Do you intend to get a cheap VPS hosting server? Europe VPS hosting is the best option for you. Europe VPS hosting providers have provided and still providing managed hosting solutions for many users for more than 17 years. The VPS server promises you good uptime rate, full-time support, reliable services and speedy network even when there is too much traffic loads on your server.

Trusted high quality VPS provider

Europe is a continent which is one of the most advanced in the world. Greater number of about 80% of people make efficient use of the Internet which has so far been the highest betwixt continents. Because of the efficient network system, many people and hosting providers make use of Europe VPS hosting server as it is also advancing and gaining more grounds. The list below contains the best and trusted high quality VPS that can be provided by Europe.

1. Contabo

Contabo VPS hosting server got to be the first on the list for Europe VPS Hosting server because of the provision of great plans, superb prices, and professional support. Contabo VPS hosting server which was established in 2003 is located in Munich, Germany. All the plans it offers are very cheap and affordable with premium hardware. The plans are 6 in number, 3 have 100% SSD that performs best for read-write speed while the other three comprise of SSD boost and HDD. However, all the plans contain a IP address, unrestricted traffic and provide you with customer support service from 8 AM to 11 PM (UTC+1) each day as well as FAQ tutorials which can be accessed in case of any need or help. You can always order for the number of domains you desire for all the plans, and as long as you choose a yearly billing cycle, you will pay for just 11 months.

2. Hostiso

Hostiso happens to be the second on the list. It was established in 2007, owned privately by a hosting company and located in Germany. They provide hosting service to about 50,000 domains in over an average of 50 countries. Hostio provides you with free SSL certificates, free cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, free backups , FCDN, complementary DDOS protection, and free migrations. You have the right to select VPS services from 2 cores, with 2 GB DDR4 RAM, 100 GB SSD disk space, 2000 GB bandwidth, for as low as 24.99 US dollars per month and up to 12 cores, with 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 2000 GB SSD disk space, 30.000 GB bandwidth, for just 119.99 US dollars per month. Additionally, Hostio promises you solutions, products-selling on your server, good prices and 24/7 support through live chat or e-mail. They have a lot of good reviews because of all the efficient provisions made by Hostio.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a hosting provider which is the third on this list because of its beautiful features. It was established in 2003 and its focus is to make available servers that provide solutions to developers. A2 Hosting comprises of both managed and unmanaged plans from which you have the opportunity to choose from. The unmanaged plans can provide you with 1 core of 512 MB memory space as well as 20 GB storage at a price of 5 US dollars per month. You can also go up to12 cores with 32 GB RAM and 250 GB storage at a price of 371.6 US dollars per month. They provide support to all their users through live chat, e-mail, give 99.9% uptime rate that keeps your site running efficiently and all these give them a good review from customers.

4. Fastcomet

FastCornet was established by an experienced team in the web hosting world in the year 2013. FastCornet which is easily accessible in the web hosting market is established in order to satisfy the high demand of customers for excellence. It is secured with constant monitoring, a complex network of security systems, an enterprise-level access control and a highly efficient physical security. In case you need help in one way or the other, you're provided with help from thele support team through the use of the community forum, live chat, blog, ticket system, e-mail, community forum and tutorials which is always available and easily accessible 24/7. FastCornet VPS plans are cloud-based and they include Cloud 1 plan, with a single-core CPU with 2 GB RAM and 30 GB SSD storage at 59.95 US per month. You can upgrade to Cloud 4 with a hexa-core CPU with 12 GB RAM and 192 GB of SSD storage of you desire more power at 139.95 US dollars per month. All hosted VPS plans comprise of free SSH access, free cPanel and Softwares, free domain name as well as free website transfer. You also get to enjoy backups which are daily and weekly.

5. Miss Hosting

Miss Hosting is one of the web hosting providers which is new and has Stockholm as its headquarters. It provides you with a lot of offers such as customizable templates, managed hosting, registering your domain, inbuilt HTML5 and CMS tools which you can use to create your desired websites. Miss Hosting renders services to about 100,000 websites which are owned by satisfied customers who have more servers than 1,000. Lastly, you can purchase your IP addresses from any location in the world and as well migrate all your sites freely to the hosting server. On Miss Hosting, you get a guarantee of a maximum uptime rate, efficient supply of power and a full-time support team who are standby to render help at any point in time. All these sum up for the good review gotten from many customers all over the world.

The list just concluded above contains the first five trusted Europe VPS hosting servers which can provide you with utmost efficient services. For more information and details, click here.

