From the very start, InMotion Hosting always had two goals- to provide outstanding support and top-notch VPS service. InMotion has become one of the first website hosts to offer virtual private servers. Over the years, it has cemented this position by prioritizing reliability and strong customer service.

InMotion offers a wide variety of features, all at a user-friendly and affordable rate. There’s a lot to be benefited from using InMotion VPS.

What is VPS?

It is only fair that we explain what VPS is before delving into InMotion VPS. VPS is a term referring to a virtual private server, a type of website hosting. This VPS web hosting platform provides you with a partitioned server of your own that you can customize and configure.

Websites on the VPS platform are assigned separate partitions utilizing a hypervisor. The VPS hosting has one up the shared hosting because while you share the same resources as other users, you each have your allocated resources. Well, now that you have at least the rudimentary knowledge of VPS hosting, let’s move on to InMotion VPS.

What is InMotion VPS?

InMotion is a VPS provider that has been on the block for quite a while. It balances raw performance with careful considerations for reliability and redundancy. The hosting providers also prioritize security and managed updates.

There are three VPS plans, each with Launch assist, a program peculiar to the company. Launch Assist makes systems administrators accessible to new customers at no cost for two hours. All plans provide you with access to your load, RAM, and bandwidth usage.

One of its distinguishing features is a solid-state drive capable of loading your pages 20 times faster than your standard hard disk drive. Everyone stands to gain from the ease of use of InMotion VPS regardless of their level of experience. Spend less time customizing, configuring, and managing your VPS with the managed VPS option.

Enjoy a robust hosting environment and SSD storage. Let’s take a quick pause and jet off to exposing the features of InMotion VPS.

What are the Features of InMotion VPS?

InMotion, as we’ve mentioned, is a great VPS hosting platform with rich, user-friendly features. With the different hosting plans, you will find common features and distinguishing factors. You can pay for the least expensive plan then later upgrade to another plan.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Access - InMotion VPS hosting offers you access to round the clock technical support. You can choose which of their support options you would love, i.e., email, phone, live chats, ticketing, etc. Whichever means you choose, you can be rest assured knowing help will come in an instant.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - InMotion currently offers users an amazing 90 days money-back guarantee. We say whooping because the 90 days money-back period is one of VPS hosting platforms’ longest. The money-back-guarantee means you can opt-out of the plan anytime and have your money refunded.
  • Account Creation and Management – InMotion VPS Hosting provides you with access to a very user-friendly interface. With it, you can bill, manage, and support your website easily from a single central dashboard. You also get access to an unbranded server, unlimited FTP accounts, and SSH.
  • Unlimited Domains – Users can create numerous domains freely. You can create domains, subdomains, parked domains, and add-ons. These hosting plans for resellers allow you to register domains for your clients.
  • Customer Resources – InMotion offers you a reseller option. As a reseller, you get to control how your server’s resources are allocated to your clients. Disc space, domains, bandwidth, etc., allocation all fall within your control.
  • White Label – InMotion offers you a white label. With it, you can brand your VPS hosting exactly as you wish. You can even brand your packages and services for your clients without stress.
  • Instant Scalability – It is designed to meet all the needs of your business. Thus, you can scale up the original features with ease as your business expands. You can increase power, memory space, speed, build, and launch any app on your website. When you need to, upgrade your website account in your account panel. All these at an affordable price.
  • High Performance – InMotion offers you consistent top-performance partly because you are allocated your fair share of server resources. Since there are fewer VPS hosted sites for each server, users have more server resources to enjoy. Essentially, however, the other VPSs perform have nothing to do with the performance of your site.
  • Better SEO - InMotion VPS offers you great SEO and reduced issues with spam blacklisting. They can achieve this thanks to your dedicated network resource. They provide you with an optimized site; you won’t be mistaken for a site with a phishing history or X-rated content.
  • Security - Security in InMotion VPS is higher primarily because the virtualization process it employs protects VPS servers from being prey to cyberattacks. With root access, you can effectively harden your VPS server security.

What are the Advantages of InMotion VPS?

There are a whole lot of benefits InMotion VPS offers. Most lie in the features it provides. Let's look at some of them.

It offers you root access to the VPS system admins. With this access, you can manage and install software that ordinarily will require administrative permission.

  • High-level Security – this inbuilt feature makes your server immune to BoTs and common computer viruses.
  • Scalability - You get the option to scale down or scale up your resources whenever you wish.
  • Server Uptime - High server uptime guaranteeing that your server will encounter little or no server downtime.
  • Server Snapshots – This feature allows you to roll back to your previous server features with ease.
  • Unlimited MySQL Database – You can launch your site applications in a secure database.
  • High Speed - In the world of VPS hosting, speed is key. As you well know, a slow loading site is also a site with poor sales and conversion. With InMotion VPS, you are sure to experience super-fast speed.

Does InMotion VPS Hosting have Special Features?

Yes, it does. Among the special features is its ultra-fast speed.

1.Pre-Built & Optimized Software Configurations

InMotion VPS offers users a unique pre-built configuration that can be customized. These configurations are free and can be added during checkout. The optimizable server settings are designed to provide users with improved performance, far beyond those provided by other VPS.

