Online gaming can be a significant form of entertainment, and it’s only natural to want the best experience possible. Gaming had gone past the early days and ages of Pacman and Tetris to complex multiplayer games that improve reasoning.

Gaming is increasingly becoming a social activity, which is the modern-day reality. Online gamers swap strategies and banter over voice chat and form teams to compete against each other.

Online players also come out into the actual world to partake in real-life gaming competitions where they compete for points, prizes, and actual money.

Notwithstanding the stereotypes that have accompanied gaming over the internet’s meteoric rise. The misconceptions of a gamer as a lonely creature is still prevalent in our modern culture.

VPS hosting is a combination of the best aspects of dedicated and shared servers. It was introduced so most people could afford robust resources at a cheap price. You still pay for physical space on a server and the space is yours even though the information is split up amongst several servers.

VPS offers the latest innovative tools using technologies like Hyper-V to authenticate your game server’s smooth transition.

Can You Play A Game On Vps?

The decision to choose a gaming platform with reliable resources is crucial when facing stiff competition.

Games can be played on a VPS by hosting your game server on any provider that can fulfill your gaming needs. You should use a professional data center to host your game server.

You need as much reliability as you can get and professional data centers offer easily scalable networks, continuous support, security tools, and flexibility in hardware expansion.

Most times hosting a games server depends a lot on the number of resources you need. For example, a VPS plan with 2 GB of RAM can support up to four users and perform effectively, likewise 3GB of RAM for 5 players, and 8 GB for 10 players.

VPS Game Hosting

Game hosting usually requires a special approach unlike website hosting, which is only about providing a place for you on the server to store your website.

Online gaming generates a large traffic capacity, which makes it quite cumbersome since it has to be accessible 24/7 to ensure games can be played any time of the day.

VPS game hosting provides server space for hosting gaming platforms. Users are given access to the game through the hosting provider.

Even though VPS hosting for gaming isn’t the best idea because a dedicated server trumps VPS hosting in all ramifications if you’re ready to bear its costs. However, VPS hosting will serve your gaming needs, especially when you opt for a premium plan.

How To Run A Game Server On VPS

There are a lot of things to note when trying to get familiar with hosting a game server on VPS hosting.

Choosing The VPS Plan

Start with a rough estimate of the type of game you want to run and the number of players you wish to entertain. This determines the number of resources you need to get started.

Once you have that in mind, also note that the most crucial resources needed to host a game on VPS are memory and processing power.

Since VPS hosting encourages the scalability of resources, you can always adjust your plan in line with your site growth. This is where choosing between an Unmanaged or Managed VPS plan comes into place.

For users without the right amount of technical knowledge needed to run a VPS, a managed plan is your best bet. Web designers and others who have an in-depth knowledge of the technical side of hosting a VPS can opt for the self-managed or unmanaged VPS plan.

Installing The Os

You can choose between Linux or Windows VPS to host your gaming server. VPS allows users to manage the server to suit their taste with the use of control panels. You can always choose any variation of the operating system you choose to install.

OS Configuration

After the installation, your OS has to be configured like a web server. Do this yourself only if you are on a self-managed plan, as your host will take care of this for people on a managed plan.

Game Server Installation

This is the part where you configure the game server. The process differs for the type of game you choose.

Let’s take SteamCMD for example. Every game on Steam has its download and installation process you have to follow. You will however need to refer to the documentation provided by the game developer if you want to run something that isn’t on Steam.


Technically, you can run a game server without a domain name, but to save your users from having to remember the IP address of your server, customizing the server makes so much sense.

To ensure people have a way of getting on to the server, all you need to do is to configure the network ports on the VPS. Doing this makes logging on to your game server easy for users.

Branding varies from host to host and like we already said, opting for a managed VPS hosting plan will save you from this kind of stress.

Using A Linux Vps For Gaming

If you’re technically sound and a little short on budget, hosting your game server using Linux VPS hosting can be a great option.

Choosing Linux VPS for gaming can reduce licensing expenses since Linux operating system is open-source. However, there might be limited support on the Linux platform.

You should be familiar with Linux platform environments and also be able to manage Linux servers through Shell Commands if you wish to go for a Linux-based game server.

Maintaining a hosting game server needs regular monitoring, upgrade, server hardening, and settings. Since Linux operates without a Graphics Unit Interface, this may be devastating.

Using A window VPS For Gaming.

Due to the market share of Windows servers, game creators often use Windows VPS as gaming servers because it offers the path of least resistance.

Windows VPS for gaming is a very safe option if you are unsure about which OS to opt for. There is the presence of a remote Desktop, also known as Graphical User Interface (GUI).

It makes managing and accessing your virtual server as easy as managing your Home Desktop.

For a gamer to have an enjoyable gaming experience, there has to be a low level of latency on the server. Otherwise, you’d end up ruining users’ gaming experience with jittery actions and lagging of the server.

Also, everyone connected to the game needs enough supply of bandwidth. Even though residential connections are not so well equipped with good upload speeds, they have good download speeds.