Cheap VPS Europe server is the best for your website

The cheap VPS Europe server is the best for your website because it provides you with numerous merits. Let us consider the cheap hosting servers that are available in Europe and best for you.

1. Kamatera: This hosting server is a cloud-based Server used for migrating your web site hosted on another service provider. Kamatera provides you with high-speed, more effective business solutions which make your work more efficient and more excellent. It also provides you with a support team which is always available 24/7 to provide you with help and solutions to all your questions.

2. Hostinger: Hostinger is very cheap and the best for any budget and capable of utilizing advanced cloud hosting technology. It is a user-friendly server that helps to build your site with ease. It offers services to about 29 million persons and businesses conclusive all round the world and provides support at every point in time when needed.

3. TMDHosting: For site owners who are existing or new, TMDHostikg is best for them because it promises you many hosting options and updated technology. It provides you with a lot of good features which contains free apps updates, drag and drop site builder tools that are easy to use, unlimited e-mails and a support team always available to provide all you need.

4. A2 Hosting: A2 Hosting happens to be one of the best VPS that is very affordable and capable of giving you an efficient, effective and reliable performance. It also provides you with a money-back order, 99.99% uptime rate, free backups, unlimited storage space and a 24/7 support to cater for your need.

Benefits Of Cheap Europe VPS Server

A cheap Europe VPS server is best for your websites because to the following reasons below.

1. Flexible Cost

The cost of getting Europe VPS Server is very flexible; that is, it is very cheap and affordable. You are given the privilege to also rent and pay for only what you make use of.

2. Hosting Other Services

With Europe cheap VPS server, you have the opportunity to host other servers without causing any threat or harm to your site. You have full control of your server and all its root data.

3. Renting Services

As stated earlier, Europe VPS server gives room to renting and paying for only what you use on your server. Perhaps, you have a small business organization that you are managing and use a limited amount of workers. You can just rent Europe server to perform the small tasks. However, you can upgrade later when your server becomes jam-packed with more traffic. The use of this server is better than shared hosting providers where resources shared maybe insufficient or less efficient to manage your site.

4. No Contract Needed

Signing a contract is not a must because you only pay for what you use and what you pay can be very affordable.

5. Works For Both Windows And Linux Operating Systems

Either rented or purchased, both work for Windows and Linux operating systems. So, your cost of purchase or renting is reduced because you need just one server for your operating systems.

Hosting Cheap Dedicated Servers Europe

Providing website hosting services depends on the type of people and businesses that make up the server. Running a great website from which you earn a living therefore requires you to select the best among all other service providers. You need to select a hosting server provider that has a large storage enough to cater for increased traffic on your server and has a great bandwidth. You must also be well informed about the technical know-how of the server you are selecting and acquaint yourself with an efficient support team that can provide you with immediate and effective solutions each time you need help on your server. Therefore, you need to consider both the affordability and the value embedded in the servers so as to get the best yet cheap and affordable Europe dedicated web hosting servers.

The cheap dedicated servers in Europe are therefore considered below

1. Xeon E3: This dedicated server is Xeon E3 1240 series and has features including CPU cores of 4 ×3.7 GHz, a memory space of 16 to 1000GB SATA or 120GB SSD and an uplink of 100 Mbps. You can get this server for as low as €72 per month in Portugal.

2. Xeon E5: It is a server of Xeon E5 1600 series having CPU cores of 4 x 3.1 GHz, a memory space of 32 to 2000GB SATA or 240GB SSD and an uplink of 100 Mbps. This server is also located in Portugal and can be purchased for as low as €79 per month.

3. Xeon E5: It is a server of the Xeon E5 2600 series comprising of a CPU cores of 8 x 2.6 GHz, a memory space of 64 GB to 2000GB SATA or 240GB SSD and an uplink of 1 Gbps. It is located in Portugal and cost as low as €139 per month.

4. Dual Xeon E5: This dedicated server is Dual Xeon E5 which has a CPU cores of 12 x 2.4 GHz, a memory space of 128 GB or 960 GB SSD with an uplink of 1 Gbps. This server is also located in Portugal and comes with a price as low as €299 per month. Additional IP addresses are also included but they cost €2 per one.

All the servers above have features such as unlimited hosting, full root access, DOS protection, availability of many operating systems such as Windows server, FreeBSD, CentOS and lots more. They provide many options from which you can choose from as well as a support team which are readily available to tackle and solve any technical issue you may encounter on your dedicated server. For more information, just click here.


You have gotten a full knowledge about the Europe VPS hosting server, the high quality, best, cheap servers and their advantages, you are left with options to select the one you love best.

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