InMotion achieves this by selecting the best web servers, caching, software, and script execution there is out there. With it, you can improve your server response time and generate better traffic while using fewer resources. One other thing you enjoy with InMotion is the freedom to choose from PHP, WordPress, or Standard configurations.

2.Real-Time Redundancy

InMotion Hosting VPS offers users various plans with features that allow you to keep your site up and run efficiently. The real-time redundancy allows you access to a node that makes it possible. The node for your server contains redundant hardware that safeguards your files and data in the effect of node failure. Your server automatically boots up on another unaffected server.

3.Datacenters in Max Speed Zone

Inmotion Hosting has placed its data centers in strategic places. These Datacenters are located close to the internet exchange points on both the west and east coast of America. The strategic positioning ensures that the VPS server can swiftly ping and respond to requests from all over the world.


InMotion VPS hosting pairs up with different ISPS across the globe alongside peering exchanges. Via peering, InMotion can create direct data connections to decrease the data load speed dramatically.

Rather than route data through different networks, peering directly connects you with the closest peer network. What this means essentially is that you enjoy a much faster loading time and responses.

5.Free Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

You'd be surprised at just how many VPS web hosting platforms still save data on traditional HDDs. I mean, no one wants to be stuck with antiquated HDDs that are slow as hell. We all want something modern, super-fast, and tastefully designed.

All InMotion VPS Hosting plans come on Dell servers that have solid-state drives (SSDs). These SSDs are 20 times faster than the traditional hard disks. The improved speed means that your content is uploaded and delivered quickly to your visitors.

6.Free cPanel License

An amazing special feature of InMotion VPS hosting is that all these plans feature free access to cPanel. The free cPanel access allows you to manage your files, domains, and access.

7.Live-State Snapshots

InMotion has a unique snapshot feature that allows users to easily and swiftly create an identical copy of their VPS server. Users can always revert to this snapshot whenever they desire.

8.Protection from DDoS Attack

All InMotion VPS Hosting plans uses Corero's SmartWall® Threat Defense Systems to provide an improved real-time defense. The defense is active against multiple DDoS attacks. The extra protection does not affect your server's traffic, so that you can rest easy.

9.Unrestricted CPU Cores

Most hosts restrict you to a fixed number of CPU cores; InMotion offers you an unlimited number of CPU core. Your core usage is not limited.

10.Free Domain

InMotion VPS Hosting offers you a free domain valid for a year when you subscribe to their packages. You can acquire these domains during checkout or ass the credit to your account for redemption at a time of your choosing.

11.Resource Monitoring Dashboard

InMotion offers you a dashboard that allows you to monitor your resources. The dashboard provides you with graphs and charts you need to analyze and manage the resources allocated to your server.

How Does InMotion VPS Compare With Other VPS Hosting?

With so many features stuffed into such affordable plans, InMotion gets exceptionally high VPS server hosting scores. However, how it adapts to your site depends on your hosting needs. Thus, InMotion hosting may not necessarily translate to your site's best fit.

Check out our top three VPS hosting platforms to see how InMotion VPS compares.

InMotion VPS

HostGator VPS

BlueHost VPS

GoDaddy VPS

Resource monitoring dashboard


Live-state snapshots


Unlimited CPU cores


Free SSDs


Real-time redundancy


Money-back guarantee

90 days

45 days

30 days

30 days

Free cPanel access


How Do I Contact the InMotion VPS Hosting Support Team?

If you encounter any difficulties using your InMotion VPS server, you can request help from their support team. You can do this via call, chat, email, or ticketing.

  • Phone - You can reach the support team by dialing any of these numbers:

US Customers: (1-888-321-4678). As part of the prompts, you will be required to hit 2 for Support then 1 for technical support. After that, you will need to enter 2 to access the VPS support option.

Suppose you are an international client, dial +1-757-416-6575 and press 2 for support. After that, dial 1 is to require technical support, then 2 to access the VPS-3000 option.

  • Chat Support – you can connect to their chat support via two methods. We will treat both briefly.

The first way to access help via a chat support is by logging into your account management panel AMP for short. From the AMP, click on get support at the top right corner of your screen; it should take you to the get support page. From there, select the Launch chat option and fill out your query. Your query will be attended to almost immediately.

The alternative does not need you to have an AMP authentication. Log on to inmotionhosting com and select the Sales Chat option at the top right corner of your screen. You will get an option to pre-chat, select it, from there, and select the drop-down menu. That should take you to the VPS support option.

  • Email Support – You can reach InMotion tech support via image for your VPS by sending to their email. Alternatively, you can log into AMP then click on Get Support. You'll locate it at the top right corner of the page. From there, you can enter your complaint or issue, have the ticket verified, and then submit it directly.


There are many VPS providers out there, one of which is InMotion. In fact, InMotion ranks high among the other VPS providers thanks to the rich features it packs. These unique features include Launch Assistant, Live snapshots and resource monitoring dashboards.

Inmotion VPS

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