If you plan to host games for people from a wider geographical area, peering is important. Even if you have plenty of bandwidth and low latency, peering to locations like Asia will be poor and gamers from the region will not enjoy the same latency that other players do. The gaming experience of every other player may likely be affected.

DDOS protection is in place for players who cause troubles and attacks to affect the outcome of games.

Connecting your game server to Windows VPS is relatively easy to host.

Why Is Gaming Vps So Expensive?

Premium VPS plans can be quite expensive because quality services come at a price. And with gaming VPS, you need high-quality service for running a game. Most cheap VPS plans will offer very low RAM and processing power.

A lot of multiplayer games need at least 2GB RAM to perform optimally, and most low-cost VPS will provide 1GB RAM or less.

A top-end VPS needs to offer sufficient resources that will provide from 2GB to 8GB RAM and great storage space to host multiplayer games. This is to offer the best gaming experience for all players.

You should note that VPS hosting is not as expensive as a dedicated server. Nevertheless, for simple games that need little system resources, you may choose a low-priced VPS server. Since most VPS plans are scalable, you can always upgrade to a premium plan.

The following are the must-have for a VPS company to provide quality service to enable a satisfying gaming experience for players;

24/7 Support

Support in VPS is very crucial to the integrity of the game you want to host. Each hosting provider has their extent of support, but in most cases, there’s always one-click install options for your game servers. Find your way around their website to contact them.


Like we discussed earlier, DDoS attacks can prove to be a menace for game servers. Your VPS hosting provider offers adequate and thorough protection against any form of malicious attacks.

However, if your servers are properly secured, your server may not need DDoS protection at all.


After making sure you have a stable RAM, a reliable SSD with the latest hardware is also vital.

How To Choose A Game Server.

Most self-hosted games provide guidelines about the needed server resources. Make sure the server you choose can run the game and also check the requirements to ensure it can accommodate the number of players you expect to host.

Put into consideration things like modules, add-ons, and expansion packs, because they increase the amount of storage and RAM needed

Is There Any Gaming Vps?

There are several VPS game servers that are ready to offer you a portion of the server they manage. It is left to you to choose the games you want to be installed, your server choice, and the operating system you want the server to run.

Using a VPS server for gaming provides you with a variety of choices, as you can be left with only a hard copy of the games once you remove most of the games from your computer since they are already installed on the game server.

Let’s look at the following gaming VPS providers and what resources they have to offer you;

Top Vps Hosting Games Provider


  • Starting at $5.00 month
  • Allows you to add GPU to droplets
  • Extremely scalable
  • Maximum RAM offers: 192 GB
  • Maximum Bandwidth offers: 12 TB
  • Maximum CPU offer: 32
  • Maximum Slots offer: 135


  • Starting at $5.00 per month
  • 3-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Maximum RAM offer: 12 GB
  • Maximum CPU offer: 4 at 4.2GHz+
  • Maximum Slots: 100+
  • Maximum Storage: more than enough


  • Starting at $5.50 per month
  • Vast Amount of Games
  • Maximum RAM:16 GB
  • Maximum CPU: 10
  • Maximum Storage: 300 GB
  • Maximum Slots: 100+


  • Starting at $2.25 per month
  • For low-end games
  • Maximum RAM: 32 GB
  • Maximum Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Maximum CPU: 8
  • Maximum Storage: 500 GB

Streamline servers

  • Starting at $2.50 per month
  • Great Price-Performance Ratio
  • Maximum RAM: 16 GB
  • Maximum CPU: 4 HPGS at 5.0GHz+
  • Maximum Slots: 100+


  • Starting at $20.00 per month
  • Specialized High Performance
  • Maximum RAM: 24 GB
  • Maximum Bandwidth: 5 TB
  • Maximum CPU: 24
  • Maximum Storage: 250 GB


  • Starting at $4.50 per month
  • Specialized in Minecraft VPS
  • Maximum RAM: 15 GB
  • Maximum Bandwidth: 20 TB
  • Maximum CPU: 4 at 4.2GHz
  • Maximum Slots: 135

Benefits Of Vps Game Servers

Full Root Access

For technical gurus who opt for the self-managed VPS plans, through the use of a remote desktop you’d be granted full root administrative access to manage your game server.


The customization options that can be found on VPS hosting are limitless. You’ll have access to all facets of the entire server, from the configuration of every single port on the server right down to the choice of OS.

Safe And Easy To Access

It is easy to set up, and you can trust a reliable provider to render fast support in case of any problems. Gamers can easily access, update server files, and change their local machine.


The type of game you want to run ultimately determines the type of hosting to choose. However, the price of running a game varies a lot, but VPS hosting is the perfect option for the price when it comes to game server hosting.


There are three major points to consider before hosting your game server with VPS hosting;

  • The resources required to host your game on a VPS.
  • The rough estimate of concurrent users.
  • How much you are willing to spend.

Gaming VPS

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