One of the several benefits that technology has bestowed on humanity is the ability to use off-premise infrastructure instead of going through the hassle of on-premise server maintenance. While on-premise might seem flexible to users, it is tedious to use and maintain, not forgetting that you might end up provisioning more resources than you need. Now, this is where off-premise infrastructure has come to bail you out.

Every website owner in this age of technology understands that one best practice for website optimization is VPS, an off-premise service. What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to all physical architecture, such as CPU, an OS, and web applications like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. Learn how to SSH into your Virtual machine on the cloud and enjoy a smooth web hosting experience.

Here, all our clients experience a reliable support method that helps you scale through from beginner to expert while using our virtualization services for web hosting. You, too, can be a part of our team today.

VPS Services Explained

VPS, an acronym meaning Virtual Private Server (also called private cloud), refers to an off-premise hosting method that mimics a host of dedicated server environments but within a shared server. It is often used by providers of SaaS (Software as a Service) over other forms of cloud models (PaaS and IaaS). Programmers, game makers, and companies whose premise servers’ structure cannot withstand the growing demand for their products can also key into its use and secure a safe and affordable environment to back up their source codes and store data.

Consequently, due to the numerous advantages that VPS hosting offers to its users, it has become a vital choice when thinking about web hosting methods. The service is generally cost-effective (costs less than having your own set up); you only pay for the number of resources you use on the Virtual machine. This is even preferred over dedicated hosting, where you pay for everything and probably end up not using the complete hosting services.

Furthermore, the importance of VPS hosting ensures the users also have root user server access, unlike other user accounts, thus giving them full admin privileges and allowing them to makes changes to the virtual environment.

Generally, VPS hosting offers you access to more RAM size, allowing you to access it using any device and still get optimum output. However, different forms of VPS hosting exist. In this article, we would be looking at cheap VPS hosting services, which happens to be one of our specialties, giving you more value for your more. Want to start a free trial now?

Cheap VPS Host

Cheap VPS hosting services use minimal storage space and power within a data center (a framework containing several servers). It just entails splitting a single server into multiple Virtual servers, thus reducing the price you would initially pay for the service. You don't need to own a particular Operating system in your device as you have the liberty of choosing an operating system of your choice on your virtual machine. Currently, a host of VPS providers can offer you cheap VPS hosting plans for as low as $5. Try our cheap VPS hosting plans today, and relax as your money works for you.

Our plans start at a giveaway fee of $4.99 per month and give you access to a virtual machine with 1GB RAM, 1 core, 25GB SSD, and 1 TB of data transfer. You can also upgrade and try different packages that grant you access to supercomputers that process data at the speed of light, depending on your needs.

Factors that Determine the Price of VPS Hosting

Having decided to go with VPS hosting for your web services, you must understand the underlying factors that play a role in determining the price you pay. Several factors include the type of OS, the variety of VPS services, RAM, the storage capacity of the virtualization environment, etc. However, we would be looking at the first two and most important factors:

1. Type of VPS Services

Majorly the type of VPS service is determined by its management status, is it fully managed or unmanaged.
  • Fully managed VPS- this makes use of server administration software that is pre-installed on a particular OS. This could either be WHM or cPanel available on a CentOS server (a version of Linux OS). Therefore, in this situation, server management and maintenance are sole with the hosting provider. Their duties would include monitoring the server, protection against malware, DoS protection, technical support, etc.
  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting- this lacks a pre-installed software that helps you manage your virtual access. Therefore, the task lies with you; there's no restriction regarding the type of OS to use. You also get to provision fewer resources, which you can easily maintain. Assess to the VPS can be done using the command-line interface (CLI for Linux), Secure Shell (SSH), etc.

Therefore, it is easy to see that a fully managed VPS hosting service would be more expensive than an unmanaged one.

2. OS Type

Regarding the type of OS to use, there are two options, Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Windows VPS tends to be more expensive because it is closed source; unlike Linux VPS that is open-sourced and available to various users, making it a more affordable choice.

Benefits of Using Our Cheap VPS Host Services

Some of the benefits of subscribing to our VPS packages include

  1. It is scalable; hence you can quickly increase the number of resources available to you at any time.
  2. Loading time is faster than shared hosting, thereby ensuring your site visitors stay longer on your site (reduce bounce rate).
  3. Access to dedicated resources such as memory, RAM, bandwidth, SSD, etc.
  4. Total control over your resources, database, etc.
  5. An IPv4 and IPv6 address is given at a reasonable fee.
  6. Spend less compared to managing servers physically.

All these and more are the privileges you enjoy working with us as your VPS host; subscribe now to get started.

How Do I Host My Linux VPS?

