choose how long you keep your Linux server: hourly, daily, or monthly. You can start at a cost as low as $4.99, and we assure you of a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.
  • 24/7 Online, giving your server accessibility from all over the world with no downtime. We have designed our Linux VPS hosting services to provide maximum uptime and speed.
  • Easy and Fast Firewall Setup, allowing you to configure your firewall and rule additions. These can be easily set up and managed on the control panel. Our firewall is very robust and helps to ensure that your data remains secure.
  • Security for all of our hosting servers, giving you the best available virtual server on the market. When compared to other servers, our servers score very highly in terms of security.

Cheap Linux VPS

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