Using a VPS hosting service in place of Shared hosting gets you a server environment entirely owned by you and can therefore be configured to suit your tastes. Often, the only role performed by the host is to install the essential required server software like Nginx or Apache; every other step has to be taken by you to prepare your server for the functions you need it to perform.

Consequently, you'll need to know when and how to start your VPS, access and issue commands from the command prompt (Microsoft OS) or CLI (Linux), assign new users or group accounts, and how to set up a firewall around your computer.

Another vital setup is the hosting control panel; this would enable you to interact directly with your server using the Graphical User Interface instead of the command line. However, it is essential to note that your server's most effective route is the command line.

Steps to Hosting Your VPS

Five fundamental steps can be followed to set up a VPS for hosting services quickly.

1. Login Using Secure Shell (SSH) Access

To gain access to your remote VPS server, you'll need a particular type of protocol that allows you to issue commands from your command line; that unique protocol is the Secure Shell (SSH). The protocol is broadly known for its authentication and encryption protocols, making it a very secure communication method between your CLI and the remote server.

First, you need to sign up for a VPS plan; this would prompt you to provide certain information such as the server's IP address, root username, and password for the root user. Leave the port set at 22, which is the default secure port. After completing this, a command-line interface would open up, and you'll be prompted to put in your login details created earlier.

This gives you root access to your VPS host.

2. Update Your Server

With your command line still opened, you'll get a message that informs you of available installation package updates. This is important because the use of outdated software on your server leaves you vulnerable to malicious attacks, plus you don't want to miss out on the juicy features that come with up-to-date software.

To do this, you use the apt update command. Updating the packages may take a while, so relax and wait for it.

3. Create New User and Specify Privileges

Usually, after setting up your VPS, you get root user access, but using this can be very risky, especially if you're new to VPS's concept, as a root user has unlimited privileges to systems settings. Therefore, you should create another user account and grant it superuser privileges. For I superuser, you need the sudo prefix to commands that require administrative rights.

4. Enable Your Public Key Authentication

This technique is undoubtedly more secure than the use of passwords. The approach generates two keys for you; the private and public keys; the server stores the public key, and subsequently, the private key will be authenticated using it. Therefore, you are the only one who has access to your private key file on the computer. After successfully setting up the public key authentication, you'll be needing your private key alongside a passphrase for login purposes.

5. Setting Up Your VPS Firewall

This is a vital step, and it's the last setup step. A firewall helps in keeping your server safe and secure. This can be done using the iptables program, granting you access to set up rules that help restrict traffic that comes in and out of your server.

Is Using A VPS Host Legal?

The use of VPS can be seen as either legal or illegal, depending on how you make use of it. Use it for regular activities such as web hosting to accommodate excess traffic from your website, install customer applications/modules that are unsupported by the shared host, etc. However, if you SSH into a VPS, you have no right to “Black hacking” it becomes illegal and can get you a lawsuit if apprehended.

What Can I Do With A VPS?

A VPS comes with several use cases as it can be applied in various sectors to grant you full access to off-premise servers; that way, you don't need to do a complete physical set up for your web hosting can be used for the following services

1. Web Hosting

Recently, several companies realized and preferred VPS Hosting to shared hosting. It gives you flexibility, ensures you use fewer resources, and pay for only what you use, making it cheaper than dedicated hosting. This gives you unlimited access to resources and is, therefore, the best option for high-traffic websites that deal with real-time data,

2. Gaming Website Host

VPS is the perfect option for gaming websites that support multiple players at a time, allowing people to compete with their friends online over their favorite game. Examples of gaming websites that make use of VPS host are Minecraft, World of Warcraft, etc. The service takes away the issue of lagging while you play.

3. Data Backup

Another prominent feature that the cheap VPS host can be used for is to back up your important data; you don't have to worry about losing them. However, this should not be your primary reason for getting a VPS, as it would be much better to get cheaper cloud services. However, after purchased a VPS host for other services, the remaining storage space can be used for storing your data.

Other uses of the VPS hosting services are

  • Server hosting, such as mail and gaming servers.
  • Hosting a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Development and testing of programming codes before they are deployed.
  • Remotely accessing a GUI from anywhere in the world.

Several incredible uses, all available at a cheap VPS host price, remember you get a free 7-day trial when you register with us, so hurry up and register now.


VPS hosts are an essential service that has come to stay to help users gain seamless access and control to their web hosting servers. With a top-notch VPS, your online presence is safe and secured, giving you access to boundless opportunities. Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting are great, but VPS hosting is better.

The VPS can serve a variety of functions giving you access to more for the price of little. So what are you waiting for? Gain access to your GUI from whatever location (remotely), add an extra security layer to your VPN, get the best web hosting deals, too; all these from us.

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